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Against Animal Cruelty

A Gateway to Animal Issues

To people who are against animal cruelty
Please take a moment to write a letter, send an email,
sign a petition, help an animal, donate to a cause, (even one dollar helps),
put out a bowl of water, invest in a birdfeeder, let the weeds grow, learn more.
Only then will these pages have value.
Please get involved.

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Updated May 21, 2011

You must teach your children that the ground beneath their feet is the ashes of your grandfathers. So that they will respect the land, tell your children that the earth is rich with the lives of our kin. Teach your children what we have taught our children, that the earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves.
-- Seattle, Chief of the Duwamish, Suquamish and allied Indian tribes,
Letter to President Franklin Pierce, 1854

Guide to Animal Rights
The term "animal rights" is often used loosely and widely, the meaning constantly altering with context and whoever is wielding it.
The technical definition of “animal rights” is built on certain principles:
The difference between animals and humans is not morally relevant
There is a moral obligation to ensure animals are not exploited and are given the same right to a pain-free, safe existence as afforded to human beings.
An animal’s ability to feel pain should not be taken any less seriously because they are not human.
The argument that an animal is intellectually or cognitively inferior and hence should not be accorded the same moral principles does not justify
causing an animal pain as the capacity to feel pain is not relevant to intellectual limitations.
Simply put, a human being with a low IQ or mental disadvantage feels the same amount of pain as a high functioning human being; hence this argument for discrimination cannot be used.
A similar rationale is used against “might is right”. There is no moral justification for the stronger being to overpower the weaker one just because they can: in the human or animal world.
Research reveals that animals have similar complex life systems as human beings, physiologically and psychologically.
They feel varying levels of pain, they have a drive to reproduce;
their body develops and declines like human beings and they possess similar nervous systems.
Similarly, they form functional social units. Animals have the intellectual capability to learn things, they have an inherent need for safety - for themselves,
their younger ones and their social units - animals form bonds with their own and other beings,
they have a need for companionship, they possess the ability to feel psychological pain and the ability to form emotional connections.
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Hey Teachers, Looking for a Few Good Books?
ASPCA Paw Prints to Learning
will help introduce your students to great reads
that model humane behavior.


June 2007
At the end of each month publishes an e-magazine entitled "Animals Through The World"
dealing with a range of campaigns concerning global animal abuse.
To be added to the mailing list, please send an e-mail to
with "subscribe me" as the subject.

Click here to go to ongoing campaigns..Warning: Extreme Cruelty


ASPCA Animal Cruelty Pocket Cards


Vegetarian, Animal, Conservation & Environmental Groups
World Directory
Submit Your Group
UK & Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia & NZ, Europe
Africa, Asia,Central/South America, Others


Animal Aid is the UK's largest animal rights group and one of the longest established in the world, having been founded in 1977.
We campaign peacefully against all forms of animal abuse and promote a cruelty-free lifestyle.
We investigate and expose animal cruelty, and our undercover investigations and other evidence are often used by the media,
bringing these issues to public attention.


Symbio's Non-Toxic Pest Management


World Animal Net
is the world's largest network of animal protection societies with over 2,000 affiliates in more than 100 countries
working to improve the status and welfare of animals.

" allows users to access its numerous features directly from the home page or through subsequent search pages.
Some of's features link users directly to state or federal host sites to receive the most current and authoritative information available. Other features, such as model laws and case law digests, are produced through the International Institute for Animal Law and are posted directly on the site."
"Pet-Abuse.Com is happy to announce that the Animal Abuser name search is not only back, but better than ever. You can now do phonetic searches on abuser names that will show the abusers last known location (when available), as well as a listing of crimes they are associated with."
"There are 656 total cases listed in this database." (As of Feb. 10, 2002) "If you register with Pet-Abuse.Com, you will be e-mailed when new updates are posted about the cases you choose to monitor. You may also do a search on abuser names from the 619 abusers in the database."

Please read and sign the
Animal Legal Defense Fund

Identify and Contact Your Federal and State
Elected Officials
Find and Contact National and Local
A registered 501(c)(3), provides Internet solutions at a low-cost in an effort to help non-profit animal rescue and placement organizations end the plight of homeless animals. These solutions include pre-built Internet web sites, e-mail and other services to assist spay/neuter and adoption programs, help distribute educational material, and help volunteers and organizations work together.


"I occasionally meet well-meaning people who say they care about humans but not about animals.
They mistakenly believe that concern for animals ignores the many human problems that need attention.
Such thinking reveals a serious disconnect, since humans are a part of nature,
not apart from it."
Paul G. Irwin
President, CEO, The Humane Society of the United States


"To leave the world a bit better...
To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived...
This is to have succeeded."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everything Environmental
Free Donations, Free Puzzles, Free E-Cards, Cell Phone Recycling, Fun Stuff
Rainforests, Rainforest Tours, Rainforest Facts, Tropical Rainforest, Amazon Rainforest, Rainforest Animals, Rainforest Pictures, Forest Destruction, Save Rainforest, Rainforest Links
Green Services, Natural Products, Organic Food & Wine, Eco-Travel, Wildlife, Natural Health, Socially Responsible, Nature Books, Natural Living

Links For Kids & Teens
in no particular order

The Green Squad
teaches kids about the relationship between their schools and environmental and health issues.
The site is designed primarily for students in fifth through eighth grade, but also offers information for younger and older students as well as parents and teachers.
The Green Squad is a project of NRDC, the Natural Resources Defense Council,
a national environmental group with more than 500,000 members, and the Healthy Schools Network,
an organization that works to protect children's environmental health in schools.

The Little Animals Activity Centre
brought to you by the BBC
has a wide range of activities for 4 to 8 year olds, including stories, math, music,
games, jokes, riddles, things to make & more.
(I had a great time here.)
About the Site
Activity Overview
Curriculum Relevance:
The Little Animals site covers speaking, listening, reading, numeracy and science skills.
(EN1) Speaking and listening breadth of study
(9c) Listening, recordings.
(En2) Reading strategies, phonemic awareness and phonic knowledge
(1a) hear, identify, segment and blend phonemes in words
(Ma2) Number and algebra
Using and applying numbers
(1e) Pupils should be taught to: use the correct language, symbols and vocabulary associated with number and data. Calculations
(3a) understand addition and use related vocabulary; recognise that addition can be done in any order; understand subtraction as both 'take away' and 'difference' and use the related vocabulary; recognise that subtraction is the inverse of addition; give the subtraction corresponding to an addition and vice versa; use the symbol '=' to represent equality; solve simple missing number problems [for example, 6 = 2 + ].
(Sc3) Materials and their properties
Changing materials (2b) Pupils should be taught to: explore and describe the way some everyday materials [for example, water, chocolate, bread, clay] change when they are heated or cooled.

Are you mad about elephants? Do you adore dolphins and think tigers are terrific?
Welcome to Born Free, Kids Go Wild!
the place where kids can get into animals and go wild!

Against Dissection
More and more students, from elementary school to veterinary and medical school,
are taking a stand against dissection before it happens in their classes.

"There is nothing more important to ANIMALS than to have a wild place to live where they can eat, drink, sleep, and raise their babies. You can help create and support this place"

ASPCA's Animaland For Kids


Cartoons, Pet Care, Poster Contest, Careers,
Animal ABC's, Games & More

is an extensive web site featuring seven animated guardians who empower children to become protectors of the Earth, is the exciting destination for children to click and learn from. The EcoPals site has 1,200 pages including 21 interactive games that teach children about the environment.
Learning Objectives

"Our mission will be accomplished by providing web content and interactivity which:
Awakens young visitor's imaginations and cultivates their connection with the natural world."
Demonstrates simple and effective ways to protect the environment and its inhabitants.
Illustrates that human practices and choices affect the well-being of our planet.
Inspires young visitors to make their own connection with the earth.

The Elephant Sanctuary Curriculum
The Elephant Sanctuary has developed two units focusing on the study of elephants. One unit is appropriate for grades K - 3; the second unit is appropriate for grades 4 - 8. The K - 3 unit consists of 35 pages of background information for the teacher and learning activities for children. The curriculum for grades 4 - 8 consists of 72 pages of instruction, background information, charts and graphs, activities, etc. Areas of study, such as social studies, literature, math, and science, have been integrated into the units.The units are in a pdf format and it is necessary for the viewer to have Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free at the site.

FEMA for Kids
"This site teaches you how to be prepared for disasters and how you can prevent disaster damage. You can also learn what causes disasters, play games, read stories and become a Disaster Action Kid."

Want to get dissection out of your school? Print out and display free "Create a Humane Biology Classroom" poster and leaflet.
Various products and programs of interest to animal/environmental activists, from summer camps to current campaigns to informative videos, booklets, brochures, and more.
Quick tips and the latest action alerts on how you can help animals and the environment.
A free online network that provides members with e-mail updates on the hottest animal and environmental issues.
Teens’ poetry and opinions on animal protection and environmental issues.

Kids & Teens For Animals
Dissection Alternatives, Humane & Environmental Education, Things That Kids Can Do To Help Animals, Kids For Animals, Teens For Animals, Safety Tips For Kids, Animal Coloring/Info Pages - Features lots of printable coloring pages with animal facts, Animal Alphabet - Great for little ones just learning their A B C's., Cows Are Vegetarians, Sounds Of The World's Animals, SchoolWorld Endangered Species Project, The Bug Club, Kids4MotherEarth...and more, much much, more!

Veg Kids
Does the thought of chowing down on one of your friends give you the creeps? How about eating something that may as well have been dunked in the toilet? Well, this is the place for you.

