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Innocent pup
Innocent Pup


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My GrandDoggy, Rhonitz

Some people are like Slinkies...
they serve no apparent purpose in life other than to occasionally
bring joy to ones heart
when they are pushed down a flight of stairs.

"Stop Fighting the Dogs" Video

I only occasionally update this site...I leave it here for information.
Thanks to all and keep on fighting for the animals.
But let me leave you with one thought..
To Michael Vick
"I Pray for You"

Wait! I have one more update....1/28/11

A 65 year old Spartanburg, South Carolina woman, hung and burned her nephews pit bull, for chewing on the woman's bible.
They later found the pit bull thrown in some leaves, with the electrical cord still around the badly burned body of the Pit bull, the dog had been there for 2 weeks.
Miriam Smith, claims "God", told her to do this to her nephews pit bull. The dog was chained in the yard, when Smith left her bible on the ground of her patio, where the pit bull got a hold of it.
(Strange, I think I just heard "God" say something to me too.)

A Petition to Sign
No he didn't ask me to sign the petition...I am asking all of you to sign it. What I heard...was something a little different...
and if you listen closely, you may hear it too.

WOOFSTOCK, January 29th, 2011 at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT (12 pm – 7 pm)!!
I am sending this out to you because we are in need of sponsors to help fill our concert shirts (rather than concert dates, we’re listing sponsors!).
Also in addition to sponsorships, we’re looking for raffle items. Attached you will find a package with all the information and forms needed to help us fulfill this request.
Even if you cannot contribute, please pass along to anyone who you feel may be able to or interested in just attending the event.
We desperately need this event to be successful for the sake of the innocent animals who are victims of cruelty and neglect that depend on our financial support
to defray their vet bills so they can have a second chance at a life they’ve always deserved.
I can’t explain the feeling of failure and let down we feel when we have to turn away desperate pleas for our help because we can’t afford it.
The thought of what happens to those animals is haunting.
This economy has been rough on everyone, but no one more than the companion animals who rely on humans for care and protection.
Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated!
Thank you for all you do and are!
Wishing You & Yours Safe & Happy Holidayz!
Cindy Peregolise
President & Co-Founder of Bikers Against Animal Cruelty, Inc. (CT National Pit Bull Awareness Day) (Personal Website)
For more information read this pdf file, thanks!
(slow to load)


Local Non-Profit Nurses Ailing Dog Back To Health
November 5, 2010
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A local non-profit organization is nursing an injured dog back to health after it was found wandering the streets,
having suffered what could be a stabbing attack.
Hope, an American Bulldog who was found Wednesday in the Spring Garden section of the city,
appeared to have been stabbed in the chest.
She is currently receiving medical care from Operation Ava, located inside of the Doggy Style Boutique
on the 300 block of Market Street in Center City.
“Obviously she’s been neglected and probably abused as well, but she’s very friendly,” said Ray Little, the Rescue Coordinator of Operation Ava.
Due to the animal’s poor condition and as many as 20 bite marks,
it’s believed ‘Hope’ was possibly involved in a dog fighting operation,
though at this time it is unclear how she sustained the injuries.
“The ones on her legs, head and chest actually look more like dog bite wounds
so she may have gotten into a fight with another dog,” said Dr. LeAndra Thompson.
“She’s actually doing quite well and I do think she will be good enough to go up for adoption, hopefully within a week or two.”



I am sad to report that Gypsy died in December of 2009.



In Memoriam: Daddy the Pit Bull
cesar's way

Photo courtesy of Cesar Millan

"Cesar Millan, all his family and friends, his staff and volunteers, and dog lovers all around the world today
will mourn the passing of one of the most loyal, trusting, well-balanced, and influential pit bull ambassadors the world has ever known.
Daddy, Cesar's longtime friend and partner in canine rehabilitation,
died peacefully surrounded by family on Friday the 19th of February, 2010. He was sixteen years old."
Rest in Peace Daddy..jj


Feb. 10, 2010
The Official Vick Dog Chew Toy
"The Official Vick Dog Chew Toy has been to Iraq and Afghanistan and sold throughout the USA and Internationally.
It has been celebrated in publications such as ESPN the Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and many other media outlets.
Our invention has received national recognition for both the vision of the idea and the creativity of the mission..."
"Thank You Official Vick Dog Chew Toy Fans!
Thank you for making The Official Vick Dog Chew Toy Bark For Awareness a HUGE success!
You have helped us do so much for great organizations everywhere.
Additionally, we have helped to raise awareness and give back for over 18 weeks now!"

I bought several of these, one I sent to my "nephew" a young sweet little fellow and in return
I received a heartwarming picture of him enjoying his chew toy.

Click HERE
to see other satisfied customers and maybe order some for your four footed friends and/or relatives.

Our Pack is a Pit Bull rescue, education and training organization in the South San Francisco Bay Area
Our Mission
Promote compassion and kindness toward Pit Bulls by creating breed ambassadors through both in-shelter and foster-home training.
We will empower potential adopters to be responsible Pit Bull owners and assist, as needed, in the life-long bond between a Pit Bull and its person.
Our Pack will also educate the public about Pit Bulls as wonderful pets.
Our Vision
Eliminate the negative stereotypes surrounding the breed and avoid the unnecessary euthanasia of sound Pit Bulls that arrive at shelters in the South Bay.
A well-socialized, properly trained Pit Bull makes an excellent pet.
Our Pack members are committed to socializing and training unwanted Pit Bulls to unite them with their "forever" family.
Meet Leo, one of the Michael Vick dogs...
Become a fan on Facebook
OurPack Rescue is a 501c3 non profit.


2009 CT National Pit Bull Awareness Day
Saturday, October 24, 2009, 11am-3pm
Edgerton Park, New Haven...FREE..Everyone Welcome
Info: or 203-407-8304
Connecting Pit Bull Advocates, Responsible Owners and Just Lovers of this Noble Breed!


Please Contact to Complain
BET/Black Entertainment Television
re: The Michael Vick Project
General Inquiries
If you have any questions or comments, click here
While we do our best to answer your questions, we aren’t able to respond to every email we receive.
Don’t let that stop you though; we read and appreciate all your suggestions and comments.
To send your questions, suggestions and ideas through the mail or to call us directly,
here are the BET Network and mailing addresses and phone numbers:
BET Networks
1235 W Street, NE
Washington, D.C. 20018-1211

BET Interactive
General Inquiries
1235 W Street, NE
Washington, D.C. 20018-1211
202-608-2000 or 212-258-1000


Oct. 7, 2009
This guy was reported to us by a reliable source.
He had 2 dogs that were taken by animal control. One was a pit bull and the other a Boggle purchased at All Pets Club (ugghh).
Instead of properly training the dogs, he would blow pot smoke in their faces to calm them down and was physically reprimanding them.
Our source fears he may just go and buy another dog, but in the case that he tries to adopt, we would not recommend adopting to him.
His name is:
John Phelan
43 Prospect Place Ext., East Haven, CT
He may try to use his fathers info:
Charles (Chuck) Phelan
13 Grouse Lane, Madison, CT
Warm Regards, Cindy Peregolise
President & Co-Founder of Bikers Against Animal Cruelty, Inc.


Animal Fighting Hurts Animals, Children, Communities and You
Be Part of the Solution

Humane Society Dog Fighting Poster

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) offers a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction
of anyone involved in dogfighting or cockfighting.
HSUS Rewards
HSUS also offers rewards for tips leading to an arrest and conviction for:
General cruelty and neglect
Horse soring
Pigeon shoots
Poaching cruelty and fighting


Michael Vick
News Alert: July 24, 2009
Vick Released from Federal Custody—ASPCA President Speaks Out
"…the facts are clear: Mr. Vick participated in a six-year pattern of illegal activity.
His plea clearly stated that along with these activities, he savagely electrocuted and beat dogs to death after they lost their brutal fights[…].
This was not a one-time transgression or crime of passion—this was a multi-year pattern of behavior that demonstrates a startling lack of moral character and judgment.”


ASPCA Update
On Wednesday, July 8, 2009, the ASPCA began assisting federal and state agencies in what is believed to be the largest crackdown on dog fighting in U.S. history.
The raid spans eight states so far--Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska and Mississippi. Arrests have been made in all eight states.
Nearly 400 rescued dogs were safely transported to a secure facility under the direction of the Humane Society of Missouri's (HSMO) Animal Cruelty Task Force, where they will be cared for until final disposition is determined by the U.S. District Court.
"The ASPCA is determined to protect the nation's pets from dog fighting and other forms of brutality," says ASPCA President & CEO Ed Sayres. "Animal cruelty cannot be tolerated, and we are proud to lend our support to federal and local agencies to ensure that these abusers are brought to justice."
At the request of HSMO, the ASPCA is lending the services of its special forensic cruelty investigation team--including disaster animal rescuers, field service investigators and Dr. Melinda Merck, the nation's premier forensic veterinarian—to collect evidence for the prosecution of the criminal case. The ASPCA's Mobile Animal Crime Scene Investigation Unit, outfitted with medical equipment tailored specifically for animal patients, is also on hand.
The ASPCA will also eventually assist in behavior evaluations of the dogs.
Dog fighting is banned throughout the United States and is a felony in all 50 states. If convicted of animal fighting charges, those arrested each face up to five years in prison.
Your support makes it possible for the ASPCA to rescue animals from this horrendous life. Your generosity allows our experts to collect the evidence needed to build cases against and prosecute animal cruelty offenders.

Max’s Project
Hi Jody,
Bikers Against Animal Cruelty, Inc. (B.A.A.C.)
is in need of your assistance for a new initiative, Max’s Project. We are looking for out-door kennels and doghouses to be donated to our organization. The kennels are needed to help us get dogs chained for unhealthy periods of time on the path to more freedom and better living conditions as well as with appropriate shelter from the elements.
In October of 2008, we rescued a 10 month old pup, Max, who had been chained to a tree in North Carolina since he was a young pup, and basically left there to suffer only being fed once in a while. Two collars were imbedded into the skin of his neck and he was severely underweight. At some point, the imbedded collars were inhumanely ripped off of Max, leaving the skin around his neck raw, bleeding and open to infection. During the rescue process, Max was in a lot of pain but never showed any sign of aggression. Instead, he showered affection to those around him showing what a very sweet dog he was and one who deserved a better life. With the help of some great people, he was brought to Connecticut and to a veterinarian for surgery to clean out the infected tissue in his neck and close the wound. Unfortunately Max did not make it through the surgery. His liver and kidneys were greatly deteriorated due to the severe neglect. Even if the surgery had been successful, his quality of life would have been poor and short lived. Each person who had the opportunity to meet Max expressed how fortunate they were to have experienced his brave and unconditional loving presence.
In his memory, we started Max’s Project. Our goal leaves no dog outside without shelter or chained up to a tree for an extended period of time. To meet this goal, members of B.A.A.C. and a special corporate supporter, MCM Restoration, Inc., built dog houses. These dog houses are provided to animals in need as identified by Animal Control Officers throughout the state. Unfortunately, we only have small to medium sized doghouses and are in great need of large doghouses. We are now looking to expand the project and offer kennels for our poor friends that can't speak for themselves, and get them unchained. Max’s Project does not only involve the dog houses or kennels but a network of support providing education on proper pet care education and training. Through each effort, we hope to save many!
We know that with your support, many dogs like Max will have a greater chance of longer life.
Thank you all for all that you do.
Warm Regards,
Cindy Peregolise
President & Co-Founder of Bikers Against Animal Cruelty, Inc. (CT National Pit Bull Awareness Day) (Personal Website) National Justice for Animals Week


Michael Vick is out of prison, now what?
Humane Society...May 20, 2009
There was nobody tougher on Michael Vick than The Humane Society of the United States.
After sufficient facts came to light about the happenings at Bad Newz Kennels in Surry County, Virginia
—the sometime residence of Vick that had morphed into a dogfighting staging ground—
The HSUS urged state and federal authorities to prosecute him and we made a key confidential informant available to federal authorities, which proved vital to the case.
What’s Next for Michael Vick?
May 21, 2009
More Thoughts on Michael Vick
About Wayne Pacelle


"My dear friends and family, please just take a moment of your time and send a note! This is just so easy to do and it means so much to the 1000 animals put down in this state EVERY WEEK! It is just not fair that we can not do something! We "domesticated" these animals and to them we are God and with that comes responsibility! I am just so sad after all these years that we barely are making a dent in the unwanted animal population! Spaying and neutering is so simple but so far from some folks minds and financial capability. We can help! (Jody is this something you could put on for Washington followers?)
Thanks everyone for your support and time. All the contact info is in the link and there is even a form letter to send if you want to just cut and paste it.
I am not affiliated with the group Pawsitive Alliance at all (not that I doubt they are a good organization) but I do support this legislation, feel strongly is it is a good one and hope you will too.
Please pass this info on to all of your dog loving friends,
thanks so much
Heidi, 2/18/09"
Pending Washington State Spay/neuter Legislation Could Save Thousands of Dogs' and Cats' Lives
Pawsitive Alliance, a volunteer organization devoted to ending the killing of adoptable dogs and cats in Washington state, is proud to support two bills currently in the Washington State Legislature: Senate Bill 5329 and House Bill 1406.
"We've all seen the pictures of lonely pets in cages and without owners, and we know the only fate waiting for most of them is to be put down," Pridemore said. "It doesn't have to be that way. This is a problem we can solve for pennies."
Pawsitive Alliance's mission is to end the killing of adoptable dogs and cats in Washington by increasing shelter adoptions, programs for spaying and neutering of family pets and providing educational resources and training to the public.


