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Elephant Archive

Over the years I've had to remove articles from my two main elephant sites to make room for new ones...
I can't stand to throw anything away, especially unresolved problems.


An Important Message From The Elephant Sanctuary
March 6, 2003
"We are contacting our members to ask for your help passing a bill to prevent circus elephants from performing in the State of Tennessee. The specific objective of the bill is to ban performing elephants in the state.
Performing elephants live very difficult lives in generally inhumane conditions that cannot possibly meet their most basic needs. This bill addresses those important issues. It does not ban circuses, only performing elephants. Since most circuses lease their elephant acts from independent contractors, they would simply not lease elephants and continue as before."
People! This is so Important. The leasing of elephants must be stopped. Elephants are kept in windowless warehouses, chained to the ground. Month after month, year after year, waiting for their next "performance"


Judgment Day Finally Arrives in the TULI ELEPHANT Abuse Case!
After nearly five years of legal wrangling, the Tuli elephants case has finally reached a resolution. The owner and a former employee of African Game Services, an animal dealer that had muscled 30 elephants out of the Tuli region in Botswana in 1998 and then brutally trained them in South Africa, were found guilty on April 7 of violating the South African Animals Protection Act. The verdict marks an end to this very public case of elephant cruelty. The HSUS's Richard Farinato was with the Tuli elephants almost from the beginning. In this essay, Farinato discusses his role in the landmark case, and how he thinks it has shaped the nature of captive elephant management.


EMPANGENI, South Africa (AFP) 4/8/03—The matriarch of a herd of elephants in South Africa opened a gate with her trunk to free antelopes being held at a camp in the east of the country. Lawrence Anthony told the SAPA news agency Tuesday that a private game capture company had rounded up the antelopes at their camp near Empangeni to relocate them for a breeding program. The team were settling in for the night when the herd of 11 elephants approached, he said.
Click here for the full story.
Source: Compassion Over


Tina Video
Video of Tina in Canadian Zoo shows repetitive movement, (head bobbing)
and obvious foot problems.


Zoo starts permit process to send Tina to Tennessee
Thursday, June 05, 2003
The Greater Vancouver Zoo says it applied Wednesday for a government export permit to send Tina, its ailing elephant, to a sanctuary in Tennessee. "We couriered it off today," animal-care manager Jamie Dorgan said in an interview. Dorgan says officials at the Convention for the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) office in Ottawa told him they would process the permit as quickly as possible. "We're hoping to get it back by next week," Dorgan said, "but that might be pushing it."

Visit Tina's home page at the Elephant Sanctuary.
Tina's Home Page

TINA To Come To Tennessee!!

"This is a great day for Tina, a great day for elephants," said Carol Buckley, executive director of The Elephant Sanctuary, the continent's only haven for "sick, old and needy elephants."
Tina is suffering from chronic foot infection, which is a leading cause of death among captive elephants. Tina must be relocated immediately to avoid premature death.

Zoo Finds New Home For Ailing 33-year-old Pachyderm
Please send an email today to the Zoo thanking them for sending Tina to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. They did exactly the right thing.

MORE Huge News From The Elephant Sanctuary!
"Just this week we broke ground for the new elephant barn. This barn and its residents is sort of a surprise to all of us. Days after we acquired our new land, I received a phone call from a zoo director in Georgia, he asked if we would take his two female African elephants. Well how could I say no? So the sanctuary is going African.
TANGY and ZULA will arrive in October 2003, once the barn is completed, and they will be joined by yet another African elephant named FLORA. She has spent her entire life in the circus and is fortunate enough to have an owner who wants the best for her and is retiring her to the Sanctuary. The African elephant barn is designed to house 5 elephants and I have a feeling all of the available space will be spoken for before it is even completed."
Source: Carol Buckley