Vegetarian Society Youth Pages
Youth Contacts, Youth Education, Youth Links, Veggie Penpals,
Penfriends, Recipes, Activity Packs

Animal Alliance of Canada
Dissection, testing, cruelty free living, factory farming, Illegal trade in animal parts, vegetarianism, pet care, endangered species, virtual animal sanctuary, virtual nature walk.

World Wildlife Fund Kid Stuff
Play games like toxic pinball and fish stew to learn more about the wild diversity of life on earth. View factsheets on tigers, rhinos, pandas, elephants, and more. WWF's Virtual House: An interactive funhouse that teaches you about biodiversity and its importance to our planet. Caught in the Act: Follow the paths of species as they are taken far from home. Map the illegal wildlife trade routes and try to catch the smugglers! U.S. Ecoregional Map: What's in your backyard?
Mapping Biodiversity: Travel around the world with this on-line version of "Mapping Biodiversity." This activity is adapted from WWF's "Biodiversity Basics"--a new teaching module for middle school educators focused on biodiversity.
The Natural Inquirer: The wild, wacky world of nature.
The Homework Helper: We can't do it for you but we can show you some sites that will help.
and much, much more.

grape vine

Skunks and Yoplait
The Fund for Animals
Q: There is a skunk with a yogurt cup stuck on his head. What do I do?
A: Unfortunately, certain yogurt cups(Yoplait)have a very dangerous design, the top has a small opening and rim which entraps a skunk's torpedo-shaped head.
Skunks caught in these cups soon become dehydrated and oxygen-deprived, and starve to death. The skunk won't spray anything he can't see, so hold the yogurt cup firmly, in a gloved hand.
Upon feeling resistance, the skunk will pull back and his head should pop out. Stand motionless, and the skunk will not see or spray you.
Another less "hands-on" option is to put a laundry basket or milk crate over the skunk (with a heavy rock on top) to keep him from wandering and contact a wildlife rehabilitator.
Likewise, skunks will accidentally lodge their heads in dumpster drain holes that aren't properly screened. Contact a rehabilitator for assistance in this circumstance.

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Refuse to buy Shrimp
For every pound of shrimp caught, nine pounds of fish and marine animals are caught,
injured and thrown back.

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animated hummingbird

If yellowjackets are keeping the hummingbirds from your feeder, keep a small container of vegetable oil and some cotton swabs handy.
Apply oil to feeder where hummers won't come in contact with it, on feeding tube and bee guard, not on perch.
Yellow jackets hate to walk on the oil.

grape vine

Received in email:
"Do not try to flush clumping litter down the toilet as it turns into a cement-like substance, and you will have to dig it back out."
At first reading I had to laugh but then I've never used clumping litter. But you have been warned.
(Years later I discovered that if a small amount happens to get into the shower drain, you will need a plumber!)

grape vine

Pay no attention to the cute little photos of hummingbirds happily sharing the same feeder.
Just start with at least two feeders, hummers do not share. At least not in my back yard.
I heard a rumor once that hummers have to pump their wings in order to feed. This is not true, they sit on the perches and feed, grateful to be resting.
I was also told that raccoons always put their food in water because they have no salivary glands. The things people come up with!

grape vine

If you have a place in your yard, start a woodpile and/or a rockpile.
The animals will love dining on slugs, snails, grubs and other delicacies at your roadside cafe.
Don't forget, fresh water at every table. If you have an immense yard, leave the dead and/or fallen trees. These are animal condos.

grape vine

Butterflies do a thing called "puddling". Any shallow container filled with rocks and water, will be welcome.
Some butterflies are actually looking for salt and may prefer mud that is drying at the edges in the container. Dragonflies and damselflies may also appear.
Of course if you have a pond or waterfall, you won't need this. Yes, I know it seems like a strange thing to say but I recently visited a human made, backyard, combination waterfall and fish pond. I recommend these highly! (if only we all had room)
At 8:00a.m. the waterfall comes on. The fish have gathered under the falls, they know it is time.
Birds swoop down from nearby trees to bathe and shower on the rocks. Damselflies, dragonflies and butterflies appear later in the day.
The raccoons take it over at night, but with lots of rocks for the fish to hide under not much harm is done.
News flash!
The pond has now attracted a heron who stops by in the morning to breakfast with/on the fish, this is not a good thing.
Since I have no pond, creek or waterfall, I have to make do with litterboxes and pot saucers filled with water, fresh, daily.
It's very rewarding for me to see a skunk, raccoon, squirrel, bird, possum, or deer drinking from one, any time, day or night. (And once, a red fox.)

grape vine

It has been said that mothballs may be used to evict animals from enclosed places like attics. However, one raccoon family painstakingly moved an entire box of mothballs outside,
Which reminds me of the time I rented a humane trap to catch a raccoon with a broken leg. The raccoons avoided this thing like the plague! "Put canned cat food, or tuna in it, they'll go right in."
(no they won't)
The critters in my yard won't go near one of those things. I watched them walk around it for days and nights. The man at the rental store said to keep an eye on the cage because once when a raccoon was caught in one, her entire family came and rolled the cage down a hill until the trap opened and the raccoon escaped!
I never caught that raccoon, all I could do was leave food and water for her in a place she could easily reach. She reappeared for a while, maybe three times. After that, I never saw her again.

"Snowflakes, leaves, humans, plants, raindrops, stars, molecules, microscopic entities all come in communities.
The singular cannot in Reality exist."
~ Paula Gunn Allen

Stop Animal Testing

PETA member Richard Pryor suffers from multiple sclerosis.
He is also so adamantly opposed to the use of animals in research that he used his Christmas card last year to discourage donations to charities that still fund such tests. Over the holidays, Richard’s friends received a card designed by PETA member Amy Luwis. It shows a monkey, mice and other animals running to freedom from a laboratory cage. “May your heart leap with joy this holiday!” Richard wrote inside the card. “And if the season finds you sharing your good fortune with others, please don’t give to charities that fund experiments on animals. A gift of goodwill should help end suffering, not cause it.” Richard knows that most people have no idea that their donations may be used to bankroll animal tests. He urges everyone to contact PETA for lists of charities that are “naughty” and “nice.”

Fellow multiple sclerosis sufferer Montel Williams agrees with Richard.
“They’ve been trying to test on animals for the past 50 years. Nobody’s come up with a cure,” he says. “If you want to test on somebody, test on me.” Montel is critical of wasted years and resources spent on animal tests that have led nowhere. “With all the technology we have—we can reach the whole planet at the same time—but we can’t figure out how to cure a disease by poking people rather than poking animals? I don’t get it.” Help the health charities that aren’t listening to Montel and Richard change their tune—the ones that continue to fund wasteful, ineffective and cruel experiments on animals. Please tell everyone you know to support the charities that focus on prevention and patient services and that use modern research methods, such as human clinical trials and in vitro tests.

Peta's Testers/Non Testers
Companies That Test - Companies That Don't Test
Charities That Test - Charities That Don't Test
Animal Ingredients and Alternatives
Animal Experimentation: Sadistic Scandal
Product Testing: Toxic and Tragic
Lethal Dose Tests: Unlimited Lunacy
Eye Irritancy Tests: Blinding for Beauty
Alternatives: Testing Without Torture

The Johns Hopkins Center For
Alternatives To Animal Testing
Altweb, the Alternatives to Animal Testing Web Site, was created to serve as a gateway to alternatives news, information, and resources on the Internet and beyond.
Altweb is intended to serve: Biomedical researchers, industry, the international alternatives community, the international regulatory community(ies), IACUCs and other institutional groups that review animal protocols. The animal welfare community, individuals and groups who work with laboratory animals, technicians, veterinarians, etc., educators, students, the general public.
Altweb has five practical goals:
to provide scientists and others with a means for conducting a complete and appropriate alternatives search from one central, easily accessible location
to serve as a CRP--"central reference point"--for alternatives information, publications, databases, calendars, and other resources.
to support the creation and maintenance of new alternative resources as needed, when no other organization can/will do so
to promote the use of alternatives resources by publicizing them on the site and through e-mail or other outreach
to facilitate communication and collaboration among members of the alternatives community, in particular those who work in database or information management.
The Johns Hopkins Center For Alternatives To Animal Testing


Fight For The Animals!!
To SEARCH this list, hit Ctrl + f on your keyboard, a box should pop up, type in the word you are looking for, it will be highlighted within the document.


(Allied Effort to Save Other Primates)
An international coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting monkeys and apes. AESOP-Project strives to prevent monkeys and apes from becoming victims of any form of abuse and/or exploitation.


Action For Animals Network
Action for Animals Network (AAN) is a grassroots animal rights organization located in Northern Virginia. AAN was founded in 1995 and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. AAN believes that all animals merit attention and concern and that animals are not ours to eat, wear, or otherwise exploit.

Animal Diversity Web (ADW)
An online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification
and conservation biology at the University of Michigan

African Wildlife Foundation
"The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) recognizes that the wildlife and wild lands of Africa have no equal. We work with people - our supporters worldwide and our partners in Africa - to craft and deliver creative solutions for the long-term well-being of Africa's remarkable species, their habitats and the people who depend upon them. We have been working with the people of Africa since 1961..."

Alley Cat Allies
Washington, D.C.
Alley Cat Allies, is a national nonprofit clearinghouse for information on feral and stray cats. For more than a decade Alley Cat Allies has advocated trap-neuter-return (TNR) - the most humane and effective method to reduce feral cat populations.

Alliance for Elephants
Carol Buckley and Scott Blaise
The Alliance for Elephants exists for the principle purpose of promoting the welfare of captive elephants. To that end, the Alliance seeks to enhance the dignity and quality of life of all captive elephants and to establish a forum where those dedicated to the welfare of elephants may freely speak.There are two basic membership categories: "Members," individuals who participate in the governance of the Alliance; and "Friends," individuals who support the Alliance but do not participate in its governance. Members are either professionals in the field of captive elephant management or non-professionals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to or long-standing interest in the aims of the Alliance. Friends are individuals, non-profit organizations, businesses or corporations that are interested in the aims of the Alliance and willing to financially support the Alliance.