Demand Michael Vick Be Barred From NFL Until Tested
Dogs need your voice right away.
Please take a few moments now to send a message directly to the NFL. Michael Vick is going to be RELEASED FROM PRISON ANY MINUTE, and in light of recently released government evidence that he ENJOYED putting his own family "PET DOGS" into the ring with fighting pit bulls, PETA is urging the NFL to make Vick take a test for anti-social personality disorder (ASPD), or psychopathy. Vick seems to fit the profile for ASPD, which includes lying, manipulating others, enjoying others' suffering, and being aggressive and charming. If Vick has ASPD, the NFL needs to know. That's because people who have ASPD cannot be truly remorseful and are likely to repeat the anti-social behavior that pleases them. If he isn't a psychopath, that's fair enough, but if he is, he shouldn't ever be presented to children as a hero. He needs to take the test!

Following the release of a damning USDA report on Michael Vick's dogfighting activities—and an ominous silence from Vick's camp when we brought it to their attention—PETA has sent a letter to the NFL calling for the league to require that Vick undergo a new brain-scanning procedure already in use at a New Mexico corrections facility that can test for psychopathy (anti-social personality disorder) before he is allowed to be a children's hero again.
Some of the most disturbing parts of the USDA report are:
Vick enjoyed placing family pets in the ring with fighting pit bulls
Vick lied both to the NFL and again during his lie-detector test
Vick's behavior seems to fit the American Psychiatric Association profile for anti-social personality disorder (APD).
People with APD are commonly referred to as "psychopaths". They are usually male, often charming, prone to lying and manipulation, and incapable of genuine remorse.
They can also take pleasure in inflicting cruelty.
Before the NFL even considers the possibility of allowing Vick back into the League, where he will be in a position to influence many fans, including countless children, PETA wants the League to require him to undergo a brain scan, coupled with a structured, standardized test (e.g, the Psychopathy Checklist, approved by the American Psychiatric Association). If Vick emerges from these examinations without evidence of psychopathy, this may mean that he has the capacity to express true remorse. If he is a psychopath, the chances of recidivism are great and remorse is virtually impossible.
Please add your voice to this urgent request now.
Source: PETA
501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510
United States


Some three weeks after the rescue of 149 dogs in China from the horrendous meat trade, the dogs remaining are attempting to recover from their terrible ordeal. Unfortunately, we have not been able to save them all given the sick and diseased state many arrived in, and with the dreadful spectre of more serious disease looming, some difficult decisions have had to be made.
To read the full, sad story, please click here

Friday, Jan 09 2009
Cruel dog owner starved German Shepherd Hobo to point of death.

Hobo, German Shepherd

A dog owner whose German Shepherd lost more than half his body weight
and was days away from death
has been banned from owning an animal for 25 years.

Joy Battison

Joy Battison starved Hobo to the point where his weight plummeted to 40lbs.
Covered in mange, suffering from severe malnutrition and with claws so long he couldn't walk,
Hobo was given just three days to live.
But Hobo has fought back and the 12-year-old now faces the new year with a spring in his paws,
happy in his new home with animal-lover owners Peter and Val Butcher.
Yesterday 56-year-old Battison was banned from owning another animal for 25 years and was also given a 12-month supervision order.
She admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal when she faced Northhampton Magistrates Court after initially denying to vets that she was Hobo's owner.
Read full story and see Hobo today.


Mental Health Break
A video titled: "My Dogs greeting me after returning from 14 months in Iraq".
God bless and save all of those defending us abroad. And their dogs waiting for them patiently at home:
10 Oct 2008


ASPCA News Alert August 22, 2008
Animal Witness:
"The Michael Vick Case”
Premieres Sunday, 8/24/08
Last year's federal case against Vick dominated the media for months, generating public concern for the dogs seized from Bad Newz Kennels—and for animal victims across the country still involved in this brutal “sport.”
Many of these questions will be answered this Sunday night during “Animal Witness: The Michael Vick Case," the premiere episode of Animal Planet’s new series on animal forensics. The one-hour show offers an in-depth look at Vick and exposes the hidden world of dog fighting—and for the first time on national television, lead investigator Bill Brinkman talks about the inner workings of the case.


In Loving Memory of Juju
Pictures are mouse-over-able

Juju's Beautiful Soul   Juju Loved Otter Pops, esp. the blue ones.

Juju Adopts a Canine Family   Juju's Canine Family Becomes Juju's Support Group

Part of Juju's Wonderful Life


3-year-old pit bull named "Baby" Dies After Being Attacked With a Power Drill
(Plainville, CT)
Arrested in January 2008, Severino Cruz and his brother Enrique Cruz face charges of animal cruelty for alleged neglect and malicious abuse. Reportedly in a rage upon hearing that a 3-year-old pit bull named Baby had bitten his nephew’s arm, Severino Cruz grabbed the dog by her chain, pushed her up against her cage and drilled a series of holes into her skull with a power drill. Baby was euthanized shortly thereafter.


On May 21, 2003 posted this article to congratulate on receiving its 501c3 status

"BAD RAP has received its 501c3 status from the IRS as of today! (5/21/03)
We'd like to think that the letter was mailed out on the day of the lunar eclipse.
A most auspicious 'birthday' for our pit bull group.
As always, thank you for believing in us!"
Donna Reynolds @ is a group I have supported and recommended for 5 years. I am proud to post this next article and take some time to brag about this group.
Thank you for all you do! Bless you, keep up the great work!

ASPCA 2008 Press Release, Michael Vick
The Curtain Comes Down on Michael Vick Case With Final Sentencing Hearing.
ASPCA thanks all involved.
"In addition, BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls), a San Francisco-based non profit organization that is an educational resource for pit bull owners and the shelters that house them, also worked with the ASPCA-led team to help identify dogs that could be absorbed into experienced foster programs for further observation and possible re-homing into appropriate homes. BAD RAP was represented on the evaluation team by co-founders Tim Racer and Donna Reynolds. Finally, Justin Phillips, shelter supervisor/behavior supervisor of the SPCA of Monterey County, Calif., was also part of the BAD RAP team."
Meet The Michael Vick Rescue Dogs
No group of pit bulls has received as much media attention as the dogs from former NFL player Michael Vick's yard. While it's certain nobody would've known about these victimized dogs had they not been part of a fallen sports figure's dog fighting venture, they earned celebrity in their own right by surviving two certain deaths, thanks to a large scale rescue effort led, in part, by the federal government - a first of its kind.
Public opinion fell strongly in favor of helping the dogs. In this landmark animal welfare case, federal prosecuting attorneys, federal agents, the USDA, six Virginia animal shelters, a court appointed animal law expert and several rescue organizations including BAD RAP all teamed together to reach the goal of evaluating 49 fight bust victims and then sending them to new and better lives with rescue organizations around the country.
In the past, shelters have been encouraged to put all fight bust dogs to their deaths because it was assumed that they were each going to be dangerous, uncontrollable animals. They’ve been called ‘Kennel Trash’ and accused of taking up space normally reserved for other dogs. Evaluating them as individuals revealed new information about dogs from fight busts and helped shatter old myths previously used to condemn them.
Michael Vick Rescue Dogs Timeline


Vick Surrenders to U.S. Marshals
The federal sentencing guideline range is projected at a year to 18 months,
but Vick, who has admitted bankrolling the Bad Newz Kennels,
could be sentenced to up to five years in prison.
(Let Us Pray)

Against Dog Fighting
The whole Michael Vick scandal this summer shed light into the cruel and secretive world of professional dog fighting. Even though it's illegal in all 50 states, dog fighting participants and spectators are estimated in the tens of thousands.
The abuses of dog fighting are gruesome. For the sake of human profit, the dogs are trained to kill. They are beaten, chained, fed gunpowder, illegal drugs... the horrors these dogs face go on and on. In the end, dogs that don't win are killed or left to die painful deaths.
Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, who pleaded guilty to federal dog fighting charges, admitted without remorse that he endorsed the killing of dogs who did not fight well by drowning or hanging.
We need to bring this brutal practice to an end.
Please take a minute to help stop dog fighting now»
Source:, Inc.
275 Shoreline Drive, Suite 150
Redwood City, CA 94065


Dogs Seized from Rapper DMX Home
Aug. 25, 2007
Judi Villa and Cyrus Karimi
The Arizona Republic
Maricopa County sheriff's deputies found three dead dogs and seized 12 undernourished pit bulls
Friday from the Cave Creek-area home of rapper-turned-actor DMX.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Greyhound racing deserves same Vick shame
Boston Globe
Published on: 08/23/07
As Michael Vick plummets from celebrity to our national symbol of animal cruelty, there is an unsettling question unanswered in all of the press coverage. Was he uniquely brutal, or merely a spectacular outlier for canine atrocities we allow every day?


Pit Bull Abuse
Pit Bulls are probably the most abused dogs on the planet. The breed suffers horribly at the hands of humans. In the face of potential and outright banning of this breed, the dogs--very real victims--are often completely overlooked. Take a good, hard, long look at the photos on this site.


National U.S. Animal Cruelty Maps
"Pet-Abuse.Com now offers interactive animal cruelty maps on a national level, to help provide the media and the public a visual representation of where specific types of cruelty are being reported. Like the local and street-level maps, a colored icon appears where an incident of animal cruelty has occurred. The national maps allow you to display only cases of a particular type, starting from a specific year. We are pleased to finally make this available to the public. Since the mapping project began in 2006, we have manually mapped over 6,000 cases of animal cruelty in the United States based on latitude and longitude of the incident location. Using this new tool, we hope to be able to continue to assist law enforcement, researchers and task forces in recognizing patterns and problem areas for criminal animal cruelty."
Contact Pet-Abuse.Com
PO Box 5, Southfields, NY 10975
© Copyright 2001-2007 Pet-Abuse.Com. All rights reserved.


Dear Jody,
"In the wake of the high-profile indictment of Michael Vick, the nation has been awakened to the cruelty of animal fighting. Members of Congress, corporate leaders, and people like you are speaking out. And Louisiana and New Mexico enacted laws this year to outlaw cockfighting -- the last two states to join the fold. Online retailer Amazon is now in the lonely position of promoting animal fighting activities. It's the only online retailer of subscriptions to animal fighting magazines in the United States, and these magazines advertise the sale of fighting animals and cockfighting weapons -- sales made illegal by federal law! The Feathered Warrior even advertised fighting dogs from a dogfighter whose operation makes the enterprise described in the Michael Vick indictment look like a bunch of amateurs.

This nonsense from Amazon must stop --
tell them so right now.

Amazon sells subscriptions to cockfighting magazines like The Gamecock and The Feathered Warrior and claims the right to sell dogfighting videos. These materials are not only offensive because of the cruelty they glorify, but their shipment is also a federal felony under the recently-enacted Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act. Amazon claims that its commercial sale of these publications is protected by the First Amendment. But the First Amendment does not protect companies advertising illegal contraband, and that's exactly what the magazines sold by Amazon are doing. Dogs and chickens suffer grievous injuries or death in fights produced for depraved fun and shameful profit. Please ask Amazon right now to stop selling animal fighting magazines. And don't forget to tell your friends and family how they can help, too."
Thank you for all you do for animals.
Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

HSUS Animal Cruelty and Fighting Campaign


We Did It! Nike Drops Vick
Source: Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

I have received requests for petition sites concerning dogfighting and/or Michael Vick,
here a few to get you started.
Please be aware, it is a heartbreaking subject.

