Horse Lovers in Illinois
All Other Horse Lovers in the U.S. 
We're down to the wire on the Illinois bill that seeks to ban horse slaughter. The vote in the State House on S.B. 1921 may be held this Wednesday (March 24, 2004) or soon thereafter.
This is your last chance to make a difference in saving the lives of 100 horses a day destined for slaughter. If S.B. 1921 is voted into law by the Illinois legislature, horse slaughter will be illegal in that state.
The state representatives below are the best ones to call or email at this time. Make the ones in BOLD letters your top priority. If you want to know which representatives are "no" or "undecided" and which ones are a "soft yes" or could become co-sponsors of the bill, write to me and ask. Since you do not know how each individual legislator stands on this subject, please make sure your commucation to them doesn't sound like you are assuming they are for or against the bill. Please be polite and kind, otherwise we risk turning them against this cause!    
If S.B. 1921 fails, the rebuilt slaughter plant in DeKalb, IL, will remain a legitimate business. As you know, it's due to open its doors any day now. SO PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO ALL YOUR ANIMAL-LOVING FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS (ESPECIALLY IN ILLINOIS).
EMAILING: If you can't make calls, please email as many of the legislators as possible.You can email in groups (though legislators with AOL accounts should be emailed separately, with no more than 9 AOL addresses to a group). 
CALLING MONDAY 3/22: If you have time to call during business hours Monday, call the district office (#s in red). That is the preferred calling day.
CALLING TUESDAY 3/23 OR WED A.M. 3/24: If you have time to call during business hours Tuesday or the morning of Wednesday, the legislators will be in the State Capitol offices in Springfield (#s in purple).   
CALLING WED AFT. +: If you want to call Wednesday afternoon or Thursday or Friday but you do not know whether the vote was taken Wed 3/24, email me or call one of the numbers below and ask first.
Note: Be sure to say or write your full name and full address. If you don't, your call or email will be disregarded. 
Example: "I would like you to vote YES on S.B. 1921. Here is why (fill in your words). My name is Joe Jones. I live at 233 Pine Rock St., Naperville, Illinois. My phone number is 222-333-4444." 
PARTY  DISTRICT               REP'S NAME                            E-MAIL                           3/22 CALLS       3/23+ CALLS
REPUB   52-Wauconda      Rep. Mark Beaubein      847-487-4242     217-782-1517        
REPUB   41-Elmhurst          Rep. Robert Biggins            630-941-1278      217-782-6578        
REPUB   104-Danville         Rep. William Black        217-431-1986      217-782-4811        
DEM       71-Moline              Rep. Mike Boland        309-736-3360       217-782-3992        
REPUB  115-Carbondale     Rep. Mike Bost      618-457-5787       217-782-0387
REPUB   117-Marion            Rep. John Bradley       618-997-9697       217-782-1051        
REPUB  88-Bloomington      Rep. Dan Brady           309-827-8303       217-782-1118
REPUB   100-Springfield      Rep. Rich Brauer    217-782-0053       217-782-0053       
REPUB   84-Yorkville         Rep. Tom Cross                  630-553-0000       217-782-1331         
REPUB  105-Onarge           Rep. Shane Cultra                  no e-mail                            815-268-4090       217-558-1039   
REPUB  46-Elmhurst          Rep. Lee Daniels          630-530-2700       217-782-4014    
REPUB   96-Naperville         Rep. Joe Dunn                       630-355-4113       217-782-6507        
REPUB 109-Hutsonville       Rep. Roger Eddy                      618-563-4128       217-558-1040           
DEM     101-Decatur           Rep. Bob Flider                217-428-2708       217-782-8398        
DEM     63-Woodstock        Rep. Jack Franks                     815-334-0063       217-782-1717   
REPUB 56-Schaumburg    Rep. Paul Froehlich     847-985-9210       217-782-3725     
DEM      8-Chicago              Rep. Calvin Giles             773-287-3804       217-782-5962         
DEM    18-Effingham           Rep. Bill Grunloh                   217-342-2353       217-782-2087        
REPUB  85-Romeoville     Rep. Brent Hassert           630-739-7063       217-782-4179        