American Anti-Vivesection Society
AAVS is a non-profit, animal advocacy and educational organization that is dedicated to the abolition of vivisection-the use of animals in research, dissection, testing, and education. AAVS is opposed to animal experimentation on both scientific and ethical grounds. Scientifically, vivisection is a flawed methodology, as non-human animals are biologically and physiologically different from humans. Research on non-human animals all too often produces results that do not correlate to humans. Ethically, we oppose vivisection based on the theory that animals have the right to live free of human-imposed suffering.

The American Horse Defense Fund
AHDF's mission is to facilitate the protection, conservation, and humane treatment of members of all Equid species. AHDF will seek to address inhumane treatment of horses, ponies, donkeys, mules and burros, both wild and domesticated through education, advocacy and litigation when necessary in the state, federal and international arenas. AHDF was founded in the year 2000. For the six years that founder Trina Bellak, Esq. worked closely and often daily on horse issues for The Humane Society of the U.S., she learned a great deal about the suffering that goes unabated in the lives of horses of every imaginable type and breed. Much of this unnecessary inhumane treatment goes on "behind closed doors" or out of the public view, often even those who may be witness keep silent.

The American Wild Horse Sanctuary
The American Wild Horse Sanctuary is a project of Return to Freedom (RTF), a non-profit 501(c)3 founded by Neda Demayo. It was incorporated in 1997 as an animal sanctuary and educational retreat, to serve as a solution-based organization dealing directly and actively with the plight of the American Wild Horse. It was also designed to facilitate a direct experience of compassion and respect for all life.
Lompoc, CA 93438

Angel Puss & Pooch Rescue
is a 501(c) 3 non-profit humane society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. Our goal is to spay / neuter, tame and place all the feral cats in Los Angeles County. We aim to educate the public in general as to the suffering caused by the overpopulation of cats and dogs. They truly are "Born To Die," born to be "Angels" - thus our name. One of our projects is to provide pet food for the San Fernando "Meals on Wheels" homebound senior program.

Animal Freedom is for Animal Rights
"The Animal Freedom Foundation presents this website as a portal for exchanging ideas about animal rights in general and in particular about legal ways to end factory farming. Animal Freedom has no relation with the Animal Liberation Front. This site contains hundreds of articles on animal rights and the conditions that captive animals live in. An animal is neither "a thing" like a machine, nor a slave, but a living creature with feelings and rights. We think this right should be based on the same principle as for human rights: i.e. freedom. Caged animals in factory farms are especially deprived from their rights. For their well-being, all animals should have adequate possibilities to live naturally."

Animals in the Bible
An alphabetical list.

American Sanctuary Association
The American Sanctuary Association (ASA) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit accrediting organization and international information center for domestic animal shelters, animal sanctuaries and wildlife rehabilitation organizations, inspired by the principles of the American Zoological Association.

ALDF Animal Cruelty Actionline
Actionline Bulletin...Zero Tolerance for Cruelty Campaign
Report a Crime Against Animals...Further Action You Can Take...ALDF's National Database

Animal allows users to access its numerous features directly from the home page or through subsequent search pages. Some of's features link users directly to state or federal host sites to receive the most current and authoritative information available. Other features, such as model laws and case law digests, are produced through the International Institute for Animal Law and are posted directly on the site.

Animal Rights Resources
Maintained by Derek Coons
Network for Change is a collaboration between the EnviroLink Network, the Animal Concerns Community, the Sustainable Business Network and, who are working together to develop a comprehensive resource for individuals, organizations and businesses working for social and environmental change.
The Network for Change Membership System has been disabled indefinitely. We apologize any any inconvenience. All information and links continue to be available to all visitors of this site.

Animal Welfare Information Center
Provides bulletins, legislation, bibliographies, and other information resources related to the care and use of laboratory, farm, and exhibit animals. Geared towards those who must search for alternatives in animal research, teaching, and testing and comply with the Animal Welfare Act.

The Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project
In 1995, Komar & Melamid began their first collaboration with an elephant, Renee, at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio under the instruction of veteran elephant trainer, Don RedFox. Elephants in the United States have been painting successfully for two decades, including Ruby from the Phoenix Zoo, whose works generated more than $100,000 a year. Komar & Melamid introduced this concept to Asia and two years later founded the Asian Elephant Art and Conservation Project.

Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights
The AVAR is actively seeking reformation of the way society treats all nonhumans and an increase in environmental awareness, as well.

Veterinary Medical Association
Care For Pets

Animal Channel~Television & Videos
Animal Channel is a project of The Humane Society Of The United States

Animal Legal Defense Fund
THE ANIMAL LEGAL DEFENSE FUND was born of a bold and singular vision: that the lives and interests of animals -- in research labs, on farms, in the wild and in our own communities -- would one day be recognized and protected by law. Thanks to the groundbreaking efforts of hundreds of dedicated attorneys and our more than 100,000 members and supporters, that day draws closer all the time. is the only website on the internet dedicated to bringing you the latest news and essays on every creature that gallops, swims, burrows, slithers or flies. Equally important to us is the community of nice people who frequent this site -- people who genuinely care about the health and welfare of animals.

Animal Protection Institute
Sacramento, CA
The Animal Protection Institute (API) is a national animal advocacy nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, contributions to which are tax-deductible. Founded in 1968, API's mission is to advocate for the protection of animals from cruelty and exploitation.

Animal Concerns
Animal Rights Resource Site
Animal Concerns focuses on every aspect of the animal rights community, from animal cruelty to vegetarianism to animal adoption and pet care. Animal Concerns provides a comprehensive list of animal-related organizations, educational essays, FAQs and reference pages dealing with these topics. Individuals interested in obtaining a job in an animal-related field will find our unique list of animal-related job listings useful.

Animal Spirit (The)
Animal Abuse, Adoption & Rescue, The Feral Cat House, Living With Companion Animals, Animal Safety, Cruelty-Free Living, Humane Education and, subscribe to a once a day newsletter to keep up with current information, petitions & sample letters. If you feel you don't have time for this, please look at this site and realize, it is the work of ONE woman!

ANT Colony
The most complete web resource regarding ants online

Associação Protetora de Animais São Francisco de Assis
(Affiliated with the World Society For the Protection of Animals)
São Paulo - Brazil
["Bullfighting - Shame of Humanity" "Corridas de toros - Vergüenza social"
is the motto of the new worldwide campaign launched by the
Anti-Taurine Movement of Colombia, M.A.C.]

Animal Protection & Environmental Sanctuary
A non-profit organisation specialising in Primate rehabilitation and rescue,
based in Kwazulu Natal - South Africa
Meet 'Bullet'
'Bullet' was only an hour or two old. She sustained injuries from the shotgun pellets that killed her mother. One of these pieces of metal lodged in her head and had to remain there, as it was too dangerous to remove.

Arbor Day Foundation, The National
I wish people who live in my town would get involved with this foundation, every day I have to listen to chain saws taking down the shade giving, pollution filtering, sound barrier, wildlife home trees.

The Ark Trust, Inc.
Get Involved..Issues & Actions

This website is entirely devoted to the armadillo. There are pictures for eight species, and biological information on all twenty species – the most complete collection of factual armadillo information on the internet. There is a short article diagramming the natural history of the armadillo, a quick fact file for fun, and a short description of the scientific and medical research uses of the armadillo. This site also contains a page discussing common problems caused by armadillos, complete with suggestions on how to solve them.

ASIAN ELEPHANT Habitat Program
The Habitat Program has been started with the intention of helping elephants and we believe that by helping people we help elephants. We at the Habitat Program look at elephants as a gentle fellow beings who deserve to lead normal lives just as much as we do, especially considering their highly developed social and family bonds that is almost similar to human families in many ways.

Pet Care Topics
You are the most important person in your pet's life. As a responsible guardian, the more you know about your pet's medical, nutritional and behavorial needs, the healthier and happier your pet's life will be.

The Lucy & John James Audubon Society is our opportunity to advance Audubon’s 2020 Vision and share nature’s power and wisdom with future generations. The Audubon Centers our gifts help build will inspire the conservationist in more young people. The science programs we support will protect flyways throughout North America. And the advocacy we enable will promote responsible public policy that ensures the protection of the natural heritage we celebrate.

Autos for Animals
Your car can help animals when you donate the vehicle to Autos 4 Animals! LCA is based in Los Angeles, California. Now accepting vehicles from all 50 States.

The Avian Protection Society
"The Avian Protection Society is an e-mail group formed in March of 2001 focusing on specific problems facing captive birds. We discuss issues relating to neglect, abuse, rescue, rehabilitation, education, as well as the crisis we are facing now with the overpopulation of unwanted captive exotic birds."
Bay Area People Responsible About PITBULLS
Mission: To Educate and Influence:
Through educational outreach and events, we hope to help inspire a better understanding and appreciation of the breed, to dispel damaging myths about the breed, to encourage responsible ownership practices, and to offer practical adoption policy solutions to help pit bull adopters make smart adoption decisions.
DEDICATION: This site is dedicated to all the unwanted bullydogs who continue to be brave and loving, even while waiting to be loved.
BAD RAP T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs and Mouse Pads

Ban Cruel Farms
Promoting the humane treatment of farm animals. "No animal should be subjected to cruelty, including farm animals. But unfortunately, animals used for food are forced to endure inhumane living environments, and they are not adequately protected under existing laws."

Bat House Research Project, North American
BAT Conservation International
P.O. Box 162603
Austin, TX 78716-2603
We understand that the needs of wildlife must be balanced with the needs of humans and that increasing populations, poverty, and agricultural practices must be considered in meeting our goals. We also know that by safeguarding the future of bats and their habitats, we will help ensure the preservation of our planet’s biodiveristy, creating a healthier environment for both wildlife and people.