Michael Vick's 18 Page Endictment

Michael Vick Animal Awareness Day

Post Comments, Contact the NFL, Contact the FALCONS, Contact NIKE

Vote/Leave Comment

Suspend NFL Quarterback Michael Vick for Dogfighting

Dogs and Shelters Pay the Price for Dogfighting

Ask Nike to drop Michael Vick as a spokesperson immediately.

Tell the NFL to Suspend Michael Vick

Michael Vick's "Rape Stand"
and other equipment used in dogfights

This week, a federal grand jury indicted NFL star quarterback Michael Vick and three cohorts on felony dogfighting charges. The abuses described in the indictment are almost beyond belief, and include a report of Vick being consulted before the execution of the losing dog "by wetting the dog down with water and electrocuting the animal."
The indictment also describes "the execution of approximately eight dogs that did not perform well in "testing" sessions ... by methods including hanging, drowning and slamming at least one dog's body to the ground."
Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick should be suspended from the NFL immediately!
The NFL expressed “disappointment” and said, “We believe that all concerned should allow the legal process to determine the facts.” That’s just not good enough. The alleged acts were not petty or harmless; they were nothing short of gruesome and barbaric.
PLEASE sign the petition to the NFL today, and tell the league to suspend Michael Vick.
Suspend NFL Quarterback Michael Vick for Dogfighting!
The excecution of the dog is the least of it. Most dogs are left to bleed to death, some are tossed in the trash to die. There is unimaginable suffering during the training and the fighting. Dogfighting is despicable in so many ways, if you think you want to learn more and get involved, be sure to
Google "dog fighting bait"
to learn about stolen pets, innocent victims of dog fighting.
We have so much more to learn, but I really don't recommend it, it hurts too much.

Mans inhumanity never ceases to amaze me.
See Also
'Against Dog Fighting @'

Clinton Portis strongly backed Michael Vick
in the dog fight scandal, saying Vick has the right to do whatever he wants to do with the beasts


Dog Sentenced To Life Guarding A Prison
Associated Press Jun. 13, 2007


CAMDEN, N.J. - Ozzy has been spared the death penalty, with a sentence of life behind bars without chance of parole. But instead of solitary confinement, the 7-year-old German shepherd could be allowed to hold a sort of jail trusty's job. Ozzy attacked a neighbor's child in April and was sent to an animal shelter. A municipal judge ordered that the dog be put down. However, Ozzy's owner, Kelly Allard of Somerdale, arranged an option: Ozzy could have life behind bars, assigned to patrol the perimeter at the privately run George W. Hill Correctional Facility near Media, Pa. He won't be allowed any contact with the public or inmates. Superior Court Judge John T. McNeill III agreed to the plan Monday, calling it "the right alternative." "He'll be in there until he dies," McNeill said. "Ozzy will not be adopted by a family. He will never be released to the public."




After Dog's Death, A Warning

By Josh Kovner
Courant Staff Writer
March 14, 2007
MIDDLETOWN, Connecticut -- Law officers are asking for the public's help in combating instances of dog-fighting in the city, after a 2-year-old pit bull - likely used as "bait" to train aggressive dogs - was dumped on the side of Wilderman's Way and left to die of bite wounds, punctures and infections.
A man out for a stroll on Sunday found the dog lying on the ground, beyond a silt fence, near the high school construction site. He called police, and Assistant Animal Control Officer Karen Sullivan took the dog in her van to the Pieper-Olson Animal Hospital on Randolph Road. Doctors and technicians worked for hours, warming the 50-pound male with blankets and hot-water bottles in order to raise a vein so fluids, antibiotics and pain medication could be injected.
The dog died Monday night. "There wasn't a dry eye at the hospital," Animal Control Officer Gail Petras said Tuesday. "It's unthinkable that someone could put an animal through this, not once, but many times. "I would love nothing more than to know where this dog came from, so I could find the people responsible for doing this to him," Petras said. The staff at the hospital had named him Gideon. Over the last couple of years, a half-dozen dogs have been brought to the animal shelter with the signs of having been involved in organized fights: bites and punctures covering the face, neck and front legs; torn ears, torn noses. "We get the losers, or the bait dogs," Petras said. "They've had good temperaments and we've been able to place them with families." But no dog had been injured or abused as badly as Gideon had been. Some of his wounds appeared to be months old, and he had contracted raging infections because he'd received no treatment for more recent cuts and tears.
Seasoned police officers couldn't look at the series of digital pictures that Petras took of Gideon to show other animal control officers for education purposes. Petras said she has received complaints of suspected dog fighting in the past, but she has not been able to find the participants. "I don't believe we have organized pit bull fighting; I do believe we have street stuff going on, where young people may gather in a parking lot or a remote location at 2 a.m. and let the dogs go at it. It's hard to pinpoint, because it moves around," Petras said. In 2004, two city police officers were bitten by a pit bull-mix during a drug raid on Ferry Street. The dog was a mother protecting a litter of five or six puppies. Petras said puppies in that situation are often sold to dog fighters. Sullivan and Petras were able to find homes for all of those dogs. Petras asks the public to call city police, or her office at police headquarters at 860-344-3298, if they see a dog with what looks like fighting wounds, or have any information about Gideon.
Contact Josh Kovner at
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Reward Offered In Death Of Dog
Courant Staff Writer
March 15, 2007
MIDDLETOWN -- Jeffrey Jump cringed when he read the story about the death of an abused pit bull in the city this week. "The brutality, the senselessness of it, is just about beyond belief," said the former Middletown resident. "It's awful, and I've had enough." Jump on Wednesday offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who dumped the mortally wounded pit bull - likely used as bait to train aggressive fighting dogs - on the ground off Wilderman's Way sometime before Sunday afternoon. The dog, a 2-year-old, 50-pound male, died Monday. The staff at Pieper-Olson Veterinary Hospital had named him Gideon. They worked for hours to try to save him. He had fresh wounds, infected wounds, and a massive amount of scar tissue. Jump offered the reward the morning after Animal Control Officer Gail Petras asked for the public's help in combating dog-fighting in the city. "It's wonderful that someone is as concerned as we are about finding the people who did this," Petras said Wednesday. Jump also requested that the Connecticut Humane Society take action - and received a positive response. Spokeswoman Jody Angell said she'll discuss the Middletown case with society president Richard Johnston today. The Newington-based agency has offered rewards of up to $5,000, Angell said. Jump, 55, a donor to the humane society, also e-mailed other animal advocacy groups to which he belongs. "I asked them to match my offer - or to do something. I wish I could do more," said Jump, a labor-union representative who lived in Middletown for 18 years before moving to Wolcott about five years ago. Angell said that dog-fighting persists despite a greater public awareness of animal cruelty and relatively tough penalties for offenders. Those convicted of possessing or training fighting dogs, or of betting on fights, face up to five years in prison and $5,000 in fines. Spectators and those who act as judges or referees are subject to the same penalties.
Petras can be reached at 860-344-3298.
Contact Josh Kovner at
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Encourage Governor Schwarzenegger To Sign Anti-Chaining Bill
SB 1578, the California Animal Association-sponsored bill to ban dog chaining as the primary means of confinement, has passed the California Assembly and Senate. It now requires one final step -- the governor's signature -- to become law. Please contact the Governor's office as soon as possible and ask him to sign this important animal protection and public safety measure. The governor can sign or veto the bill at any time, although he has until September 30, 2006 to do so. Faxes or phone calls are preferred since e-mail communications carry less weight. Be sure to include your name and address in all communications so the governor's aides know you are a California resident.
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 445-2841
(916) 445-4633 fax
Chained dogs can become aggressive due to intense confinement, lack of socialization, and the inability to escape from perceived threats.
Between February 2000 and January 2006 at least 107 people were attacked or killed by chained dogs in the United States. About two thirds of those incidents (75) involved children.
SB 1578 can help animal control representatives provide additional protection of dogs and prevention of dog bites in our communities.
Chained dogs typically lack adequate veterinary care, food, water, or shelter. They rarely are exercised or interact with their families – an unhappy existence for such social animals.
Dogs can choke to death when their chains became entangled with other objects, or develop infections and severe wounds when collars become embedded in their necks.
About the Anti-Chaining Bill
Senator Alan Lowenthal (D-Long Beach) introduced SB 1578 to reduce the number of dog bites and dog attacks in California. Research has shown that chained dogs are 2.8 times more likely to bite than unchained dogs because they feel the strong need to protect their territory and have no way to flee from threats.
SB 1578 would also help protect hundreds, if not thousands, of dogs who lead lives of misery at the end of backyard chains. Under current state law, animal control officers cannot cite citizens for chaining unless they find other signs of neglect, such as lack of food and water. Often, by that time, it is too late to save the dog.
The Anti-Chaining Bill is sponsored by the California Animal Association, of which United Animal Nations (UAN) is a founding member.
P.O. BOX 188890 | SACRAMENTO, CA 95818
(916) 429-2457 TEL | (916) 429-2456 FAX | |


"Greenies"...Dangerous Dog Treats
At least 13 dogs have died after being fed the top-selling pet treat in the country,
owners and veterinarians have told CNN
They come in several sizes and are shaped like toothbrushes..jj


Rest in Peace
I believe that
Hera & Bane

are responsible for most of the publicity,
good and bad,
that now surrounds pit bulls.


Gypsy 2006
with her trophy for Honorary Best of Show
from the Palmetto State American Pitbull Terrier Club

Gypsy 2006

Gypsy continues to thrive and enjoy life!
Thanks to all of you who continue to remember her and ask about her.
Tri-County Animal Rescue


September 5, 2005
Bunny is back in the hospital

Bunny before surgery

Bunny the Pug
In mid-July, an abandoned pug was discovered in a parking lot in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The pug, later named "Bunny" by the Pug Rescue of North Carolina, was found with her vulva sewn shut. Veterinarian Dr. Jim Watson feels that Bunny had been bred many times, and it is suspected that she may have been part of a puppy mill.

According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), "puppy mills are breeding facilities that produce purebred puppies in large numbers. The puppies are sold either directly to the public via the Internet, newspaper ads, at the mill itself, or are sold to brokers and pet shops across the country." Breeding dogs in puppy mills are bred over and over, and often discarded when they can no longer produce litters.

In Bunny's case, it appears as though thats exactly what has happened. After vets examined her, it was determined that she suffered from an inverted bladder, prolapsed uterus, a large cyst on her urethra, severe mastitis (infected breasts), a hernia in her diaphragm and extensive infection, and she tested positive for heartworm.

And unfortunately, Bunny's case is not unique. Our database shows at least 26 puppy mill cases reported so far this year in the US. In these cases, seizures range between 10 animals to over 300 animals, totaling more than 2,300 dogs removed from deplorable mill conditions just this year.

The Pet Animal Welfare Statute, PAWS, addresses this growing problem. PAWS requires breeders who sell directly to the public--whether through newspaper ads or the Internet or other means--and who raise seven or more litters of dogs or cats each year to be licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Without PAWS, many puppy mills will continue to escape inspections, and the dogs will continue to live (and die) in misery.

Speak Out and let your legislators know that you want to prevent the kind of cruelty that Bunny and so many others suffer through every year.
Visit the HSUS Paws Campaign Page to learn more and take action.
Read About Bunny's Progress
Source: Pet-Abuse.Com



Gypsy Update
August 2005
Look at this girl!
What has happened to her is nothing short of a miracle!
Thank you, bless you,
to everyone involved....jj

Gypsy August, cute is that face?!

Beautiful Gypsy

Pit-bull horribly mutilated: Gaston County, NC - US
Aug. 25, 2005
Crime Date: April 11, 2005
Please Sign the Ongoing Petition
Vigorous Investigation of Dog-Fighting in Gaston County, NC
A horribly mutilated pit-bull, named Gypsy, was found on April 11, 2005 dumped on a main highway (Wilkinson Blvd) and her wounds appear to be the result of dog-fighting. We petition Hon. Michael K. Lands to vigorously investigate and prosecute dog-fighting crimes in Gaston County.
According to North Carolina state law Chapter 14, Article 47 (§ 14-362.2), this is a Class H felony case:
(a) A person who instigates, promotes, conducts, is employed at, provides a dog for, allows property under his ownership or control to be used for, gambles on, or profits from an exhibition featuring the fighting or baiting of a dog is guilty of a Class H felony. A lease of property that is used or is intended to be used for an exhibition featuring the fighting or baiting of a dog is void, and a lessor who knows this use is made or is intended to be made of his property is under a duty to evict the lessee immediately.
(b) A person who owns, possesses, or trains a dog with the intent that the dog be used in an exhibition featuring the fighting or baiting of that dog is guilty of a Class H felony.
(c) A person who participates as a spectator at an exhibition featuring the fighting or baiting of a dog is guilty of a Class H felony. (1997-78, s. 1.)
Source and Updates:

Tri-County Animal Rescue's New Url/Site
A Letter From Gypsy

Gypsy Update   7/29/05
"On Thursday, Gypsy went to her first public appearance since her surgery. We took her on a visit to a nursing home. Everyone was very nice to her and she loved meeting all of the people. She was even tolerant of the other dogs that were included in the visit. She got to eat sugar wafers in the dining room and tour the hallways, sticking her head in the laps of any wheelchair bound residents! Gypsy might be a little too exuberant for nursing homes!"

