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Sled Dog Action Coalition

"He kicked the dog in the head and it screamed in pain and again in the head and then carefully,
aimed carefully and with great force, in the side just to the rear of the rib cage.
The dog's screams had gone on all this time but with the last kick - the blow must have almost literally exploded the dog's liver -
the dog fell back and grew still and it was all over...."


Take a Stand Against the Savage Cruelty of the Dog Sledding Industry
Targeting: Sponsors of the 2011 Iditarod
Started by: Animal Legal Defense Fund
To many of us, the most familiar face of the sled dog industry is Alaska's Iditarod,
an annual race in which teams of dogs are forced to pull a sled 1,100 miles across the Alaska wilderness,
often running at a grueling pace of over 100 miles per day for ten straight days.
The race has become a big money maker, bringing tourists and sponsors to Alaska.
The Alaska media and the "mushers" seem to glory in the race, but animal protectionists and advocates see a different side of this so-called "fun" event.
To us, it is yet another way that human beings amuse themselves and make big money abusing and exploiting animals.
Since the race began in 1973, over 130 dogs have died during the event.
We don't know how many dogs have died during training or immediately after the event,
because no one is keeping statistics.
Causes of death have included heart attacks, drowning, hemorrhaging after being impaled on a sled,
muscular arrest and strangulation.
There are multiple claims that dogs have been beaten during the race when they were too tired or otherwise unwilling to continue running.
And, there are many examples of dogs suffering injuries, exhaustion and other illnesses.
Alaska's anti-cruelty law specifically exempts "generally accepted dog mushing or pulling contests" from the protections given to other animals in Alaska.
It should also be noted that in ALDF's 2010 State Rankings Report, Alaska's anti-cruelty law ranked in the bottom tier.
No surprise there!
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