Best Friends Animal SANCTUARY
"The nation's largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned cats and dogs and other animals. They come here from all over the country and there are never fewer than 1,800 here on any given day. Most of them just need a few weeks of special care before they can go on to good new homes. Others, who are older or sicker or have suffered extreme trauma, find a special home at the sanctuary for the rest of their lives."
5001 Angel Canyon Road
Kanab, UT 84741-5001
Phone: (435) 644-2001
Fax: (435) 644-2078

Big Cats On Line
Big Cats Online offers a general introduction to the various species of cat living in the wild today.

BIRD Hotline
"Our goal is to reunite lost birds with their families, and with our heartwarming Bird Stories increase the public's awareness of the wonder of birds—these loving, warm, caring, intelligent little beings with wings. To improve the quality of their lives by answering your bird questions on the Bird HelpLine and Vet Talk."

NRDC BioGems
Save Endangered Wild Places
Natural Resources Defense Council
40 West 20th Street New York, NY 10011
Telephone: (212) 727-2700
Fax: (212) 727-1773
This website enables you to take fast and effective action in defense of our planet's most endangered wild places. The BioGems initiative is aimed at saving wildlands of exceptional natural values. The twelve BioGems featured here span North and Central America; the site also features a watchlist of South American wildlands under threat.

Providing love, support and information for all blind and visually impaired dogs.
In Memory of Linda
Linda was the owner of the blinddogs website and the blinddogs e-mail support list. She was also co-founder of the Blind Dogs Fund and a founding member of IMOM’s Board of Directors, and she also managed the IMOM-Xpress transport list.

Border Collie
16051 E FM 1097
Willis, TX 77378-4077
Phone: (936) 856-3745
FAX: (936) 856- 3916

Born Free Foundation
The Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity working with compassion to prevent cruelty, alleviate suffering and encourage everyone to treat all individual animals with respect. Born Free believes wildlife belongs in the wild and is dedicated to the conservation of rare species in their natural habitat, and the phasing out of traditional zoos. Charity registration no.1070906

Dedicated to the Conservation of Orangutans and their Rainforest Home "an independent US nonprofit (501c3) organization, formed to support ORANGUTAN conservation and to raise awareness of the plight of the orangutan."

British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

PETA, along with every other national animal protection organization in the United States, is working to put an end to the rodeo—an abusive spectacle that has no place in a civilized society.

BULLFIGHTING: Shame of Humanity
Bloodsports, oxen festival.

BULL TERRIER Welfare Foundation
"The purpose of the Welfare foundation is to promote the humane interests of the purebred Bull Terrier. This includes aiding regional clubs and individuals in rescue and placement of Bull Terriers and/or reuniting lost Bull Terriers with their owners. The Foundation also provides financial support for health studies and for publication of information important to Bull Terrier owners. The involvement of the Foundation in improving the life of Bull Terriers will expand as the Foundation grows."

Bushmeat, Controlling the Problem/Wildlife Conservation Society
"Wildlife Conservation Society research has revealed that over one million metric tons of bushmeat (wildlife killed by commercial and subsistence hunters) are taken each year from African forests alone. The result is what many scientists now call the “empty forest syndrome” -- a seemingly healthy looking landscape devoid of wildlife. Wild areas throughout the world, particularly in tropical regions, are now threatened by this vexing problem. WCS is working tirelessly on solutions to control the taking of bushmeat, using a combination of hard science, and the involvement of local communities, national governments, and even logging companies."

Bushmeat Crisis Task Force
In Africa, forest is often referred to as 'the bush', thus wildlife and the meat derived from it is referred to as 'bushmeat'. This term applies to all wildlife species, including threatened and endangered, used for meat including: elephant; gorilla; chimpanzee and other primates; forest antelope (duikers); crocodile; porcupine; bush pig; cane rat; pangolin; monitor lizard; guinea fowl; etc. "We welcome you to visit the many sections of our site to learn more about this bushmeat crisis."

Care For The Wild International
"Care for the Wild International provides immediate aid to wildlife in distress anywhere in the World. We work with the local people and government bodies in an attempt to alleviate suffering of wild animals."

Caribbean Conservation Corporation
"is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) membership organization based in Gainesville, Florida. It is the mission of the Caribbean Conservation Corporation to ensure the survival of SEA TURTLES within the wider Caribbean basin through research, education, training, advocacy and the protection of the natural habitats upon which they depend."
The Caribbean Conservation League is also the home of TIA,
an exact replica of an endangered green turtle.
CANTERBURY ANIMAL Respect Network for a Green Environment

CAT Welfare Society of Singapore
"The Cat Welfare Society is a non-profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers who want to improve the welfare of stray cats in Singapore. We aim to alleviate the pain and suffering of stray cats and kittens that live in our streets."

Center for Captive CHIMPANZEE Care

"CHAMP's goal is to provide education and networking opportunities to all animal welfare caregivers. Whether you're involved with pet placement groups, animal control, humane societies or veterinarians, you will find something at CHAMP that will help you enhance animals’ lives."


In response to the need for long-term care for chimpanzees, a group of interested professionals and primatologists began to discuss the possibility of an optimal facility for our closest living animal relatives. This group formed Chimp Haven, Inc. The organization was incorporated in Texas in 1995 to provide sanctuary for the increasing numbers of chimpanzees no longer needed in biomedical research, unwanted as entertainers or as pets.
Chimp Haven
710 Spring Street
Shreveport LA 71101

Chipmonk Tayles
Everything you need to know about chipmunks, where they live, what they eat.

CIRCUS Animals

Circuses Without Animals List

CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.

ETIS (Elephant Trade Information System) Emerged after the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties as systems for tracking illegal activities involving elephants.

MIKE (Monitoring Illegal Killing of Elephants) is now the approved instrument for tracking the situation on the ground in elephant Range States across Africa and Asia.

Cites Species Photo Gallery
"Some 30,000 species are subject to CITES protection, so it would be difficult for us to show photos of them all. However, all the main groups of species are represented here, in particular the ones most commonly traded."

Cloud Forest
"This website was developed to enhance global understanding of the unique and important cloud forests of Central America. Through their impact on water and soil quality, climate patterns, and numerous known and unknown plant and animal species, cloud forests profoundly affect life surrounding them and life around the planet."

Coalition to Abolish the FUR Trade
The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) was created in order to protect wildlife and fur farmed animals from the abuse and exploitation implemented by the fur industry for frivolous purposes. CAFT's mission is to abolish the global fur industry permanently by utilizing appropriate legal and non-violent methods.

Cockfighting, Ban

"Individuals who instigate fights between animals or who attend these pathetic spectacles should have no legal sanctuary anywhere in the United States," says Wayne Pacelle, HSUS's senior vice president and chief lobbyist. "We will be satisfied only when the last cockfighting pit is closed."

Colibríes is the Spanish name for HUMMINGBIRDS, some of the most-loved of all birds. We have set up a live web camera here in Monteverde, Costa Rica so that you can enjoy these beautiful little birds as they come in for a quick drink at our feeder.

Compassion Over Killing
"Compassion Over Killing (COK) is a nonprofit animal rights organization based in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1995, COK is a part of the growing movement for animal liberation and believes all sentient animals are entitled to live free from exploitation. To this end, COK's main function lies in conducting investigations, organizing public demonstrations and other educational activities, and actively working to bring about a kinder world for all of us, both human and nonhuman."

The Aviary
A Site Devoted to RAVENS, CROWS, and the rest of the Corvidae

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Orphan elephants and rhinos. And Pictures

Defenders of Wildlife

Doctors & Lawyers for Responsible Medicine...DLRM
DLRM's objective is the immediate and unconditional abolition of all animal experiments, on medical and scientific grounds. DLRM has more than 500 professional members, plus supporters, around the world. Every year over three million animals are used in British medical research. This is claimed to be necessary for the benefit of medical science and human health. However, a growing number of doctors and scientists worldwide are pointing out the fact that animal research is totally useless and that its misleading results frequently prove counter-productive and damaging to human health
offers a wide assortment of products that promote animal rights (all vegan), human rights (no sweatshop and fair trade), and the environment (organic wherever possible). The name “Downbound” represents an ideological shift down the corporate ladder, down the food chain and down to earth. For instance we have over 200 organic hemp clothing, footwear and accessories, vegan cat and dog food, animal rights videos and much more. The founder of, Adam Wilson has been a vegan for nine years, and he is also a founder of the Toronto Animal Rights Society.


Go Places With Your Dog
", Inc. is a leading provider of nationwide city guides and travel guides for dog owners. Our motto is "Go Places With Your Dog!" and we are dedicated to finding places that people and dogs can enjoy together. If you want to travel, sightsee, or just go around town with your pooch, then you've come to the right place! We do not believe a well-behaved dog should be discriminated against and therefore we focus on listing only places that allow dogs of ALL sizes and breeds. We also do not list establishments that allow small dogs only or accommodations that restrict dogs to smoking rooms. has been online since June of 1998 and we are always adding new dog-friendly places for you and your best friend."