Gypsy, cookie monster

"Enclosed is a picture of her enjoying her cookies!
Everyone agreed that she is an amazing dog!"
Tri-County Animal Rescue
Alexis, North Carolina


Gypsy Update - 5/19/05
"Our girl is coming home today! Apparently, she made quite an impression on everyone who met her in Knoxville and they were very sad to see her go. Gypsy still has some stitches and she is still taking some antibiotics, but we can take care of all that stuff in North Carolina. We have missed her so much! I'm attaching a picture taken yesterday. It's hard to believe that she is the same dog. Her beautiful personality is going to be matched by an equally beautiful face! Stayed tuned for more pictures as Gypsy settles into her life as a spokesdog for animal cruelty."
Tri-County Animal Rescue
Alexis, North Carolina

Gypsy in Tennessee

Gypsy Update: 5/16/2005
Just a quick update to let you know that Gypsy is doing fine. She developed a little infection around her spay scar (probably brought on from the stress of the reconstructive surgery, etc.), but they put her on some antibiotics and she was doing much better. Gypsy is still eating very well, and making many friends. Her "buttons" seem to be doing the job (holding her new lips in place), and they have been trying to make sure that she keeps the front area of skin on her upper lip dry so that it can heal better.
Again, thank you for caring about Gypsy.
Tri-County Animal Rescue
Alexis, NC

Gypsy Update - 5/12/05
"This is one of those occasions when a picture is worth a thousand words. I don't believe any of us could describe the joy we felt when we saw these first pictures of Gypsy after her surgery. Thank you for your prayers, your crossed fingers and your good thoughts."
Tri-County Animal Rescue
Alexis, NC

Gypsy Update 5/11/05
"Gypsy made it through surgery and now we will wait to see if her "facelift" takes. We should know more in the next couple of days. They had to do some extensive work on her sinuses--several of the bites had actually punctured the sinus cavities. No one was allowed to see her yesterday--they were afraid that she would try and stand up when she realized she had visitors and they want to keep her as quiet as possible. Hopefully, they will allow at least a brief visit this evening.
Keep your fingers crossed!"
Tri-County Animal Rescue Alexis, NC


Gypsy 5/04/05
Gypsy's reconstructive surgery has been scheduled. She leaves for Knoxville on Sunday, so that she can be at the University of Tennessee on Monday morning. Gypsy will be gone about 4-5 weeks and I'm pretty sure we're going to miss her--a whole bunch! I'm enclosing some pictures so that everyone can see how Gypsy continues to heal. The first was taken on Saturday, before she went for her debut. Gypsy is sitting in Joann's lap having her belly rubbed. Watch out, Joann, that's a pit bull you have in your lap!

Gypsy gets a belly rub

Gypsy was "dog-napped" on Tuesday by one of our volunteers. They went to the park--Gypsy wanted to chase the ducks, but she's still trying to get the hang of being three-legged so the ducks were safe! Our volunteer reported that just about everyone who saw her at the park knew who she was including a police officer who said that seeing Gypsy in person would make him try that much harder to find the person responsible for her injuries.

Gypsy at the park watching ducks

Today, Gypsy went back to Eastridge Animal Hospital to be spayed (no more babies for her). She's staying overnight and then she'll be back with us until Sunday. Gypsy has another personal appearance scheduled for Friday at the Gastonia Boys and Girls Club. They've been raising money to help pay for her surgeries and they requested that she come and pick it up in person! Gypsy is more than happy to oblige!
Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do.
Tri-County Animal Rescue
Alexis, NC


A horribly mutilated pit-bull, named Gypsy, was found on Monday morning, April 11, 2005 in Gaston County, North Carolina. She had been dumped on a main highway (Wilkinson Blvd) that connects Gaston County with Charlotte/Mecklenburg County. Her wounds appear to be the result of dogfighting. Her injuries were so severe, her right-front leg had to be amputated due to the extent of mutilation and infection. According to reports, the flesh on her face was literally rotting off, and when she first arrived at Tri-County Animal Rescue, her mouth was "nothing but pus". Tri-County Animal Rescue stated that the dog was "a bloody mess" when she was found on the roadside. From the Tri-County website: "Gypsy had her leg amputated Monday the 18th 2005 and she is fighting for her life. Thanks to the skilled surgeons, Dr. McLean and Dr. Lowery at Eastridge Animal Hospital in Gastonia, and all the wonderful and loving vet techs at Eastridge who just go in and hold her paw or pat her or speak sweet kind words. It's amazing, but Cindy said she wagged her tail after surgery. Cindy and Dr. McLean say she hasn't given up and is fighting to stay with us. Case Report
Posted: Apr 26, 2005
On April 26, Pet-Abuse.Com was contacted by Stephanie Hamlin, Assistant District Attorney for Gaston County in response to the hundreds of letters from the public they have received regarding the atrocities committed against Gypsy. In her letter, she stated that the members of the Gaston County District Attorney's office are very interested in prosecuting the Gypsy case. Tri-County Animal Rescue and Pet-Abuse.Com are currently working with the DA's office to assist them with recent leads, and we ask that anyone with additional leads or suspects please call Animal Control at 704-922-8677 or the DA's office 704.852-3113 . Letters to the prosecutor have poured in from all over the country, and some as far away as Canada, Japan and New Zealand. To read the action alert, or send a fax to the prosecutor right from the website click here.


Mariah's Promise
Toni Phillips, Hero to Denver's Pit Bulls
IDA's Guardian of the Month for August:
Toni Phillips started rescuing dogs in 1990 after moving to a rural area in Dallas/Fort Worth, Tex. Having grown up in Seattle, Wash. and fresh from living in San Francisco, Calif., Toni had never before experienced the tragedy of finding dogs and puppies "dumped" along the highway in the remote country to survive on their own. She immediately began bringing these abandoned dogs home, an effort that was supported by her husband Mike, who quickly took an active role in the cause. The couple fostered and sought loving homes for all the deserted dogs they could find, and continued rescuing canines when they moved to Branson, Mo.

In 1998, the Phillips moved to Colorado, and in 2003 bought property in the forested mountains of Divide where they founded Mariah's Promise, a safe haven and sanctuary for dogs named for a five-week-old puppy who fought a losing battle against parvo when their land purchase was being negotiated. Located just south of Denver, Mariah's Promise was perfectly placed to become the hub of an urgent rescue mission when an indiscriminate ban on pit bulls began to tear beloved canine companions from their guardians in May 2005.

Toni and Mike heard in April that the ban would soon be reinstated, so they posted signs around Denver offering to find permanent homes for pit bulls with new families or temporarily foster people's dogs at their sanctuary until they could relocate to new cities. Sadly, just weeks later, many guardians stood helplessly by as their dogs were driven away in Denver Animal Control vans, the majority to be killed because of their breed. Dogs taken in by Mariah's Promise were the lucky ones, having survived the mass extermination that is still well underway in Denver. Mariah's Promise has so far saved the lives of 73 pit bull dogs and puppies victimized by the ban, with more arriving by the week. Of those, 22 have been given a fresh start in new, loving homes outside of Denver's city limits. Mariah's Promise has also worked with other no-kill rescue organizations outside of Colorado, transporting dogs across state lines to make room for the constant influx of Denver exiles, which will only increase should breed-specific bans pass in neighboring communities.

Toni and Mike have managed to keep Mariah's Promise going while simultaneously running a family business, and have built their "Denver Refugee Camp" (which includes numerous dog houses and kennels) from donations provided by generous dog lovers. With the long, cold winter on the way, Mariah's Promise is now focused on building 10' x 10' climate controlled doghouses with outside runs to keep the dogs warm through the frigid winter months. Seed money provided by the Max Fund was essential to get this project off the ground, but now the sanctuary needs all the funds they can get to continue saving the lives of as many dogs as possible.

To help pay for food, shelter, veterinary care and other necessary expenses,
please send checks to:
Mariah's Promise
4027 CR 5
P.O. Box 1017
Divide, CO 80814

You can also donate using your credit card on IDA's website at and designating "Mariah's Promise" or "pit bulls" in the First Name field of the "in honor of" section of the form.

Mariah's Promise has many loving dogs who need permanent, loving homes and families to take care of them.
Click Here to see a listing of their available dogs.

If you are interested in adopting a new friend, contact Toni at
(719) 687-4568 or (719) 651-4733.

Learn more about the ban and the efforts being made to help pit bulls at

In Defense of Animals/IDA is proud to salute Toni Phillips and recognize her dedication to dogs by naming her our Guardian of the Month for August 2005. Congratulations, Toni, and keep fighting the good fight!

Denver's Pit Bulls and Guardians Under Siege
Because They Registered Their Dogs in Accordance with the Law!
Please Read
As of midnight on May 9, 2005, harboring a pit bull in Denver, Colo.
became a crime punishable by a $1,000 fine and possible jail time.
Since then,
Denver Animal Control (DAC) officials have gone door-to-door
seizing pit bulls from guardians who registered their dogs in accordance with the law.
And that is the least of it!
Many families have suffered helplessly as their beloved companions were led to a DAC van and taken away to be killed. A dog's only chance for reprieve then is for his or her guardians to convince someone living outside of Denver to sign an affidavit that they will adopt the dog upon release, but guardians have only a few days to arrange this before DAC takes the dog's life. Only by sending their dogs out of Denver or defying the ban and keeping them hidden can guardians protect their canine friends from execution.

The lives of hundreds of dogs have already been taken since the start of the ban, yet with an estimated 4,500 pit bulls residing in Denver, the killing may have only begun. In addition, Denver suburbs like Aurora and Commerce City are now moving to pass their own pit bull bans to prevent guardians from moving to their communities with their "dangerous" animals. This will only increase the number of innocent pit bulls killed out of breed-based prejudice.

In this dark time for Denver's pit bulls and their guardians, IDA's Rita Anderson is heading up the Pit Bull B.A.N.D'.s (Breed Awareness, Not Discrimination) "underground" rescue effort. She partners with Mariah's Promise, a sanctuary for dogs nestled among pine tress in the mountains south of Denver, to save as many pit bulls as possible. Sanctuary owners Toni and Mike Phillips are devoted to the dogs living there, whether they come from families who plan to take them back after moving out of Denver or they need new homes. Mariah's Promise has so far managed to rescue 60 canines since the ban became effective, but to continue coping with the demands of their devotion to Denver's demonized pit bulls, they need the help of dog lovers everywhere.

Mariah's Promise desperately needs money to pay for the dogs who are already at the sanctuary and to expand their capacity for taking in more needy dogs. Your donations will help pay for food, shelter, veterinary care and other necessary expenses.


The Epidemic That's Killing Pit Bulls


Please Support
Clayton County Humane Society
All Donations are Appreciated

Meet Jewel

"Jewel is a young Yellow Lab mix who recently came to live at CCHS. Jewel's previous owner had allowed Jewel's collar to become embedded in her neck. Now a resident at CCHS, we have become responsible for all of Jewel's medical care. Medical bills will be extensive, and CCHS is asking for financial help for Jewel's continued care."

