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Elephant Kills Mahout

grape vine

Mahout killed as Chinese tourists look on in horror
Rob Chimram, a 31 year old elephant trainer from Surin, was killed by a 16 year old male elephant in musth. The tragedy occurred on April 6 at the Crocodile Farm in Nong Pla Lai Sub-district as a frightened crowd of tourists from China looked on. Phanphetsila, a 16 year old male elephant in musth, mauled its trainer to death. Bang Lamung Police did not release details of the death until April 8. The elephant, named “Phanphetsila”, mauled Chimram with its tusks. Chimram did not survive his injuries. Veterinarians from Khao Kheow later arrived and were able to sedate the animal. Witnesses said that the tragedy might have been avoided if Chimram had followed the Crocodile Farm’s regulations prohibiting animals in must from being worked for tourist rides and shows. Management of the Crocodile Farm has agreed to pay 50,000 baht for the funeral; with the stipulation the family does not take them to court.