Absolutely Everything About Dogs

"The mission of the Deaf Dog Education Action Fund is to provide education and funding for the purpose of improving and/or saving the lives of deaf dogs. We are a non-profit organization founded to speak on behalf of and assist in the betterment of life for deaf dogs everywhere."
Deaf Dog Education Action Fund
P.O. Box 2840
Oneco, FL 34264-2840


Dogs, Small, Rescue
Wee Rescue is an all-volunteer rescue group dedicated to rescuing small, homeless dogs from the Town Lake Animal Shelter and other area shelters and kill facilities in the Austin metro area. Our mission is to rescue and place abandoned and homeless small dogs in loving, permanent homes in the Austin area. Wee Rescue is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization. We have no paid staff and operate only through the many volunteers that donate time and talent to save the lives of the many wonderful dogs that we have in our care. We charge a modest adoption fee to help defray the costs of caring for the dogs. What Kinds of Dogs Do We Rescue? Our program emphasizes the rescue of Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, Maltese, and Pekingese but also accepts other toy breeds into the program on a space-available basis. Wee Rescue does not discriminate on the basis of the age or health of the dog. We accept small dogs with serious medical issues and senior dogs that many other rescue groups will not take.
Wee Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 66872
Austin, TX 78766-6872


Dolphin Institute
TDI is dedicated to dolphins and whales through education, research, and conservation.


is the nonprofit law firm for the environment, representing—without charge—hundreds of public interest clients, large and small. Earthjustice works through the courts to safeguard public lands, national forests, parks, and wilderness areas; to reduce air and water pollution; to prevent toxic contamination; and to preserve endangered species and wildlife habitat.


An original founder and leader of Greenpeace, Earthtrust's President Don White spent 10 years seeing what could be done right and wrong with a non-governmental organization wishing to help the environment. Earthtrust, as it exists today, is the result.

an extensive web site featuring seven animated guardians who empower children to become protectors of the Earth, is the exciting destination for children to click and learn from. The EcoPals site has 1,200 pages including 21 interactive games that teach children about the environment.






ELEPHANT Information Repository


Elephant Nature Park, Northern Thailand, (Lek)


The ELEPHANT Sanctuary
Hohenwald, Tennessee


ELEPHANTs of Sri Lanka

Online Field Guide Information and much, much more.
The Online Field Guide is a searchable database for identifying more than 4,000 plant and animal species of North America. Additional species and other nature content is constantly added to the database.

Environmental Investigation Agency

Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe(FAACE)
Formed by Vicki & Tony Moore. Specialising in campaigns against Bullfighting, Spain's Blood Fiestas, Bloodsports and the torture and death of animals for entertainment."
For over fourteen years FAACE has been working on the issue of the Blood Fiestas of Spain. Vicki and Tony Moore have confronted the authorities and the people, in the Spanish town where such acts of sadism take place.
(Vicky Moore died February 6th, 2000 at the age of 44. What a terrible loss, please help her work continue...)

FARM Sanctuary
"Farm Sanctuary is an American non-profit organization dedicated to ending the exploitation of animals used for food production.
Since Farm Sanctuary began in 1986, we have devoted our resources and time to Gene & Lorri Bauston exposing, and stopping, the cruel practices of the 'food animal' industry."
Farm Sanctuary - EAST
P.O. Box 150
Watkins Glen, NY 14891
Ph: 607-583-2225
Fx: 607-583-2041
Farm Sanctuary - WEST
P.O. Box 1065
Orland, CA 95963
Ph: 530-865-4617
Fx: 530-865-4622

153 North Alan Street
Albany, New York
A nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting animal welfare through research and education. Included among these efforts are the development and execution of research projects and educational programs designed to reduce the levels of abuse, abandonment, neglect and overpopulation of companion animals. FIREPAW is also committed to eliminating the indiscriminate use of sentient animals in painful or lethal laboratory research, factory farming, and the exploitation of animals for entertainment purposes.

FERAL CAT Coalition

Feral Cat Fund for Homeless Animal Lifeline
Homeless Animal Lifeline (HAL) has started a Feral Cat/TNR Outreach Fund. This fund will be used to distribute feral cat/TNR educational materials and help concerned, proactive people assist feral cats in their neighborhood. Please consider donating to this fund and help us help feral cats. HAL is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; all donations are tax-deductible. You can donate securely through PayPal by visiting Please earmark your donations "Feral Cat Fund." Even the smallest donation is appreciated.

Animals and Emergencies: Preparedness Information

First Strike
The Connection Between Animal Cruelty and Human Violence
Violence has become one for the defining characteristics of our age. Even if it hasn't touched our lives directly, we are confronted with the images and effects of it everyday in the news. Because it affects us all, it is a problem we must address together.

Foster Parrots



Friends of Animals


Friends of the ASIAN ELEPHANT..Thailand, Soraida



The Fund for Animals
The Fund for Animals was founded in 1967 by prominent author and animal advocate Cleveland Amory, and has spearheaded some of the most historic and significant events in the history of the animal protection movement. With regional offices working around the country on hard-hitting animal advocacy campaigns, and animal care facilities such as the world-famous Black Beauty Ranch, The Fund is one of the largest and most active organizations working for the cause of animals throughout the world.


"We seek to provide research data and other educational materials to assure the protection and survival of the dolphins and whales and their natural habitats, specifically Drake Bay, Costa Rica, including monitoring and photo identifying the whales and dolphins who frequent this area and creating a national marine sanctuary. We seek to educate the local people about the marine life and solicit their support in protecting and preserving the bay. We seek to further research and understand the strong bond between humans and marine mammals, specifically dolphins and whales. We seek to provide understanding into the human/dolphin/whale relationship and the healing and joyful affects reported by persons who encounter dolphins and whales."


GERBIL Information Page
A part of the information on these pages is based on the experience and knowledge of members of the Dutch Gerbil Study Group. The Dutch Gerbil Study Group is a division of the: Dutch association of fanciers of exotic mammals (in Dutch: Vereniging van liefhebbers van Exotische Zoogdieren)


German Shepherd Rescue
"German Shepherd Rescue is a no-kill shelter dedicated to saving and finding homes for purebred German Shepherd Dogs. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization run by volunteers and funded entirely by donations and adoption fees. The shelter is located in Burbank, California and was founded in 1979 by Grace Konosky. Grace has been involved in animal rescue for over 21 years. Her dedication to the German Shepherd Dog is what inspired her to open the rescue. She operates the rescue every day of the year."
German Shepherd Rescue
417 N. Moss Street
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 558-7560


Give A Dog A Bone
Corinne Dowling
San Francisco Woman Creates Support Group for Aggressive Dogs in Custody
Katherine Seligman, Chronicle Staff
The sound of barking ricochets off the bare concrete walls, with menacing yaps and staccato howls all jumbled together. Add to that the acrid smell of dogs confined all day in 4-by-10-foot cages. This is the custody wing at the Department of Animal Care and Control. Its canine inmates have attacked humans or other dogs. They have been abused, bred for fighting or dumped....


Global Website
This site provides a large collection of links to pages full of information about wildlife, habitats, global issues as well as pictures and sounds from a large variety of animals. There is also a links page dedicated to animal charities, conservation projects and environmental groups. Extremely informative site.


GREAT APE Project, The
The idea is radical but simple: to include the nonhuman great apes within the community of equals by granting them the basic moral and legal protection that only human beings currently enjoy.

Great Cats
Great Cats is a national affiliation promoting and creating public awareness for the long term needs of the Great Cats.

Action Center

"We are a licensed, incorporated not for profit organization dedicated to finding homes for greyhounds that are no longer needed by the racing industry. Another goal is to inform the public that these retired racers make excellent pets. We intend to dispel the myth that retired racers are hyper or high strung dogs. Quite to the contrary, they are calm, sensitive and gentle dogs. They will repay you for the gift of life with years of happiness."

Welsh HEDGEHOG Hospital
The Welsh Hedgehog Hospital, established 1986, looks after sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs, returning them back to the wild when fully recovered. Thousands of hedgehogs are killed and injured annually on British roads as well as through other human activities, causing many orphans. We are not a profit making concern and survive totally on donations, sale of goods, volunteers and income from our own employment.
Also on site: Hedgehog and Other Wildlife Friendly Gardens

Melissa Kaplan's Herp Care Collection & Green Iguana Information
"For years, iguana keepers have been asking if I have written a book on iguana care. Well, now I can say, "Yes, I did!" Iguanas for Dummies® is for anyone who has or is thinking about getting an iguana. Readers who put into practice the information included in this book will find themselves sharing their lives with healthy, robust iguanas. The book includes information in addition to what has been available at my website in the convenient, organized format of the successful Dummies® series."


HORSE Racing
Drug abuse, injuries to horses, race fixing, organized crime, and declining public interest have all become integral to the horse racing industry. The industry's whips and blinders are visible reminders that horse racing is merely another form of animal exploitation. As trainer Ron McAnally said after champion Go For Wand shattered her leg in the 1990 Breeders' Cup Distaff race: "It's part of racing. They give their lives for our pleasure."


House RABBIT Society
An all-volunteer, non-profit organization that rescues rabbits and educates the public on rabbit care and behavior. With Local Chapters just about everywhere, see index.


Hugs for HOMELESS Animals
Hugs for Homeless Animals is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to homeless and displaced animals.


Humane FARMING Association
Please join HFA's campaign to enforce Humane Slaughter laws and help us halt the senseless atrocities, skinning and dismemberment of conscious animals at slaughterhouses nationwide.

Humane Society of the United States
Want to learn more about hummingbirds? Excellent site with all sorts of hummingbird information, movies, pictures, feeder care, etc. Plus a hummingbird cursor to download.

"Colibríes is the Spanish name for HUMMINGBIRDS, some of the most-loved of all birds. We have set up a live web camera here in Monteverde, Costa Rica so that you can enjoy these beautiful little birds as they come in for a quick drink at our feeder."

IAMS...The Suffering behind the 'Science'
"IAMS is a pet food company that was bought by Procter & Gamble (P&G) in September 1999. In addition to P&G's animal testing practices, IAMS - as a company in its own right - has a legacy of performing invasive, painful and lethal experiments on animals. These experiments are conducted on a wide range of animals: cats, Beagles, Great Danes, German Shepherds, Sled Dogs (Huskies), Cocker Spaniels, Miniature Poodles, Doberman Pinschers, dogs of "mixed breed", pigs, rats and chicks."