Meet Lady

"Lady is yet another example of the many "special needs" animals so frequently taken in by CCHS. Until coming to CCHS, Lady had spent the first 5 years of her life on a chain, in a backyard, with no love or attention from her former owners. In the past 3 years Lady had been taken to the vet only once, and that was for MAGGOT REMOVAL. In her previous home, Lady was allowed to balloon to nearly 3 times her normal body weight. She also has a deformed foot which was never addressed by her previous owner."
Donations may be made through this link Clayton County Humane Society
or mailed to Clayton County Humane Society
7810 N. McDonough St.
Jonesboro, GA 30236


Action Alert!
Pit-bull puppy severely beaten - Fairfield, OH
18 year old CHRISTOPHER ALLEN JONES was arrested on March 2, 2005 for brutally beating a pitbull puppy. Jones is charged with two counts of cruelty to animals and several other crimes.
In addition to the 4-month-old puppy that was discovered by residents of the Village Green on March 2, Jones also allegedly killed another dog on Jan. 6, according to Fairfield Police Department records. Jones was sent back to jail Thursday because he was considered a threat to his former girlfriend and her family. This case goes to court on March 30, so your immediate action is needed!
Click Here For Full Case Details
To contact the judge in this case:
The Honorable Judge Joyce A. Campbell
Fairfield Municipal Court
Telephone: 513-867-6002
Fax: 513-867-6001
4951 Dixie Hwy.
Fairfield, Ohio 45014


Max the Dog Update
Watertown-WTNH, Mar. 11, 2005 Updated 12:30 PM
He attracted headlines in 2003 when he attacked a 12-year-old boy.
Now, Max the dog has attacked another child, prompting state officials to euthanize him.
Story by News Channel 8's Sonia Baghdady
Golden Retriever Had Previously Bitten Another Boy

California Residents: Help Stop Animal Fighting!
Listen up, Golden State animal advocates. Senator Nell Soto has introduced Senate Bill 156, which would strengthen animal fighting laws. The current law in California prohibits persons from causing or permitting animals to engage in fighting, as well as bans owning or training animals for those purposes. If passed, SB 156 would strengthen subsequent violations of these laws from a misdemeanor to a felony.
To help Senator Soto in her quest to end animal fighting in California, please visit the
ASPCA Advocacy Center today.
Don't live in California? Find out how to get involved in passing humane legislation in your state at the ASPCA Advocacy Center.
Source: ASPCA

Hip-hop mogul, entrepreneur, political activist, and animal lover Russell Simmons has joined the ASPCA in encouraging Americans to be vigilant for animal cruelty in their neighborhoods and to visit Cruel's Not Cool to learn how to identify animal cruelty.
Source: ASPCA

Tell Congress to Enact Tougher Penalties for Animal Fighting
Animal fighting, although illegal in virtually every state, is still prevalent throughout the country, fueled in part by a subculture naively fascinated with the illicit and thuggish nature of dogfighting. As the 109th Congress gets underway, we are determined to get the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act enacted, and we need your help more than ever.
On Tuesday, Senator John Ensign (R-NV) introduced S. 382 and Representative Mark Green (R-WI) introduced H.R. 817, a pair of bills known as the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act.The act will do two things: strengthen current federal law by authorizing felony-level jail time for the interstate and foreign movement of animals used for fighting, and ban the interstate and foreign commerce of the barbaric implements used in cockfights. Eleven senators and 26 representatives joined as original co-sponsors of the bill.

Clamping down on these brutal blood sports benefits both animals and humans:
Animals forced to fight are drugged to intensify aggression, and are frequently pushed to keep fighting even after suffering grave injuries.
Stolen pets are regularly used as "bait" to train dogs to fight, and some dogs are abandoned after being forced to fight for years, putting them and communities in jeopardy.
Cockfighting has been implicated in the spread of dangerous and costly diseases that kill poultry and can hurt people. (At least four children in Asia died from bird flu in 2004 due to cockfighting exposure.)
Animal fights are also frequently associated with illegal drug trafficking and acts of human violence.
It is critical that your federal legislators know that you oppose all animal fighting and that you want Congress to quickly enact this legislation.
Phone calls and personal letters on this issue will have the most impact. Thank you for taking action!
What We Can Do
» Contact your federal legislators today and urge them to co-sponsor the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act.
» Read more about the spread of animal fighting and how law enforcement is cracking down on it.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)


Christmas Returns Author Unknown
Santa comes quietly long before dawn
While shops are still busy and lights are still on
While dinners are cooking and kitchens are warm
And children count presents they’ll open by morn.

He slips past the trees in windows aglow
Through the gate to the backyard
As icy winds blow
To find the pup he brought last year
Chained up in the snow
And, kneeling, he whispers, “Are you ready to go?”

There are too many stops like this one tonight
Before the beginning of his regular flight
He leaves not a note or footprint in sight
Just an unbuckled collar
On a cold Christmas night...
please don't give animals as gifts. Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, ever.


Juju's Halloween Costume 2004
Happy Halloween!
Love, Juju
sorry if I scared ya!

maybe I'll wear this instead


Ten Year Sentence For Cruelty
Houston Chronicle, 2 Sept. 2004 AP

A 23-year-old Dallas man who unleashed his two pit bull terriers on a neighbor's dog and watched as they mauled the hound-Dalmatian mix has been sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $14,000. Carey D. McMillian received the maximum possible sentence on Wednesday at the animal-cruelty trial.
A witness to the September 2003 attack in Pleasant Grove described seeing McMillian goad his dogs to attack and ultimately kill the dog named Cisco. "The only reason for killing Cisco was for his own perverse pleasure," lead prosecutor Rick Jackson said in closing arguments. "This case cries out for the max."
When the panting and exhausted pit bills let up, McMillian would grab Cisco and shake the dog to provoke the pit bulls to "tear the dog apart," the neighbor said. A neighbor surreptitiously videotaped a portion of the attack. Jurors watched the tape three times before deliberating for 30 minutes and returning a guilty verdict.
The charge of animal cruelty carries a maximum punishment of two years in a state jail, but the offense was enhanced to a third-degree felony after prosecutors proved that state law could define the two dogs as "deadly weapons," The Dallas Morning News reports in its Thursday editions. Jurors also found McMillian guilty of a lesser misdemeanor charge of dog fighting. "This happens every day, but in most cases it's not caught on tape," Ken Qualls, an investigator with the SPCA of Texas, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for its Thursday editions. "This shows that behavior like this will not be tolerated."


Unchain Your Dog
Imagine being chained to a tree year after year. You watch the back door hoping someone will come out to play with you. No one ever does. You long to run and stretch your legs, but all you can do is pace back and forth over your small patch of packed dirt. Sometimes you get tangled up in your chain. You shiver in the winter cold and pant in the hot summer sun. Fleas biting your skin are a constant torture. Eventually, you give up hope...

Dogs Deserve Better
A nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing the chained dog, and bringing our 'best friend' into the home and family.

Legislation Against Chaining and Penning Dogs


Puppy Max is finally home safe with his family.
A favorable agreement was reached that enabled Max to return home to his family today. At 1 pm, Mrs. Pyon picked Max up at the New Milford Pound, which has been his home for the last 4 months. ACO Audrey McKay, who has been his caretaker, packed a going away bag for Max with all of his favorite toys and treats. He left the shelter and headed for home to get reacquainted with the rest of the family.
Last Chance for Animals (LCA) came to the aid of Max and his family which not only saved Max's life, but two laws in Connecticut have been changed because of this unfortunate yet all too common problem.
The new laws are:
1. No longer can one person make the decision to kill someone's companion animal. Three people must examine the case before deciding the animal's fate.
2. An animal will never again await their fate on death row indefinitely. An agreement must be reached within 60 days.
This is not only important for Connecticut but it also sets precedence for other states. This scenario has educated many people about the perpetual problem of local government agencies stepping in and feeling like they have the power of life and death indiscriminately. Due to this family's love and dedication to their beloved family member, they were targeted but made the decision to stand up and fight, and with the help of LCA, wrong has been made right.

Date: 6/4/2004
We would like to thank EVERYONE who came together to fight for Puppy Max. Your emails helped lay the groundwork for Attorney General Blumenthal to finally take a leadership role and save this precious pup! Today the Pyon's are relieved! Their beloved family member Max will live! Attorney General Richard Blumenthal facilitated a settlement prior to the hearing today and Max should be ready to go home with his family within the next few days. The agreement is not final but the state and the Pyon's, with the aid of Attorney General Blumenthal, are expected to sign an agreement later this afternoon. The agreement will have rules such as; Max will have to have obedience training, a microchip inserted under his skin for tracking purposes and he will be prescribed medication. Also, the State Senate finally passed the revision of the statute that held Max in custody for so long. This statute will be known as "Max's Law" and will go into effect immediately! From here on out, the state has only 60 days to go forward on a disposal hearing rather than an indefinite amount of time. By the time Max is released from death row, he will have spent seven and a half months behind bars away from his family.
What You Can Do:
Please write letters to Attorney General Blumenthal, thanking him for stepping up to the plate and once and for all, reuniting Max with his loving family.
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
P.O. Box 120
Hartford, CT 06141-0120
Telephone: 860-808-5318
Fax: 860-808-5387
Last Chance for Animals
8033 Sunset Blvd. #835 · Los Angeles · CA · 90046 LETTERS NEEDED!
Deplorable Animal Cruelty
Urge Judge to REJECT Plea
On Tuesday, March 2, 2004, Robert Lamano will be sentenced for what a Salem County animal cruelty investigator called “one of the worse cases of animal cruelty [he had] ever seen.” Mr. Lamano pleaded guilty to animal cruelty earlier this year after his dog Reno was found near death with almost an entire roll of electrical tape wrapped around his muzzle-- unable to eat, drink or bark for help. Reno was also emaciated, with severe flesh decay and maggot infestation on his muzzle and face. His condition was so terrible that animal control officers were forced to euthanize him. Although Mr. Lamano most recently argued that he taped his dog's mouth shut to give him a bath, investigators find this a meaningless and implausible excuse considering the severity of the dog's condition. There is also no indication that Mr. Lamano made any effort to find his dog who was missing, and suffering, for reportedly three weeks.
The Salem County District Attorney has reportedly offered Mr. Lamano a plea bargain of probation, community service and a small fine in exchange for his guilty plea. Please contact the Judge who will be presiding over the sentencing hearing and ask him to reject the plea agreement. Urge him to sentence Lamano to significant jail time and mandatory psychological counseling, and to order the immediate seizure of any animals currently under Mr. Lamano's "care." Please remember that polite and professional letters will be most effective.
The Honorable William L. Forester
State Superior Court
Salem County Courthouse
92 Market Street
Salem, NJ 08079
FAX 856-935-9238


Update: Notorious Dogfighter Sentenced in Oklahoma
On Tuesday Feb 3, 2004, Oklahoma District Judge Donald Thompson sentenced a convicted dogfighter and his wife to a ten-year deferred jail sentence. James Fiarris, who is in failing health, was also ordered to pay $7500 in fines, serve community service, and was forbidden from owning or harboring any dogs for ten full years. Fiarris pleaded guilty to felony dogfighting charges earlier this year following a 2002 raid on his home is which 53 fighting dogs and dog fighting equipment were seized. Despite the gravity of the charges and conviction, a pre-sentence report given to Judge Thompson had recommended the deferred sentencing for the Fiarrises because of James Fiarris’ ill health.

Legislation Urgently Needed
Meanwhile, the federal bill to increase penalties for illegal dogfighting has been gaining steam in Congress. As of Wednesday (2/12), H.R. 1532 has 185 cosponsors in the House, while its companion bill, S. 736, has 47 cosponsors in the Senate. The bill has been endorsed by 148 law enforcement agencies. If passed, the legislation will create felony-level penalties for those convicted of the interstate commerce in fighting dogs and fighting cocks (currently, it is only a misdemeanor), and it will ban the interstate transport of tools used for animal fighting. The legislation is urgently needed to shrink the massive animal fighting industries.
Call your U.S. Representative and two U.S. Senators today and ask them to support H.R. 1532/S. 736
All Congresspersons can be reached through the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121, and you can look up their names at


Taya Goes Home
After 4 Months in Solitary




"The dog means nothing to me," the dog's owner, Veronica Copley, told NBC 17. "I mean, I loved that dog. He was a good dog, but you can't replace a child."

Investigation Continues:
"It doesn't add up," a neighbor said. "I guess I'm in disbelief that it actually happened." The neighbor lives in the same cul-de-sac as Hill's family and said the boy was timid and afraid of dogs. "When dogs were barking he got nervous and didn't want anything to do with dogs"

3-Year-Old Boy Found Dead Next to Pit Bull
ANDERSON CREEK, N.C. Jan. 14, 2003
A 3-year-old boy reported missing from his home was later found dead next to a pit bull chained in a neighbor's backyard. Authorities would not confirm how the child died or that a dog attacked him, but Sheriff Larry Rollins said Wednesday that he had "trauma to the body." Rollins did not identify the boy, but said he lived in the Anderson Creek community where his body was discovered late Tuesday. The child's mother said he wandered from home around 4:30 p.m. and that she called 911 to report him missing about two hours later.. A responding officer found the body shortly before 8 p.m. in the next-door neighbor's yard, authorities said. "He was found right there in the area of the chained dog," Rollins said.
A deputy had to shoot the dog to reach the body, the sheriff said. A second dog confined elsewhere on the property was not involved;it was being held at the county animal shelter, Rollins said. "All the kids knew they were mean dogs back there," said Jason Walden, who lives on the same street. The victim had been playing with Walden's 6-year-old son earlier Tuesday afternoon, Walden said. Deputies were interviewing the dog's owner, neighbors and the boy's mother. No charges had been filed Wednesday, but Rollins said a search warrant was obtained. "We're just putting the puzzle together to find out exactly what did happen," Rollins said.
...a different article had this to say: Authorities would not confirm how the boy died or that a dog attacked him. But they said the body was found between the dogs and that deputies had to shoot one of the dogs to get to the body.


