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Namcha Home for Wayward Animals
Tir-Na-Nog Farm
P.O. Box 145
Elverson, PA 19520
March 2006
Dear Namcha Friend:
Surprise! I know it has been quite some time since you heard from the animals and me. As I have said before, the cost of postage sometimes prevents my writing since the funds go directly to the needs of the animals. I have decided to send a letter now, because we are in such dire need, and must ask for your help.
There have been many disasters in this world of ours that warranted assistance from all of us. Even the animals and I scraped together what we could to help less fortunate animals after Katrina. Unfortunately, with all these other needs, people have forgotten local charities, with Namcha Home among them. Our donations vary now monthly between $45 and $78. Considering that on just animal food alone I spend between $200 and $250 a week, the donations make a very small dent.
Namcha Home is operating under a terrible debt. Since we couldn't afford the propane for the kennel heat (they wanted $2400 up front), I have been using electric space heaters. The electric bill for the kennel is now $1386.24. Perhaps due to inferior heating, we have had many colds and upper respiratory infections, so we owe one Vet $1200 and the other $460.
The dumpster is full, but can't be emptied until I can pay off $680. That's all right for now, but once it starts to get warm all those bags of used kitty litter will fill the air with some very unwanted perfume! As for the telephone, which we have had no end of trouble getting messages out of correctly, that has been disconnected (along with my house phone).
I owe the feed store and back pay to my helpers, Diane and Cory. The mortgage and insurance is up to date, but are some of the few things that are. There is only so much I can do with my meager income and such small donations. Obviously, I am going to ask for your help.
I have planned a sale for April 22, 2006 from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. (no early birds, please).
There will be refreshments available and you may take a tour of the kennel as often as you like. Just don't feed people food to the residents, their treats will be available for you to share. I have some antique furniture and other antiques I will part with, and my doll collection, plus numerous knick-knacks and clothing, including some beautiful Battenburg lace peignoir sets, faux furs, Irish woolens, women's business suits and men's sport jackets. There will be fine jewelry, dishes, glassware, books, cookbooks, cooking utensils and pots and pans. All proceeds from the sale will go towards catching up on our bills. The sale will be held in the little tenant house on the property, The rent from this house normally helped with Namcha expenses, but when the tenants left, well, were asked to leave due to many problems including non-payment of the rent, they did $8,000 worth of damage and I have been trying to slowly get it fixed again. I may have a nice young couple moving in this May after the sale. I've lowered the rent for them, but it should be enough to cover Namcha's kennel help. WE MUST KEEP DIANE!! No one is as good with feral cats as Diane and she spends lots of time giving lovies to everyone, which is so very important. Our new tenants have offered to do some work in exchange for the reduction of rent.
Please try to come to the sale. This is the only thing I can think of to get our bills caught up. If you aren't able to come to the sale, please consider making a donation. Feel free to earmark your donation to go directly to any one specific debt, if you like. I will be collecting e-mail addresses as well, so you might hear from us more often at less expense to Namcha. Since the phones don't work, I will give you the best directions I can below. Namcha Home is pretty easy to locate. I guess that's why there is never any shortage of animals left at the gate. I find dogs tied to the gate when I get home from work, as well as cats in boxes. One rainy day I came home to a cardboard box wrapped with duct tape. It was soaked through and the poor little cat was terrified. I've named him Fraidy since he has never really come out of his fear shell. I can pet him, but he still doesn't seem to be sure if he likes it. Anyway, please try to come or at least send us a little help. I know there have been many disasters asking for your assistance, but Namcha Home and its residents need you too. I do the best I can, but I am only one person; with you it becomes a Family of helpers and the animals who would otherwise wander lost and alone or die at other shelters have a loving home where they can await adoption or live out their lives in peace and comfort. Our situation is desperate and I am losing my battle of bills. I am turning to you in our hour of need to come and buy, or send a check.
Wags, purrs, love and prayers from the Brothers and Sisters in Fur and me to all of you,
Sharon McCaffrey

Namcha Home
53 West Conestoga Road
Elverson, PA 19520

Take the Morgantown exit and follow it to Route 23, Turn left on Route 23
Follow Route 23 past the Wal-Mart on the right to Route 401
Turn right on Route 401 (only way you can turn)
After you pass the new school on the left at the 'resume speed' sign is a gravel driveway on the right with two mailboxes, one black and one blue and white like a barn, that's the driveway you want.

Take Route 30 By-Pass to Route 322 exit
Turn right on Route 322 to Route 82
Turn right on Route 82 to Route 401
Turn left on Route 401
A short way up, you will see the light that flashes to slow down for the school hanging above the road. On the left is a gravel driveway with two mailboxes, one black and one blue and white like a barn, that's the driveway you want.

Follow Route 30 to Route 401
Turn right on Route 401
Cross over Routes 113,100, 345 and 82.
After crossing Route 82, look for the light that flashes to slow down for the school.
Turn left into the gravel driveway with two mailboxes, one black and one blue and white like a barn, that's the driveway you want.