Illinois Animal Action
"IAA is a rapidly growing animal rights organization founded in 1994 by a group of dedicated and experienced animal advocates. Committed to abolishing the suffering and institutionalized cruelty of animals, IAA serves as a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. To achieve these goals we concentrate our efforts on:
Education, Outreach, Direct Action, Research and Investigation, Media Relations, Networking with local and national animal protection organizations.

In Defense of Animals
"Founded in 1983 by veterinarian Elliot M. Katz, In Defense of Animals (IDA) is a leading, national, non-profit animal protection organization dedicated to ending the institutionalized exploitation and abuse of animals by defending their rights, welfare and habitats. IDA is committed to ending the terror of animal maltreatment, and educating the public about the benefits of compassion. IDA is pro-science, pro-environment, pro-animal, and pro-people; it is committed to dialogue and reason, but not afraid to take action when necessary to save animals from senseless torture."
International Center for GIBBON Studies
"ICGS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit facility; established in 1977 for the study, propagation, conservation and betterment of the highly endangered small ape, the gibbon; and for the education of the public about the plight of this fascinating primate."
"Helping people help pets. To better the lives of sick, injured and abused companion animals. We are dedicated to insure that no companion animal has to be euthanized simply because their caretaker is financially challenged."

International Fund for Animal Welfare
"We are a pragmatic and dedicated family of professionals who believe that animals suffer far too much from commercial exploitation, habitat destruction, and needless cruelty. And we are joined in that belief by more than 1.8 million supporters in the United States and around the world."

International Society for Animal Rights
"ISAR was the first organization in the world to use the term Animal Rights in a corporate name, was founded in 1959 to expose and end the injustice of the exploitation of animals and the suffering inflicted on them. There's a commitment in ISAR's name: to bring about rights for animals, the right not to be made victims because they are weak and defenseless. ISAR believes that because of their sentient nature, animals have rights that are denied them in law and daily life. Animals share more than the planet with humans. Like us, they are capable of knowing pain, fear and other suffering."

International Wildlife Coalition
The International Wildlife Coalition Inc. (IWC) is a federally recognized, non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. Founded in 1984, the Coalition is dedicated to public education, research, rescue, rehabilitation, litigation, legislation and international treaty negotiations concerning global wildlife and natural habitat protection issues.

is a company that's making protection of the envirnoment a priority, provides affordable, reliable, child-safe Internet access. TheEcoISP serves the environmental community by donating 50 percent of every subscriber's net monthly subscription payment (approximately $2.75 per month) to the non-profit environmental organization of their choice.

Jane Goodall
The Jane Goodall Center for Excellence in Environmental Studies is a unique partnership between The Jane Goodall Institute, a private non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife research, education and conservation, and Western Connecticut State University.

is a 501-(c)-(3) non-profit corporation that offers permanent sanctuary care for a variety of primates who have fallen into the wrong hands, are retired from research or are simply no longer wanted. "Our program is designed to rehabilitate and socialize primates with their own species. The primates in our care are successfully interacting with members of their own kind, many of which were once species isolated, neglected or abused."

The GORILLA Foundation


Korean Animals Organization
Protest World Cup Soccer 2002

Free At Last
KEIKO 1975 - 2003

Last Chance for Animals
Los Angeles, CA
This organization believes that animals are highly sentient creatures who exist for their own reasons independent of their service to humans; they should thus not be made to suffer for the latter.

Longhopes DONKEY Shelter, Inc.
Denver Colorado

The Marine Mammal Center
"We recognize human interdependence with marine mammals, their importance as sentinels of the ocean environment, which is essential for all life, and our responsibility to use our awareness, compassion and intelligence to foster their survival and the conservation of their habitat."

Massachusetts TURTLE Rescue, Inc.
Massachusetts Turtle Rescue provides permanent homes to abondoned and abused turtles and tortoises, as well as those that have had the misfortune of the pet trade. Many of the animals arriving at the rescue come in with various injuries; such as, broken or missing limbs, cracked shells, and other traumatic injuries sustained from being hit by a car, or dog attacks. Some are in ill health and are suffering from illnesses such as respiratory infections, parasitic infections and many other life-threatening illnesses. MTR provides rescue and rehabilitation for all species of turtles and tortoises. The rescue is located in Springfield, MA and was founded by Debbie Zajchowski. MTR advocates the humane treatment of these wonderful creatures and devotes all spare time to the rescue and rehabilitation of these animals. Massachusetts Turtle Rescue, Inc., is incorporated under the State of Massachusetts Department of Corporations (General Laws, Chapter 180), and is recognized by the Federal Government as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

Mercy for Animals
Founded in 1999, MFA acts as a voice for the rights of all animals throughout the state of Ohio with a growing membership of 1,000 and regional coordinators in Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus. MFA takes much needed action to end factory farming, the abuse of animals in entertainment, the bloody fur trade, animal testing and many other injustices that animals suffer.

Mindys Memory Primate Sanctuary
P.O. Box 134
Newcastle, OK 73065
"The definition of an animal sanctuary is "a place of refuge where abused, neglected, unwanted, impounded, abandoned or displaced native and non-native wild life will be provided care for their lifetime." This is our commitment. Our goal is to rescue monkeys discarded as pets or from research facilities and provide a home for the lifetime of the animals."

The Mountain Gorilla Protection Project is a collaboration between H. Dieter Steklis of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund (D.F.G.F.) and Dr. Scott Madry from the Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis located in Rutgers University. The purpose of this project is to provide a digitized database of the mountain gorilla habitat. The database will include layers of information that contain vegetation patterns, gorilla ranging and human use of gorilla habitat.

National Anti-Vivisection Society

National Humane Education Society

Natural Resources Defense Council

National Wildlife Federation

National Wildlife Federation's Backyard Habitat Program

Noah's Ark
Fairfield, Iowa
Noah's Ark Animal Foundation is a cageless no-kill shelter whose mission is to rescue, protect, and find good homes for homeless and neglected animals.

No Kill Animal Sanctuary & Shelter Directory
is a free service brought to you by was founded in 1997 by Michael & Jennifer with the goal of helping animals all over. We are a non profit, privately funded organization who operates soley on the Internet at this time. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.Shelter Search is a totally free service dedicated to providing an easy way for you to find No Kill animal shelters and sanctuaries across the United States.

is a new non-profit, international advocacy organization created with the sole purpose of protecting the world's oceans to sustain the circle of life. We bring together dedicated people from around the world, building an international movement to save the oceans through public policy advocacy, science and economics, legal action, grassroots mobilization, and public education.

Ocean Futures (ORCA-KEIKO)


The Balikpapan Orangutan Survival Foundation
is an Indonesian Non-Profit Environmental organization. BOS runs the Wanariset Orangutan reintroduction project as well as the Nyaru Menteng orangutan project under an official MOU with the Ministry of Forestry.
"an independent US nonprofit (501c3)organization, formed to support orangutan conservation and to raise awareness of the plight of the orangutan. We are operated entirely by dedicated volunteers, and we strive to keep administrative costs to a bare minimum to ensure that your donations reach the projects in the field where they belong. BOS-USA supports a variety of projects in Indonesia and Malaysia that protect orangutans, wild and rehabilitated, as well as their natural habitat."
BOS-USA members help us to support these projects in the field:
Wanariset Orangutan Rehabilitation Center
Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Project
Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rehabilitation Center
Project Hutan
International Otter Survival Fund Scotland
IOSF is an international fund set up to conserve otters worldwide and is organised by SEC Ltd. solely for this purpose. Charity No. SCOO3875
IOSF supports the following work:
Funds otter research and conservation programmes worldwide
Supports where necessary the prohibition of hunting
Organises public education programmes to develop support for otter conservation
Supports otter rehabilitation facilities for orphaned, sick or injured otters.

OWL Research Institute
The ORI was chartered in 1988 under the tax-exempt status of Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service. Now in its thirteenth year, the ORI continues to be a small, nonprofit organization. Owl Identification Guide with Pictures.

Panda Information, Panda Links

Contains various sorts of factual and theoretical information. Photographs.

People Against ANIMAL ABUSE Worldwide
After over two years on the Internet we are no longer able to keep PAAAW online. We would sincerely like to thank everyone who has been a supporter over the past couple of years. It is people like 'you' who make a difference and we hope you will continue to do so. 2001

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Pets 911
is a free public service that offers pet adoption, listings of animal shelters and your local humane society, as well as a comprehensive lost and found section that allows you to upload pictures of your lost dog, cat or other pet. If you would like to adopt a pet, simply enter in your ZIP Code and Pets 911 will give you the nearest animal shelter, humane society or local animal welfare organization. Pets 911 is dedicated to preventing the euthanasia of over 7 million pets every year who are lost or simply do not have a home to go to. Pets 911 - saving pets lives every day.
Lost and Found, Emergency Clinics, Pet Licensing, Spay and Neuter, Feral/Stray Cats, Training/Behavior, Pet Healthcare, Success Stories, Loss of a Pet, Our Partners, Newsletters, Donate, Local Welfare Orgs, Shelters/Rescues, Volunteer

A Public Service For Pets
Adoption locations, lost and found locator
and much more. For community-specific
information, please enter your ZIP Code:

1-888-PETS-911 | www.18

Performing Animal Welfare Society

Animal Welfare

Pet Assure
The Pet Insurance Alternative

Pet Education contains over 2,000 in-depth articles written by the Drs. Foster & Smith veterinary staff. has received high ratings and awards of excellence from multiple organizations, and is visited by thousands of pet owners and pet professionals every day from all over the world. Additionally, many major universities utilize the web site in their teaching and as a resource for student and faculty research."