Dog Helps Youngster to Safety
A 3-year-old black and white pit bull resembling Pete the Pup from the 1940s "Little Rascals" shows grabbed the back of a girl's jacket and helped her out of a burning home Thursday night. After 6-year-old Autumn Marley alerted her mother that the Nordale Road home where they were staying was on fire, the dog--also named Marley, by coincidence--grabbed the girl as she struggled to get out the back door of the burning house and helped her to safety, said the dog's owner, Jennifer Ingram. "She's always been an awesome dog, but I didn't know she was capable to doing this," Ingram said of Marley, who she raised from a pup.


Demand Justice for Oklahoma Animals
Pocola police officers found 24 pit bulls, many of whom were without water or food and displaying injuries consistent with dogfighting, in the yard of Matthew Campbell, who reportedly confessed to fighting the animals. We have learned that the LeFlore County District Attorney's Office does not plan to file charges. Please urge District Attorney Robert Wallace to vigorously prosecute all animal abusers, for the sake of his community as well as its animals.


The sentencing for James and Jeanne Fiarris, the Salupa, Okla. couple who pleaded guilty to three felony dogfighting charges earlier this year, is scheduled for Friday, November 24. The Fiarrises were arrested last November after investigators found a blood-splattered dogfighting arena, dogfighting equipment and fifty-three pit bulls on their property. Although investigators confiscated the dogfighting equipment, they failed to confiscate the pit bulls and the Fiarrises subsequently sold off almost all of the dogs, most likely to other dogfighters. Although it is too late for the dogs who were sold, it is now essential that Creek County recognize and punish the inexcusable cruelty of organized dogfighting by imposing a significant sentence on the Fiarrises , who face up to ten years in prison and a $25,000 fine for each felony conviction.
Write to the judge in this case and respectfully urge him to sentence the Fiarrises to considerable jail time and to prohibit them from owning or harboring animals.
The Honorable Donald Thompson
Creek County District Court
P.O. Box 1410
Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74067
FAX: 918-227-5030
(We might also recommend that next time, the dogs be confiscated.)


Demo Dog & Family Fired Upon by Oakland Cop

Rupert, photo courtesy of

On September 3rd, 2003, during a routine stop to take a mugging victim's statement, Oakland Police Officer James Smith stepped inside the courtyard of a crowded apartment complex, and without warning, opened fire. His target was one of BAD RAP's finest demonstration dogs - Rupert. The bullet missed Rupert, ricocheted off the pavement, bounced off an awning and seared through the apartment building's wall, stopping just two feet away from a four month old infant. The child is the daughter of BR's co-founder Amber Niewold.
Source & Story


Cop Shooting at Dog Almost Hits Baby
Television & Video

"While we sympathize with officers who have had bad experiences with dogs in the field,
we find it unconscionable that the OPD is using an example of the Jones incident involving a helpless little boy
and a drug dealer's defective guard dogs to justify this outrageous use of firearms against
demo-dog Rupert in a crowded apartment building.
We can only hope that the investigation into this shooting is thorough and fair.
Please help us ask that Smith be held accountable for his actions. Many thanks."

Contact info:
Title: Mayor Jerry Brown
Department: Office of the Mayor
Phone(510): 238-3141
Fax (510): 238-4731
Mayor's Email

Richard Word, Oakland Chief of Police
Phone(510): 238-3365
OPD Chief Word's Email


Animal Fighting Law
On Tuesday (6/24/03), Florida governor Jeb Bush signed into law HB 1911,
a bill that makes it illegal not only to actively stage an animal fight,
but also to breed, transport, sell or possess any animal for the purpose of animal fighting (see HUMANElines Issue 246).
One day later, similar anti-cockfighting legislation was signed into law in Oregon.
Congratulations to hard-working activists across the country who worked behind the scenes to pass these important measures!


Dogfight Trainer Gets 4 Years
NJ 5/31/03
A Superior Court judge yesterday doled out the stiffest sentence yet in the case of an illegal dogfight
in Dover Township -- four years in state prison and a $1,000 fine for a Camden man who admitted training the dogs to fight.
Judge Wendel E. Daniels imposed the sentence on Paris B. Dickerson, 36, for his role
in the Oct. 27, 2001, dogfight in a Route 9 warehouse.
Story & Source: Asbury Park Press



"BAD RAP has received its 501c3 status from the IRS as of today! (5/21/03)
We'd like to think that the letter was mailed out on the day of the lunar eclipse.
A most auspicious 'birthday' for our pit bull group.
As always, thank you for believing in us!"
Donna Reynolds @


State Dogfighting Laws
Dogfighting is illegal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia,
and the federal Animal Welfare Act prohibits the interstate transportation of dogs for fighting purposes.
Forty-six states have made dogfighting a felony offense,
42 states prohibit the possession of dogs for fighting, and 49 prohibit being a spectator at a dogfight.



Sweet Bandit receives a kiss

Rest in Peace Bandit

Update 5/22/2003
Coming Soon
Two police reports. One about Bandit, and one about Bandit's owners friend,
whose pit bull was shot one year ago, almost to the day, that Bandit was shot...
also by the Granby Police.


Jody, I found this in this week's ASPCA Newsletter. I think we should order it for the Granby Police:
"Last January, the death of Patton, a bulldog/boxer mix, in Cookeville, TN, shocked the nation.
The friendly family dog died needlessly after being shot by a police officer.
His human family was mistakenly stopped when officers noticed money flying from the vehicle,
it was later found that the driver had accidentally left his wallet on the roof.
During the stop, Patton ran up to the officers with a wagging tail; tragically, he was killed with a shotgun.
To ensure that this never happens again, a new video is available to help officers correctly "read" a dog's behavior
and avoid using excessive force.
Produced by Ron Barber of "IN THE LINE OF DUTY," the 23-minute training video is designed exclusively for law enforcement officers;
it also features animal control officers plus ASPCA staff members.
For more information, or to order this video for your police department,
visit In the Line of Duty or call (800) 462-5232
Thanks to

Attention Pit People! Emails Needed!
Go To:
Fox61 News@Ten website e-mail

"I am writing because I find it hard to believe that no one else has covered the story regarding the Granby Cop,
Officer Scirpo, who unjustly shot & killed a family pet, Bandit,
in the driveway of someone who was dog sitting him.
I believe Bandit was profiled because of his breed type, and without any regard for who the dog belonged to or how friendly he was,
he was just shot for breed discrimination.
This was an absurdly disgusting irresponsible act on the officer's part, and as far as we all know,
he has not received any reprimand due to his irresponsible actions.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could run a follow-up on this storyand what has become of Officer Scirpo if anything.
This is not something that can go unnoticed! If there is some sort of cover up, it's all the more reason it should be exposed.
An eye witness to the shooting has already been shut up by the Granby Police, and I find it hard to believe that the media was as well!
This could very well have been anyone's family pet, yours or mine.
My dogs are like my kids! I am utterly outraged that no one cares to cover this story and bring this cop to justice!"

Subj: Granby CT Cop Shoots Family's Pet Pitbull
Date: 4/30/2003
Dear Jody,
I thought you might like to post this story on your web site. Hopefully your wonderful visitors will INUNDATE Granby Town Hall & Police Department with letters of Protest.
This evening, Channel 61 WTIC-TV 10:00pm news did a report on the shameful shooting of a friendly pitbull by Granby cop, Frank Scirpo.
Lucia Zito was dog sitting a pitbull/ bulldog mix by the name of Bandit when she let him out into her back yard for a few
minutes while she was making dinner for her kids.
She heard three gun shots and went out to see what had happened, Granby Police "Officer" Frank Scirpo shot and killed Bandit.
The cop claimed that Bandit had been aggressive towards him. However, Lucia didn't even hear Bandit bark.
While Lucia was talking to "Officer" Scirpo, a motorist who witnessed the event stopped and asked why the cop had shot the dog.
When Lucia attempted to talk to the motorist, the police officers separated them and escorted the motorist from the scene.
Bandit was a friendly dog that may have barked at strangers, but would never have harmed anyone.
"Officer" Scirpo claims that he was responding to a complaint and that Bandit was aggressive, so he shot him.
This is not the first incident of this nature to have occurred in Granby that involves Granby Police indiscriminately shooting a dog that was someone's beloved pet.
Lucia Zito is trying to find the man who saw the incident so that she can bring out the truth about the whole incident
and force the Granby Police to take disciplinary action against "Officer" Scirpo. However, she is afraid that "Officer" Scirpo has intimidated the witness by hustling him off.
Granby Chief of Police is David Watkins.
Police phone number is 860-844-5335, fax number 860-653-2141.
Town Hall address is Granby Town Hall, 15 No. Granby Road, Granby, CT 06035.
If even a few people would send a letter or fax of protest to the Chief of Police or the Mayor, that would be absolutely wonderful.
As the owner of a pitbull who also lives in Connecticut, I feel that the prejudice that permits cops to shoot a dog based on it's
breed needs to be stopped here and now.
My thanks in advance for any help that you can lend to this situation.
(Name Withheld by



Juju receives a present from her Aunt Jody

Do you ever feel like you need to be repotted?
Well, this year I certainly did! This has been a rough year for everyone, not just for me or my family, but the entire world. I want to share with you the story of how a sequence of events changed our perspective on how to handle life's root bounding issues.
Several years ago, my brother, Mark Ebner, won The Genesis Award for animal rights. Several weeks after the Award Show, Mark turned up at my front door with Roxy and Poor Boy, his rescue pit bulls. "Hey Heidi" he said, "I am in hiding, figured I would come over and stay with you guys for a few days". Baby brother has been "in hiding" before but never shown up with two pit bulls at my door. They stayed, of course, and I grew to love my brother's big baby dogs. Roxy had a history of battering and was about as neurotic as my brother or visa versa...but Poor Boy was secure and friendly, not happy unless he was inside your mouth looking out! My husband, Dea and I spent a lot of time "baby-sitting". We took them for walks and to a BBQ, they were great companions and fun to be around..big lovey pit bulls and a lot of dog. We decided then, when we were ready, we would adopt a rescue pit.

Skip ahead to almost a year later, I am trying to organize scrap books for my sons and realized I didn't have a copy of "Pit Bullies" to add. So I emailed my brother: "Can you send me a copy of "Pit Bullies" for the boys scrapbook"? Mark: "oh yeah, let me see if I have a copy" Never heard back. Asked again "yeah yeah I will check and get right back to you" After about the third or fourth request, I searched for the article online copy became a mission....I pleaded and nagged. Me: "Bro your nephews want a copy!" Him: "oh yeah I forgot, let me see if I still have one"

During my online search...I literally stumbled upon the most amazing website,
I was completely taken by this labor of love! This site has issues lined up so you have no excuse to do nothing and say "I wish I could help" because she makes it as easy as an email link to send a note on issues of animal rights. I contacted her about this award winning story and how I couldn't get my brother to send me a copy. She became interested in finding the article to put on her Against Dog Fighting page, then went on an internet search and even contacted the Genesis Awards people, who said they did also did not have a copy. She emailed Mark and managed to do in just a couple of days what I couldn't get done in several months, get a copy of the article. It's posted in full on her site, please check it out.

The ball was rolling, it was the catalyst for Dea and I to say...what are we waiting for? We had not had a dog since our dear one died several years ago..things had been miserable, rereading Mark's article stimulated us to "do something". We needed a dog in this house! We fixed the fence and secured the yard, then contacted PBRC listed on Jody's webpage.

Dea and I have been married almost 25 years and this year had to have been the worst. Mid-life huge issues just little ones that had piled so high we could barely talk to each other. We had reached a wall that we could not seem to climb over. The time had come and we, without talking to each other, had started the adoption process with our letter to Anne at Seattle Purebred Rescue, the application was in...I was flirting with looking for an apartment...and not speaking to HIM..and he was not speaking to ME.