DEM   113-Belleville           Rep. Thomas Holbrook     618-394-2211       217-782-0104        
DEM     34-Chicago           Rep. Constance Howard                773-783-8800       217-782-6476        
REPUB   95                      Rep. Randall Hultgren                630-221-0040       217-782-1653        
DEM     103                      Rep. Naomi Jakobsson      217-373-5000       217-558-1009       
DEM       67                      Rep. Charles Jefferson       815-987-7766       217-782-3167       
REPUB   81                      Rep. Renee Kosel                             708-479-4200       217-782-0424  
REPUB  66-Mt Prospect   Rep. Carolyn Krause            847-255-3100       217-782-3739
REPUB  73-Peoria             Rep. David Leitch                            no e-mail                      309-685-3900        217-782-8108       
REPUB  50-Sugar Grove   Rep. Patricia Lindner               630-466-9791        217-782-1486        
REPUB  80-LaGrange       Rep. Eileen Lyons            708-352-7700        217-782-0494       
REPUB  53-Arlington Hgts  Rep. Sidney Mathias       847-955-0612        217-782-1664 
REPUB  20-Chicago          Rep. Michael McAuliffe       773-792-0749        217-782-8182      
DEM     1-Chicago             Rep. Susana Mendoza              773-277-7711       217-782-7752       
REPUB  48-Bolingbrook     Rep. James Meyer                        630-759-3465       217-782-8087       
REPUB  87-Forsyth          Rep. Bill Mitchell                  217-876-1968       217-782-8163       
REPUB  90-Rock Falls      Rep. Jerry Mitchell                      815-625-0820      217-782-0535       
REPUB  74-Galesburg       Rep. Donald Moffitt                          309-343-8000       217-782-8032          
REPUB  65-Des Plaines    Rep. Rosemary Mulligan           847-297-6533       217-782-8007
REPUB  43-Elgin              Rep. Ruth Munson   847-622-1048       217-782-8020       
REPUB  94-Macomb         Rep. Richard Myers              309-836-2707       217-782-0416      
REPUB  61-Antioch          Rep. JoAnn Osmond                847-838-6200       217-782-8151
REPUB 45-Roselle           Rep. Carole Pankau              630-582-0390       217-782-8158      
REPUB  44-Schaumburg  Rep. Terry Parke             847-882-0270       217-782-0347
DEM    118-Harrisburg       Rep. Brandon Phelps        618-253-4189       217-782-5131       
REPUB 42-Glen Ellyn        Rep. Sandra Pihos      630-858-8855      217-782-8037
REPUB  99-Springfield       Rep. Raymond Poe       217-782-0044      217-782-0044       
REPUB  70-Sycamore (DeKalb) Rep. Robert Pritchard 815-748-3494      217-782-0425       
DEM    116-Sparta            Rep. Dan Reitz                           618-443-5757      217-782-1018        
REPUB 110-Charleston     Rep. Chapin Rose                   217-348-7673      217-558-1006        
REPUB  89-Freeport         Rep. Jim Sacia                            815-232-0774      217-782-8186        
REPUB  77-River Grove     Rep. Skip Saviano                           708-453-7547      217-782-3374        
REPUB  49-Geneva        Rep. Timothy Schmitz        630-845-9590      217-782-5457        
DEM      91-Canton           Rep. Michael Smith                             309-647-7479      217-782-8152         
REPUB 106-Morton          Rep. Keith Sommer                          309-263-9242      217-782-0221         
DEM       4-Chicago          Rep. Cynthia Soto                 773-252-0402      217-782-0150         
REPUB 102-Troy              Rep. Ron Stephens                         618-667-0110      217-782-6401        
REPUB 51-Mundelein     Rep. Ed Sullivan Jr.           847-566-0833       217-782-3696 
REPUB  93-Quincy          Rep. Arthur Tenhouse                   217-223-0833      217-782-8096          
DEM    72-Rock Island     Rep. Pat Verschoore             309-793-4716      217-782-5970          
REPUB  69-Belvidere       Rep. Ron Wait                                   815-547-7771      217-782-0548          
REPUB  68-Rockford      Rep. David Winters                    815-282-0083     217-782-0455          
DEM    114-St Louis        Rep. Wyvetter Younge          618-875-1691     217-782-5951   
Depending on the outcome of the Illinois House of Representatives' vote, we may ask you to call Illinois State Senators next, if you would be so kind. 
Thank you for taking your valuable time to save our valuable horses.