10/14/2010 Granny Tanthong collapsed and died today. 6.35 a.m. Tanthong is gone but she will remain in our hearts forever. RIP :'( Tanthong is very old, she's collapsed at 3.45 a.m. /5.45 still breathing We'll bury Tanthong behind her infirmary, it was her last home and she'll be there forever. Mosha was told that Granny has gone into deep sleep and that she would be up there in the sky watching over her. Mosha made a loud cry as the last tribute to her dear Granny. Thanks to all the support for FAE throughout these years, the help we received had given us chances to take good care of Tanthong until the last moment of her life! We all love you, Tanthong! "Baby Mosha who was injured by landmine when she was only seven months old back in 2006 has fully recovered. And Asso. Prof. Therdchai Jivagate, from the Prostheses Foundation will be at Friends of the Asian Elephant’s Hospital in Hangchatr, Lampang Province on Saturday the 21st of June, 2008 around 9.00 a.m. to proceed with the prosthetic leg for Baby Mosha who is now two years and seven months old. She has been prepared to put the artificial leg since February after she weaned off in December 2007, her mother had to go back to the owners while Mosha has been donated to FAE to take care of her for the rest of her life. Mosha has been walking on the pre-prosthetic leg since February and in good health and her spirit is high." Soraida Salwala, Founder MOSHA: THE THAI BABY ELEPHANT INJURED BY LANDMINE IN MYNMAR On the 9th of June in 2006, we received a phone call from the owner of Mobra (the elephant who stepped on a landmine and was treated at FAE’s Elephant Hospital years before) that a baby elephant had stepped on a landmine in Mynmar just across the border of Tak Province. We asked him to quickly transport the baby and the Mother elephant as well even though she was not injured. I was so worried that I sent our vet and staff over and they met on the way to accompany the baby and her mother to our hospital. They arrived at 02.15 a.m. on 11 June. We were shocked to see how young the baby was. She was only seven months old. Poor Baby was so little and her right front leg was totally shattered, severe beyond explanation. The injuries were like those of Motala’s but Motala’s was on the left front leg. There was no foot pad left, finger bones were dangling. Since the baby had no name and she arrived with the stars up in the dark sky, I named her “Mosha” which means “The Star” in Karen language. From that moment on, Mosha has proved to be the star in all our hearts. We tended her wounds, giving all the necessary medicines by grounding them in jam and feeding to her. This was the way to avoid stress on Mosha (if we gave her injections) who was already in great pain. She still needed her mother’s milk that was why the Mother’s presence was important but also difficult for us to be near the baby. Somehow we managed to befriend the Mother, Mogreygay but still she was not feeling secure. She never lay down to sleep but stood there with her baby under her belly or slept next to one of her feet, a guarding mother indeed. June passed into July, Mosha had difficulty getting up and was less active. She was not responding to the treatment. Her chance of survival was then very slim, we then issued the statement telling the public through the media. We would continue to do our best to save her. On the 8th July,2006, Mr. Yusubkan Pearnrak contacted me and wished to come and visit Mosha. I welcomed him and we had a long talk. Mr. Yusubkhan proposed to contribute the herbal medicines, fresh ones to treat Baby Mosha’s wounds. Dr. Preecha was reluctant but I told him we had to give Mosha all the chance. If the medicinal herbs did not help, then we would know deep down we had done our very best. That day Mosha was already between life and death. We started applying these herbs on the wounds, within a few hours Mosha stood up and showed sign of less pain. However, we still continued with the antibiotics and painkiller in the jam until the 17 July, 2006. With all the process mentioned, the wound dressings in the basin was a daily task and Mosha knew it. She would walk and stood inside the basin waiting for Dr. Kay to come and soothe her pains. After the use of medicinal herbs for fifty-one days (27 August, 2006), the pus was less, new tissues came, new skin was growing and the wounds completely healed. Then came the day she was weaned and her mother, Mogreygay, had to return to her owners. 12th December, 2007 was a sad day for both. Mosha seemed to sense something was going to happen and stood next to her mother for fear she might be walking away somewhere. Dr. Preecha had to use medicines on both of them. Mosha had a sound sleep while her mother was ready to step on the truck, one last look from Mogreygay and she departed to an unknown destination. Mosha was donated to FAE and we wish we could keep the mother too but Mosha needed to be tended to closely. We could not do that with the mother around on guard. Our staff stayed with Mosha 24 hours and I found Mosha a nanny which is Granny Tanthong, a 76 years old elephant who has taken Mosha as a great grandmother would. We prepared Mosha for the prostheses by fitting her with the preprostheses leg so she would be familiar with having something on that leg after she could put her whole weight on that injured leg on the mattresses we had made especially for her. On the 23rd February, 2008 on Mosha was getting to walking on the walking aid and on the 9th June 2008, the first elephant prosthetic leg was made for Mosha by the Prostheses Foundation. She loved that leg so much, she walked proudly on it and tears filled my eyes. The prosthetic leg had to be enlarged 4-5 times from June to October and on the 10th January, 2009, the second one is made and now in the process of making it to fit Mosha. “BABY MOSHA, you are now standing high, my dear baby. Be strong!” I whisper to her. Other elephants may not have the chance Mosha has but we are always prepared. No matter what the future will bring, Mosha is one of the stars in our hearts who never stops to bring us JOY and SURPRISES! Thank you so much for everyone for their involvement in making the impossible possible for MOSHA and other elephants under FAE’s care. Thank you immensely. Soraida Salwala Founder Friends of the Asian Elephant A Thai Registered Charity which has built the World’s first elephant hospital in Lampang, Thailand 18th January, 2009 www.elephant-soraida.com http://animom.tripod.com/fae.html http://animom.tripod.com/faepage3.html BABY MOSHA’S MISCHIEF On the third of January 2009, I asked Palahdee to take Granny Tanthong for a walk because Tanthong has not walked to the Rehab to meet her friends, Tahnee, Ekhe and Auan for a long time already. So, Charan was with Mosha but Mosha did not like Tanthong to go so she wailed and I walked up to her while Tanthong was walking back. Then Mosha climbed the railing and wailed even more, Tanthong ran around Mosha’s shelter with Palahdee on her neck. He almost fell out. Everyone rushed to help control the two but it was impossible. Tanthong calmed down and grumbled while Mosha was making a lot of whimpering sounds. All of us tried to comfort her telling her that Granny was just taking an exercise or she would be sick and that she was not going anywhere, Mosha turned her back on us and made a lot of noise and stayed nearest to Tanthong as if she was afraid Granny would leave her forever. Baby Mosha, Palahdee and Granny Tanthong
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