We got a call one night from Mary, who is the foster parent of a beautiful American Staffordshire, "you know I do not want to sway you, but you really need to see this dog, she sounds perfect for you!" We had requested a female dog a year old or more. She had to be good with people, kids visiting and other dogs. We set up a visit and the search stopped! Mary introduced us to a match made in heaven. "Penny" now known as "JuJube" was beside herself with joy at meeting us, she was not at all apprehensive or shy when meeting my husband and sons.(they are huge guys)....she just greeted us with a smile and then gave us a show of how wonderful she was over the next two hours on the living room floor. That was it. No more looking ....we all agreed and finished the adoption process.

We now are the proud family of this amazing girl. She is a mystery. Someone has spent a lot of time working with her. She is perfectly house broken and her behavior is wonderful although she has serious abandonment issues and separation anxiety! But we are working at that...she is still "a lot of dog," has not ever been abused that I can see or sense from her behavior.

She does have issues with cats and seems to just "NEEEEED TO HAVE THE KITTY!!!"
I have never seen a dog wail, sob and throw a tantrum like she does! Picture a 250 lb man carrying a 51 lb pit bull over his shoulder, crying and screaming into 'time out' when she can not chase a cat. (When she finally caught a stray in our back yard she just batted it, no aggression.) . This is all getting better with consistency.

To make a long story a bit shorter...when we brought her home she kept herding Dea and I together. When he went into another room she brought him back and was not happy unless the three of us were close. We forgot we were miserable, wounds healed and we talked a lot more. She does not like tension and helps us to stay calm and not snap at each other. The comfort and therapy we gain from having this snuggle pit in our lives has saved hundreds of dollars in therapy! (That and disconnecting the cable tv!) We did not "rescue" her, she "rescued" motives for having her in our home are totally selfish ones...I work as a nurse and care for others all day, when I get home she takes care of me!

After a week of her living with us, we had a tremendous tragedy, my son found a dear friend of ours dead in her home
and there are reasons things happen.

JuJu came into our lives, calmed us down and helped us prepare for an event that turned our lives upside down. She is just a dream and all I can say is I highly recommend adopting a dog from a rescue organization, it is far more long lasting and cost effective in the end. Thank you to all of you who work so hard at fighting for those who have no voices of their own... they can not vote or protest or email ...however we can, and have to continue for the cause... speaking of the cause...Here is an idea, lets get Mark in the fight again! His email is Let's ask him to please do another article on the cruelty of pit bull fighting, we need him to stir up some more attention, to use his talent for this cause. In the name of Jujube, Roxy, Poor Boy and all of the unfortunate dogs who were not, and will never be, rescued.
Hope this inspires
with love and peace to all of you,
and Jujube

Juju as bunny. Have you ever seen such sincerity?

Juju Update

Needless to say, I do not approve of animals wearing costumes, let alone vegetables on their heads, but look at how cute my niece is!
I love you, Juju!
I must also pass along this little story, just to let everyone know how Juju and her family are getting along. (I wouldn't want you to think they torture her constantly with bunny ears and pumpkin heads)
"JuJube and I were cuddled in bed....she snuggled up to me and pushed that big fat nose on my cheek while I was reading and stared at me, eyeball to eyeball, she would not move, she was just mashing her nose on my cheek and fixated on my eyeball, wagging her tail but keeping perfectly still...I could not do I describe this dog?????"
(Heidi, I wonder if this was before or after you put a pumpkin on her head?
Hmm..let me guess.....)


4/05/03: Nike Lies About Pulling Ad ...Nike is reporting that the ad with the dog fight spot has ended. But don't be fooled! The ad timed out of its previously scheduled airtime in some parts of the country, but in other areas, the ad is going strong. Emails to BAD RAP tell us that 'The Battle' is airing in Northwest Washington/Southwest British Columbia, with dog segment intact. Nike continues to ignore the thousands that wrote and phoned to complain. As of this writing, Nike has made no attempts to make ammends. Please join us in demanding that they donate part of the profits made from "The Battle" campaign to humane welfare education efforts. After weeks of exploiting these animals in the name of sneaker sales, its the very least they can do.

Action Alert! - "The Battle"
Nike Uses Violent Image of Dogs Facing Off to Sell Shoes
Oregon Ad Agency Wieden & Kennedy launched an ad campaign for Nike entitled "The Battle" which shows young men engaged in heated bball games on the courts. An attractive ad, 'til it flashes to a provocative image of a rottweiler and pit bull facing off, presumably getting ready to "Battle".
With abuses suffered against these dogs at an all time high, its no stretch to see that every young person who eyeballs this otherwise very enticing ad will be supported in believing that facing off dogs is as American as Apple Pie as Basketball as Nike sneakers. And who could blame the kids for being influenced? The ad is full of cool looking role models -- the kind any street kid would love to emulate.
Story and Source:
Downloadable Postcards and Nike's Address

Over The Edge
Nike commercial's dog-fighting imagery is offensive, not edgy.
"And why stop at urban culture and why stop at Nike? That company has set a standard for TV advertising that other companies are always trying to imitate. Why not just parade every available repulsive image across American TV screens to sell products?
How about an image of an older couple waking up in the middle of the night with soiled sheets? Depends.
Maybe images of nightclub fires for a Blockbuster campaign to convince people to stay home on Friday nights and rent videos instead of going out.
How about we just cultivate every available taboo and parade them on TV to sell products to children? How about we have no sense of restraint in the brandishing of images? How about we just have no clue about how disgusting dog fighting is and how demeaning it is to connect it to legitimate consumer goods and to show that it's all just a part of American urban street culture -- like it's rap or double-dutching."
Chris Rose
The Times-Picayune
February 25, 2003

BAD RAP's Latest Pit Bull Related Happenings.


Email: 2/28/03 Deadline - Illinois Pit Bull Case
Forget the deadline, write anyway!
Lake County Courthouse and Administrative Complex
18 N. County Street
Waukegan, IL 60085-4351
Phone: 847.377.2000

Maximum penalty for Arthur Mitsias and Jason Mitsias
To Whom It May Concern:
The following letter accurately expresses my views regarding this issue.
I am writing in reference to Jason Mitsias and his father, Arthur Mitsias, who are charged with animal cruelty and suspected of running a pit bull training facility.
When deputies raided the property of Jason and Arthur Mitsias, they discovered 16 injured, dehydrated and malnourished pit bulls chained to stakes, some with apparent fighting wounds stapled closed. Police found several areas believed to be small fighting rings and equipment used to train the dogs to fight. Social scientists and law enforcement officials have identified animal abuse as a symptom of emotional illness and a precursor to violent crimes against human beings. As a society, we must call a halt to the acceptance of cruelty to animals and enforce a policy of harsh punishment for these crimes. To allow individuals guilty of perpetrating such cruel acts to go unpunished or not sufficiently punished would be to sanction these horrific crimes. I encourage you to prosecute these offenders to the fullest extent of the law.
Thank you in advance for your efforts regarding this very serious matter.


Officials Allow Alleged Dogfighter to Regain Custody of Pit Bulls
Last November, undercover agents in Creek County, Oklahoma, discovered a dogfighting pit on James Fiarris’ property. News media reported that officials seized 30 pit bulls from the property and charged Fiarris with 53 felony counts. Now, unbelievably, officials recently returned the dogs to Fiarris! Please contact officials and urge them to stop this transfer. Tell them that you realize that the dogs may be euthanized if they are placed in the county’s custody but that even a painless, humane death is preferable to death in a dogfight.
Source: PETA
Please go here and write letters, send emails, protest.


Man Jailed for Dog Fighting
Schenectady, NY resident Thomas Provencher, who pled guilty last month to running a pet store that served as a front for dog fighting, has been imprisoned for a term of from 2 1/3 to seven years.
Associated Press 1/23/03


A major dogfighting bust in Creek County, Okla. has resulted in the confiscation of firearms, illegal drugs, and dogfighting equipment-- but not of the 53 dogs, many of them injured, who were used and abused in illegal dogfighting tournaments. Instead, while the dogfighting case is pending, the dogs remain on the property and at the mercy of the people who abused them in the first place. Creek County law enforcement officials say that the case against James and Jeanne Fiarris is the first time the felony dogfighting law has been applied in the county since it was enacted in 1961. Citizens are grateful that these charges have been brought in a gruesome case of animal fighting. However, in order to prevent the dogs from being sold off to other dog fighters (fighting dogs can go for several thousand dollars in underground fighting circles), it is imperative that the Creek County District Attorney’s Office act now to get a court order to protect the dogs while the case is being prosecuted.
Contact the Creek County District Attorney regarding the case against James and Jeanne Fiarris. Let him know that dogfighting has dangerous implications for his community and that you expect a full and aggressive prosecution. Also please stress the additional importance of making sure that the true victims in this case—the scores of mistreated pit bull dogs -- are not sold to other dogfighters, completely undermining the intent of Oklahoma’s dogfighting law.
Mr. Max Cook
Creek County District Attorney
222 E Dewey Rm 302
Sapulpa, OK 74066
Phone: 918-224-3921
Fax: 918-227-6346
Source: HSUS


As a result of his investigations of animal cruelty in 1996, Mark Ebner won the Genesis Award for his syndicated newspaper article "PIT BULLIES" presents this article, in its entirety, with the permission of the author.


A Very Brief History
There are several types of dogs commonly called pit bulls. Primarily, these are the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. All come from the same line, a United Kingdom-bred dog that came along in the late 1800s. The lines diverged when the dogs began to be imported into the United States and used for purposes different from their United Kingdom cousins, mainly as watchdogs in America (in the United Kingdom they were bred to bait bulls, and later to be catch dogs for butchers or ranchers). Pit bulls tend to be rangier; AmStaffs tend to be shorter, heavier/stockier with straighter legs. There are probably as many people who believe the two are different breeds as there are those who believe they are the same.
Gameness refers to the willingness of a dog to continue a given task regardless of the circumstances. It does not refer to aggression. Because they are a very "game" breed, more pit bulls are being used in search-and- rescue missions.

The American Pit Bull Terrier was once considered a family pet.
During World War I, an APBT was used to represent the United States on a propaganda poster.
WW1 Poster           Petey the Pit Bull
During the 1930's and 40's, every kid who watched the Lil' Rascals wanted a dog just like "Pete the pup" who was an APBT.
(Before Petey starred with the Lil' Rascals, he was Buster Brown's dog Tige)

Helen Keller had one. So did Fred Astaire.
"The subject is Pit Bulls, the guests of honor at a Pit Bull Reunion Day at the shelter. Wagging tails, licking faces, rolling on their backs to be petted — these friendly, intelligent dogs were the absolute antithesis of the stereotype that persists about them.
Elmsford Animal Shelter

Some recent updates 10/26/2002:
We’ve begun our Pit bull Education classes at the Berkeley Animal Shelter – Free to all. Its very inspiring to see so many pit bulls (including retired fighting dogs) showing good manners and beautifully managed around other pit bulls by (new) responsible owners! Next project on our plates is the newly forming weight pull team. We’ve found our practice site and are buying equipment. This club will be designed to teach responsible ownership and offer a healthy outlet for young people and their pit bulls. Again, thank you for your online support as well as your donation. We couldn’t begin to do this work without people like you to hold us up.
Kind regards,
P.O. Box 320776
San Francisco, CA


8/9/02  Hope is so very pretty and seems to be getting along fine after her leg amputation surgery.

Florida Boxer Rescue Inc.
Who is she? She is the little Boxer girl used as "bait" in the Pit Bull dog fighting circuit of northern Florida. Now in our rescue program, she has a long and painful recovery. Pit Bull Fighting Rings are an EPIDEMIC in our country. They are not confined to northern Florida, but can be found in virtually any large, urban city across the U.S.! Why should you care? All people and their pets are at risk because dog fighting activities in your community are associated with gangs, violence, gambling, illegal weapons and drugs! These "organizations" obtain "bait" dogs by stealing pets from their yards and by answering FREE TO GOOD HOME advertisements.

Bred to Die
Bill Goldberg knows something about dogs. He used to play football for the University of Georgia Bulldogs. Now, he's a world-known wrestler. Yet one of his biggest passions involves rescuing dogs from what he calls the "insanity of dogfighting." Goldberg has testified before Congress asking for tougher animal abuse legislation. He told us he'd like to find dogfighters "one by one and take them into a ring against their will and show them how it really feels." He says entertainers like DMX are wrong to use dogfighting as a selling point for their music.