Pet Place
" is the definitive online resource for pet news, health and well-being. Dr. Jon Rappaport, the founder, has developed an authoritative, user-friendly site where pet owners worldwide can go for complete, up-to-date information on all pet issues."

Pet Problems
Can We Help You Keep Your Pet?
"Often people feel they must give up their pets for various reasons. On these pages, you'll hopefully find some alternatives and be able to keep your animal. There is also lots of info here for those who would never dream of giving up their pet, but just need some advice on basic pet problems. They are often the very same problems for both groups of people."

"The Pet Savers Foundation is a non-profit corporation founded in 1992 to solve a growing national tragedy-the needless suffering and death of homeless companion animals, primarily dogs and cats. We believe every adoptable companion animal has value and a life worth living."

For nationwide listings on where to find pet-friendly apartments, browse

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Doctors and laypersons working together for compassionate and effective medical practice, research, and health promotion.

Tough House American Pit Bull Club and Outreach Project

Jamal Modica
"I want to create some positive activities and competitions they (pit bull owners) can involve their dogs in. They don't know the half of what their dogs are capable of."

Political Animals
Political Animals is offering a reward of $10,000 for documentation leading to the conviction of any person(s) possessing, transferring, importing into, exporting from the state, or selling, buying, giving away, killing, or having another person kill any horse, pony, burro, or mule where that person knows or should have known that any part of that animal will be used for human consumption.

Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary
is a 400 acre non-profit refuge for farm animals and wildlife located in Poolesville, Maryland. "Our mission is to: Offer care, rehabilitation, and permanent sanctuary for neglected, abandoned or unwanted farm animals. Provide protected habitat for wildlife. Furnish information to the public regarding farm animal and wildlife issues. Promote compassion and humane treatment for all animals. Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary
P.O. Box 507
Poolesville, Maryland 20837
Phone: 301-428-8128

Primate Freedom Project
The Primate Freedom Project, established in 1999, is dedicated to ending the use of nonhuman primates in cruel and harmful experimentation. The Primate Freedom Project works by educating the public; advocating for animals currently being experimented on; and supporting organizations and individuals working toward the same goal.

Primates Online
Website of The Primate Conservation & Welfare Society

Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(psyeta)
Since 1981, Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has worked with social scientists, mental health providers and other animal rights organizations to reduce the suffering and exploitation of both human and nonhuman animals.

PUG Rescue
We are a Non-Profit Rescue in the Las Vegas, Nevada area dedicated to finding Special Homes for Special Pugs. We rescue from the shelter and accept Owner Turn-Ins - regardless of age or medical condition. We are an All Volunteer Not-for-Profit 501 (c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Puppy Mill Fighters
"Puppy Mill Fighters is a grass-roots organization made up of caring and concerned animal lovers. We all strive to bring freedom and safety to the dogs living in puppy mills and cruel situations. Our mission is to educate the public about how dogs get into pet stores, to change animal cruelty laws, and to save lives."

Quotations From
"Throughout this site there are quotations from famous people speaking about animal rights, vegetarianism and related topics. I selected them from a large number of quotations found over the net; here you'll find them, grouped by topic."

Rainbow Farms
Dallas County, Missouri
P.O. Box 115
Louisburg, MO 65685
"Rainbow Farms began with our purchase of 20 wooded acres in the spring of 1999 combined with our deep commitment to rescue. The Rainbow Farms Project, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of animals who may be harder to place because of their special needs."

Responsible Shopper
is a new tool to help you learn more about the companies behind the products you buy. Investigate hundreds of companies on a range of issues – sweatshops, pollution, family-friendliness, ethics, animal testing and more.


All Things Environmental

The David Sheldrick Trust was one of the first organisations to alert the world to the plight of the Black Rhino in Kenya after two decades of rampant poaching that all but annihilated the species within the country's established National Parks and remote unprotected areas in the North.

The Exceller Fund is an Internet group that raises money to rescue Thoroughbred horses who would otherwise be sent to slaughter.
Please -- do not support the horse racing industry.

approaches conservation from an elephant’s perspective. We believe elephants deserve special respect from humanity because they are sensate beings with a higher order consciousness, and we intend to safeguard their future in an increasingly insecure world.

The SEA TURTLE Restoration Project
The Global Leader in Sea Turtle Protection, the Sea Turtle Restoration Project fights to protect endangered sea turtles in ways that make cultural and economic sense to the communities that share the beaches and waters with these gentle creatures. With offices in California and Costa Rica, STRP has been leading the international fight to protect sea turtle populations worldwide.

Second Chance Rescue
San Rafael, CA
Second Chance Rescue is a group of volunteers concerned with the welfare of DOGS (and all animals).They rescue stray/abandoned adult dogs and PUPPIES from shelters, provide foster care for them, and then adopt them into loving, responsible homes. Foremost, we strive to educate dog parents on the importance of spaying/neutering. This is the only way to alleviate the severe overpopulation problem and the tremendous suffering caused these wonderful animals.
Don't Buy, Don't Breed, Adopt!

Stop Experimentation On & Exploitation Of Chimpanzees
SEEC ("cease") is a Primate Freedom Project working to end the use of chimpanzees for U.S. biomedical research and entertainment.

Serenity Springs Sanctuary and Animal Rescue
is located on 25 heavily wooded hilly acres in Montague County, Forestburg, Texas
The sanctuary is a non-profit, no-kill operation. Only animals having terminal illnesses or injuries are humanely euthanized. Breeding is not condoned by this sanctuary. Spay and neuter is an absolute must! Serenity Springs relies completely on donations for its operation, donations are used directly for the care of the animals and are tax deductible. There are dogs, cats, horses, goats, donkeys, birds and more at the sanctuary, but it is primarily for porcines... especially POT-BELLIED PIGS. There are over 100 pigs in residence at this time. Most of the animals are up for adoption and all are available for sponsorship. Some came from loving homes but were caught in ordinances that were detrimental to a pig's welfare. Some have come a long way to have a safe place to live out their lives. Adoptions are carefully screened, and based on each individual animals history. There is an ongoing open-door policy, and all are welcome to call for directions if you are in the area.

Shamanism: Working With Animal Spirits
Also an incredible source of animal Pictures & Photos.

Showing Animals Respect and Kindness
SHARK is dedicated to ending the abuse and suffering of animals everywhere. Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) was founded by Steve Hindi, a former hunter, and incorporated in 1993. As a "sportsman," Steve hunted many species of animals both on land and in the sea. He killed for thirty years until the life-shattering day when, en route to shark hunting in the Atlantic Ocean, Steve attended the infamous Hegins pigeon shoot in Pennsylvania. The slaughter of thousands of nonhuman victims, and the involvement of children in the horrific killings, was too much for Steve to tolerate. He vowed to stop pigeon shoots, and went on to dedicate his life to ending the abuse of all animals.

S.K.U.N.K.S. is an acronym for Society of Kind Understanding for Not Killing Skunks, and is a non-profit rescue, rehabilitation and problem-solving organization dealing with wild and domestic skunks. Objectives and Goals are: 1) Obtain governmental approval of rabies vaccine for skunks; 2) Establish recognized quarantine period for skunks having proof of legal rabies shots; 3) Investigate further into more humane rabies testing on live animals; 4) Educate; 5) Gather accurate statistics to separate fact from myth; 6) Open a CA native wildlife preserve.

The Society for Animal Protective Legislation
was founded in 1955 when only two federal laws to protect animals existed. Since then, SAPL has worked for the successful enactment of over 15 additional federal laws. The Society for Animal Protective Legislation was founded at the time of the introduction of the first federal bill to require humane slaughter of animals. Prior to 1955, humane organizations had little success in obtaining needed federal legislation because they spent most of their efforts caring for lost and stray animals and were concerned about losing their tax-exempt status if they did much work on legislation. Until 1977, United States law specified that an organization could not retain such status if it spent a “substantial” amount on lobbying.
The Society for Animal Protective Legislation registered under the Federal Lobbying Act in 1955 and devoted its efforts entirely to passage of needed laws. From 1955 on, SAPL worked intensively to obtain enactment of the following major federal legislation. Note that nine strengthening amendments have been passed over the years. The Society continues to seek improvements in existing laws.

Society for Species Management and Survival
"Welcome to the site that addresses all environmental, ecological, endangered species, animal rights & earth related issues. It not only encourages, but allows you to become involved and do something about them. Information on how to contact your lawmakers, how to become involved & lists of other environmental organizations are within these pages. We are not spokespersons for any environmental group (though we do support a lot of them!), so we haven't created this page for the purpose of personal gain. We, very simply, want to be able to say that we've made a difference, no matter how large or small."

Spay USA
"Our goal is to reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs and to stop their suffering. Anyone who needs assistance finding low-cost spay/neuter services can benefit from SpayUSA!"

Species Survival Commission
The Species Survival Commission is a knowledge network of some 7,000 volunteer members working in almost every country of the world. Members include wildlife researchers, government officials, wildlife veterinarians, zoo employees, marine biologists, wildlife park managers, and experts on birds, mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, plants, and invertebrates.

The Squirrel Place
Do squirrels ever fall?
Squirrels do fall, but they use their tail as a parachute and when they land their tail is used as a cushion. They rarely get hurt from a short fall. But they can sustain broken bones, or severe spinal injuries from an awkward landing.

State and Local Government on the Net
These pages are intended to provide convenient access to a wide variety of links to government information.

TAPIR Preservation Fund (TPF)
TPF is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization founded in 1996
Our mission is to preserve living tapirs and their habitats. Our Web site and archives are possibly the most complete collection of tapir facts on the planet, for zoos, researchers, and the curious alike. We promote the health and conservation of tapirs worldwide. We fund research and conservation work with tapirs. We provide a global communications exchange for professionals. Reading TPF News is the best way to find out what we do.