Animal Cruelty Case Report
Date: 03/15/2002
Case Status: Convicted
Accused Abuser
Earl Simmons
Rapper DMX has to speak against animal cruelty
Associated Press
Rapper DMX will lend his voice to public service announcements against animal abuse as part of his sentence for animal cruelty. DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, will make the radio announcements for the Humane Society of the United States. He also will pay production costs estimated at $20,000 under the sentence imposed Friday by state Superior Court Judge Donald R. Venezia.Simmons also must give $15,000 to the Bergen County chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which is to use the money for printed materials, Gavzy said. The Humane Society also may use his image on posters.
Read More @ Pet

Rappers Promote Pit Bull Breeding currently features a despicable video segment about Outkast rapper Big Boi’s pit bull breeding farm, “Pitt Falls.” If Big Boi’s “special lesson in pit bulls” doesn’t shock you, the narrator will when he claims that fellow rapper DMX and others “love their pit bulls like family.” Last year, DMX pleaded guilty to 13 counts of animal cruelty for keeping 13 pit bulls, most of them in cages or crates, in his garage and basement, which were filled with feces and flies and reeked of urine. Although Big Boi tries to come off as a doting dad while showing off his “top-producing bitches,” it’s obvious that he thinks of them as nothing more than puppy machines. They are hooked to a fence with short, heavy chains and sit on concrete with no food, water, or shade in sight. Their ears are cut almost down to the bone—the “fighting crop”—to prevent dogs’ ears from being bitten off in fights. “We take care of our animals,” says Big Boi, pointing to the row of cages that he calls the “Courtyard Marriott in the woods.” When the narrator asks about the breed’s “bad rap,” Big Boi responds, “Poodles bite more than pit bulls on a yearly basis”—a claim belied by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that reveals “pit bull-type dogs were involved in approximately a third of human DBRF (dog bite-related fatalities)” over a 12-year period.
Please take MTV to task for promoting the breeding of pit bulls and, by association, dogfighting. Contact:
Jane Sangster, Executive Producer
MTV News
1515 Broadway, 23rd Fl.
New York, NY 10036-8901
Tel.: 212-258-8830
Fax: 212-258-8844
I would like to know how to send mail to this rapper, he is the one who should be taken to task. Shame on him for promoting such violence and disregard for life. And for letting children think this is an admirable thing to do. Do you realize what a horrible thing this is? People who admire this idiot will now want to own one of his dogs, (second hand glory.)
People like this make me sick..have they ever tried doing something constructive for mankind? No, that would not be rewarding....

"Pit bulls aren't naturally bad. But some pit bull owners are. They are the ones who train dogs to be mean and vicious. They're the ones who allow dogs to be ripped to shreds in training bouts and dog fights. And they're the ones who need to be punished — not the dogs."

Corinne Dowling
San Francisco Woman Creates Support Group for Aggressive Dogs in Custody
Katherine Seligman, Chronicle Staff
The sound of barking ricochets off the bare concrete walls, with menacing yaps and staccato howls all jumbled together. Add to that the acrid smell of dogs confined all day in 4-by-10-foot cages. This is the custody wing at the Department of Animal Care and Control. Its canine inmates have attacked humans or other dogs. They have been abused, bred for fighting or dumped.
Give a Dog a Bone ~ Article @ Animal Farm
Whether or not you have care and custody dogs, much can be learned and applied from Corinne's inspired work. Corinne implements a host of innovative programs that can assist No-Kill shelters. In addition to basic exercise and mental stimulation activities, Corinne has some unique ideas to share. To learn more about the Give a Dog a Bone program, Email Corinne Dowling

"Of all the things we do with these animals,
we've learned that what they want most is us"
~Corinne Dowling

Jamal Modica
One Young Man
Strives to Change the Way Pit Bulls are Raised in Bayview.
"What I'm trying to do is educate the young brothers about backyard breeding. I want to create some positive activities and competitions they can involve their dogs in. They don't know the half of what their dogs are capable of."
Giving Pit Bulls a Better Rep
By Nina Wu
Pit bulls are 28-year-old Jamal Modica's newfound passion -- so much that he hopes to change the lives of youth in Bayview Hunters-Point by founding the Tough House American Pit Bull Club.
Read More @ DDK's APBT Forum
Tough House American Pit Bull Club
Outreach Project

E Mail:

Bay Area People Responsible About PITBULLS
Mission: To Educate and Influence:
"Through educational outreach and events, we hope to help inspire a better understanding and appreciation of the breed, to dispel damaging myths about the breed, to encourage responsible ownership practices, and to offer practical adoption policy solutions to help pit bull adopters make smart adoption decisions."
DEDICATION: This site is dedicated to all the unwanted bullydogs who continue to be brave and loving, even while waiting to be loved.

Cesar Millan
Dog Whisperer
Los Angeles, CA   “There are no killer dogs!” cites Cesar Millan, a noted “dog whisperer” who has operated the Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles for the past eight years. Millan, who specializes in caring for dogs noted for their strong and dominant breed, such as Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and German Shepherds, contends that dogs are not born killers, nor do they choose to be killers. He asserts that what we are seeing in the news with the recent rash of canine violence, is the tragic outcome to humans who own, but do not know how to properly fulfill the needs of man’s best friend. Millan does not employ the popular “choke chain” method used by most trainers. His holistic approach toward dealing with the animal has astounded and amazed more than a few. Unique to Millan’s methodology is his “Power of the Pack” mentality. Most dog psychologist relate with one dog at a time, whereas Millan teaches in packs. Incredibly, he socializes all-male packs of Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and German Shepherds to live together harmoniously. “We can prevent dog attacks by understanding dog psychology. Dog owners, the public and especially the professionals charged with issues of public safety, can definitely learn to live harmoniously with canines through proper care and communication with the animal. I have proven that this is indeed true,” asserts Millan.    To reach Cesar Millan at the Dog Psychology Center of LA call 323-235-3431
San Francisco Examiner   03/03/2002
When Dogs In Charge, Humans Need Beware
Dog Whisperer

Blood Sport
Sunnyvale, CA is the only municipality to devote a police unit to animal control, unlike other cities in the county. A spate of dogfighting arrests illuminates the dark underside of north Sunnyvale, where gang members, crank dealers and other model citizens engage in the cruelest of sports.

grape vine

"It's not a Rottweiler problem or a pit bull problem," said Randall Lockwood, the Humane Society's vice president for research and educational outreach.

Rottweiler pup

"It's a people problem."

Animal Farm Foundation, Inc.
Animal Farm Foundation's mission is to return The AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER to his rightful image and to protect him from discrimination and cruelty. We are a not-for-profit corporation, and have been in operation since the mid 1980's. We now dedicate our resources, both as a shelter and as a granting organization, to the plight of the American Pit Bull Terrier. We know it is possible to successfully shelter and rehome significantly larger numbers of these dogs.
Animal Farm Foundation, Inc.    PO Box 624
Bangall, NY 12506


Pit Bulls, Fact, Fiction
Source: SF/SPCA


City and County of San Francisco
Animal Welfare and Control Commission


PitBull Friendly Rescue Organizations
"On this site is a listing of rescue organizations and Pit Bull-friendly shelters in North America. If you have found a Pit Bull or AmStaff and need assistance, you can contact the organizations in your region. Note that most of them are probably full, but they may be able to direct you to other local resources. Often, the dog's best chance is with you fostering him until a suitable home can be found."


Pit Bulls on the Web


Pit Prints Pit Bull Rescue/Rehabilitation
was established to rescue and rehabilitate unwanted and physically and/or mentally injured "Pit Bulls" (for clarification, the Pit Bull is NOT a breed of dog, but a term that characterizes several breeds of dog: The American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Bulldog), and other breeds that are misunderstood by society including the Rottweiler, Presa Canario, Neapolitan Mastiff, Cane Corso, and Tosa Inu.
Breed Info


Pit Bull Project
"A non-profit organization dedicated to placing adoptable American Pit Bull and American Staffordshire Terriers in suitable homes; educating the public about the selection, care, and training of these breeds; promoting responsible ownership practices by providing rescue and training resources."
Pit Bull Project
5044 Wilson Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98118

PitBull Rescue


Villalobos Rescue Center
"Villalobos Rescue Center is a rescue, rehabilitation and placement facility for abused and abandoned Pit Bulls. Here nestled in the hills of the high desert, those who have suffered in silence will never hear another gun shot or the siren of a pursuing police car. Every night they will fall asleep to the yipping of coyotes and the soothing hoot of the owl. They are safe and content. The only thing missing is a home of their own. Please help us to help them."
P.O. Box 1544, Canyon Country, CA 91386
(661) 268-0555


Working Pit Bulls
Diane Jessup's Informational Pit Bull Site
offering common sense information about the pit bulldog.
"This is an informational site. I do not sell dogs.
I consider myself an ethical person and the huge surplus of unwanted pit bulls needing homes right now precludes me from adding more to the problem.
I support the adoption of rescue dogs."
Diane Jessup


Pet Pitbull E-cards



Presa Canario

I believe that Hera & Bane are responsible for most of the publicity,
good and bad,
that now surrounds pit bulls.
Rest in Peace...

Finally Free
Hera, whose nickname was Pupness,
was taken from a very abusive situation,
as a puppy she was tied to a tree, left out in the elements and beaten.


Jan 30, 2002 Wednesday
Hera was put to sleep this afternoon.
Goodbye Pupness, you are finally free.

Bane, happy at home
For a short while, Hera and Bain were able to enjoy a good life.

Calif. Court OKs Destruction of Hera
January 17, 2002
California's highest court has cleared the way for the destruction of the second of two dogs,
this one was being held as "evidence". The state Supreme Court refused to grant a reprieve Wednesday to the dog,
a Presa Canario named Hera that has been in city custody since the attack, just about one year.
The other dog, named Bane, was primarily responsible for the mauling and was put to death immediately after the attack.
A hearing officer determined Hera was dangerous and ordered she be destroyed.
An animal rights lawyer challenged the decision and was supported by the couple who kept the dogs,
Robert Noel and Marjorie Knoller.
An activist who has pushed for the appeal -- raising $275 for a fund -- was saddened to learn of the dog's fate
and said she wanted to make sure the dog had a proper burial.
''Hera will be taken care of privately, by people who care for her, and she will be cremated," said Anna Perla Aureoles.
The date of Hera's lethal injection is, as yet, unknown.



Hera has been kept in a 10-by-5-foot cage at a shelter since Jan. 26, 2001, handlers avoid touching her.
They stick to a routine aimed at controlling the dog's behavior. No one is allowed in to see her. She has been imprisoned & isolated for almost a year,
they treat her like crap, her family is gone, no one can adopt her,
she is NOT evidence, she needs to be put to sleep. No animal deserves this treatment.
Bane was put to sleep immediately, she still suffers. Remember..Please..Animals are Innocent.....Always.
Wednesday, January 30, 2002
Second dog involved in Whipple attack is executed

"Dear Jody:
The attorney who was working on this case asked me to contact you since you were concerned about Hera,
the dog involved in the Diane Whipple case.
Hera is still being held at Animal Care and Control in a cell 24/7.
The State Supreme Court is keeping her alive for now, and the attorney is no longer working on this case.
I don't know how you feel about the vicious dog hearings but if you feel that Hera did not get a fair hearing please
speak out against these hearings. We need to change how animals are being treated.
Thank you for caring for Hera."

January 16, 2002
The trial is finally starting up again, Hera is still in prison,
no chance of getting her put to sleep until the judge is damn good and ready to 'release' her.
The only thing that can be done now is to donate to her cremation fund.
Treating animals this way makes me sick, I'm sorry Hera, we failed.
Animals are Innocent, Always


For Rhonitz, my Grand Doggy
Since I don't have a picture of Rhonitz,
here is a picture of one of his favorite things, a tennis ball.
He chewed them like gum, he could hold three at a time,
one in his throat.
We would sit across from each other on the living room floor, me sitting, Rhonitz laying flat on his belly.
I would gently bounce the ball to him, (after all, we were in the house.)
Every time he caught it, he would inch closer to me. After a few minutes he was right in front of me.
We would both scoot backwards to our original positions and start again.
Outside, Rhonitz would chew on pine cones or grab the rope hung from the tree and swing and swing.

A tennis ball, Rhonitz' favorite thing in the whole world
My Grand Dog, an Amstaff,
Poisoned In His Own Back Yard During An "All Pit Bulls Are Bad" Scare
~Rest In Peace Rhony~
Never Forgotten.
I love you, Gammy Jody

After all these years a friend sent me several pictures of Rhonitz.



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