Kids Can Help Tigers at TigerAid Web Site
Tiger Aid
SAN FRANCISCO, California, September 24, 2002 (ENS) - A new online action tool provides youth clubs, community youth groups and schools the opportunity to help protect tigers and their natural habitats. The Kids 4 Tigers PledgePage is a free service for youth from around the world who share a common interest in saving wild tigers and their remaining habitats. The site is sponsored by TigerAid, a U.S. based, international tiger advocacy and conservation nonprofit group.
TigerAid Foundation
268 Bush Street, PMB 4188
San Francisco, CA
TigerAid's mission is dedicated to refocusing world attention on saving the critically endangered tiger in the wild and the conservation of their natural habitats.
TigerAid is helping to do this by:
Generating public awareness,
Preserving vital tiger habitats,
Reinforcing anti-poaching measures,
Developing tiger range community awareness programs.

Tiger Photos

TIGER Campaign
Environmental Investigation Agency
EIA's Tiger Campaign has two objectives:
1. To improve tiger conservation in India by applying international pressure on politicians to ensure the political will necessary to save the tiger.
2. To stamp out all international and domestic trade in tiger parts and products.
Information concerning tigers and their habitat is changing every day. This Web Site and the 1-800-5tigers information line were created to provide the public, scientific, and conservation communities with an international forum for exchanging information relevant to the preservation of wild tigers across Asia and in zoos worldwide.

TORTOISE Rescue, American
American Tortoise Rescue (ATR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1990 to rescue, rehabilitate, adopt and protect all species of tortoise and turtle. ATR is a proud member of the American Sanctuary Association and is a mentor to Turtle Homes.
Riverside, CA The Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee is a non-profit organization formed in 1974 to promote the welfare of the desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) in its native wild state. Committee members share a deep concern for the continued preservation of the tortoise and its habitat in the southwestern deserts.

Toxic Plant Database
Accurate and up-to-date information is vital to making good decisions. Information concerning tigers and their habitat is changing every day. This Web Site and the 1-800-5tigers information line were created to provide the public, scientific, and conservation communities with an international forum for exchanging information relevant to the preservation of wild TIGERS across Asia and in zoos worldwide.

Tribe of Heart
Making use of storytelling, visual media and the arts to present a vision of a compassionate future. Tribe of Heart is a 501c(3) charitable not-for-profit organization

P.O. Box 297
Merrick, NY 11566
"Turtle Homes Rescue, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the safety and welfare of turtles and tortoises worldwide. Turtle Homes is run by volunteers operating from all regions of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. From these locations and through an extensive network of contacts, we work to help turtles and tortoises globally. Turtle Homes finds new homes for turtles and tortoises that cannot be returned to the wild. Our thorough application process allows us to screen potential owners (adopters) to ensure our strict criteria for each animal is met."

Turtle Trax
A web site that gives people a chance to become familiar with the wonder and beauty of the marine turtle.

United Animal Nations
U.A.N. Premarin
United Animal Nations was founded in 1987 by a small group of humane movement workers with more than 120 years of aggregate experience, who wanted to save forgotten animals:
animals left behind during disasters because people shelters wouldn’t take them in;
animals whose low or no-income guardians couldn’t afford lifesaving veterinary care for them;
animals rescued by grassroots groups or individuals doing good work in their communities with not enough support;
mares and their foals abused and slaughtered for the cruel manufacture of the drug Premarin;
animals killed for human entertainment such as in pigeon shoots, dog fights and cockfights.
United Animal Nations   5892A South Land Park Drive
P.O.Box 188890   Sacramento, CA   95818
Tel: (916) 429-2457   Fax: (916) 429-2456   Email:

Uncaged Campaigns
About Uncaged
As the youngest professional anti-vivisection organisation in the UK, Uncaged Campaigns represent, we believe, the cutting edge of the movement against animal experiments & xenotransplantation.

United POULTRY Concerns
United Poultry Concerns is a 501(c)(3) national non-profit organization that addresses the treatment of domestic fowl in food production, science, education, entertainment, and human companionship situations.

Urban Wildlife Rescue
P.O. Box 201311 Denver, CO 80220 Ph: (303) 340-4911 Fax: (303) 363-8628
"One afternoon, a tree trimmer called us. He had two baby squirrels and was looking for help. He stated that if they had been pinkies (newborns), he would have just thrown them in the tree shredder. But these were older babies and soooooo cute, he decided to find assistance rather than kill them."
"The human race is a living oxymoron. That some care so much and some care so little."

The Half @st Vegetarian
The way to veggiedom.

Vegan Cats

Veggie Places Voice of the Voiceless
"The purpose of this site is to provide the public with information and news related to the preservation of earth, the preservation of the animals that co-exist on this earth with man, and information resources for us to maintain and improve our health through a healthy vegetarian diet. In addition to providing our visitors with current news articles, helpful links, etc., we also provide the ability to take action on important current issues. Visitors can view important letters to various agencies, companies, etc. and take the appropriate action. We also provide access to many different electronic petitions which allow internet users to fill out petitions with people all across the nation."

Veterinary Medicine Library
"The collection and the services of the Veterinary Medicine Library are primarily intended to support the teaching, research, and public service activities of the College of Veterinary Medicine as well as those in related departments across campus. The support is provided in the form of acquisition of books, journals, and other relevant resources on veterinary and animal science, reference and document delivery services, and consultation and instruction on the effective access and management of information. Through its fee-based Information Services, the Library also assists practicing veterinarians and veterinary researchers who have limited access to specialized resources. In conjunction with the mission of the University and the Library, the Veterinary Medicine Library also serves the information needs of the individuals in the State of Illinois through various mechanisms."

Veterinary Medicine
Cat Diseases A - Z
Dog Diseases A - Z
Veterinary Q & A
Spay & Neuter Info

VIDEO PICK: Life Behind Bars:
The Sad Truth About Factory Farming
Produced by Patty Shenker
Narrated by Mary Tyler Moore
A Farm Sanctuary Production
Farm Sanctuary
P.O. Box 150
Watkins Glen, New York 14891
Tel: 607-583-2225
$10.00 USA
ABOUT THE VIDEO: Life Behind Bars is narrated by Mary Tyler Moore and documents the acute animal suffering caused by extreme confinement on mechanized farms. With undercover footage taken by Farm Sanctuary, this compelling video provides a rare first-hand look inside factory farm warehouses and exposes the brutal conditions that agribusiness wants to keep hidden from public view. Howard Rosenberg, the Pulitzer Prize-winning television critic of the Los Angeles Times, wrote, “Life Behind Bars is a liberating, stirring, plain-talking video that rolls out an assembly line of compelling reasons to end the evils of factory farming. You needn’t be an activist to be deeply moved by its eloquent, soulful plea to slaughter the system, not the animals.”
"Life Behind Bars is a great educational tool," Zoe Weil, President of the International Institute for Humane Education states. "The public has needed a film like Life Behind Bars for years, and Farm Sanctuary has taken the lead and put together an excellent introduction to factory farming that will dispel any myths that animal agriculture in America is humane. Narrated by Mary Tyler Moore, Life Behind Bars provides a short, but powerful glimpse into the hidden world of modern farming. Personally, I've been waiting for two decades for a film that I could show to secondary school students to teach them what really happens to pigs, cows and chickens in the United States. Until now, there has been no such film. Life Behind Bars will be a critical resource for humane educators who wish to teach their students about the reality of animal agriculture."
Source: Animal Rights Online


"The number of vulture species which are now considered Endangered, Threatened, Vulnerable, or Rare is now at a very high level. A very real risk of extinction exists for several species, a fact probably little realised by the general public. This site exists to raise awareness of the various different species, what makes them special and where they stand in the fight to survive."


Wee Rescue is an all-volunteer rescue group dedicated to rescuing small, homeless dogs from the Town Lake Animal Shelter and other area shelters and kill facilities in the Austin metro area. Our mission is to rescue and place abandoned and homeless small dogs in loving, permanent homes in the Austin area. Wee Rescue is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization. We have no paid staff and operate only through the many volunteers that donate time and talent to save the lives of the many wonderful dogs that we have in our care. We charge a modest adoption fee to help defray the costs of caring for the dogs. What Kinds of Dogs Do We Rescue? Our program emphasizes the rescue of Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, Maltese, and Pekingese but also accepts other toy breeds into the program on a space-available basis. Wee Rescue does not discriminate on the basis of the age or health of the dog. We accept small dogs with serious medical issues and senior dogs that many other rescue groups will not take.
Wee Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 66872
Austin, TX 78766-6872


We are a small 501(c)3, state of Missouri registered non profit organization. Our goals are to help decrease overpopulation, educate the public on more humane ways to work with surplus and unwanted animals and to save lives by creating a forever home sanctuary. To date we have rescued over one hundred thirty two animals and we are still very strong in promoting spay/neuter and ongoing health care. At this point we are working on finding land, buildings and creating a housing facility for Cass County Animals. We hope to gain enough funding for this project and for humane education, low cost spay/neuter clinics and for ongoing health care and parasite control.
We are on a fundraising mission to find groups, clubs, organizations, businesses, distribution centers, factories, dining establishments,private donors and foundations who would be willing to hold fundraisers, assist us with volunteers, resources and help us to make the dream of a sanctuary happen.
Whiskers and Tails
PO Box 83
Peculiar, Mo. 64078

WildAid provides direct protection for wildlife in danger by
- strengthening field protection for animals (the supply),
- combating illegal wildlife trafficking (the trade) and
- convincing wildlife consumers to change their habits (the demand).
WildAid is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded by dedicated environmental advocates with more than 30 years of successful experience. Headquartered in San Francisco, we also have small locally staffed offices in Vladivostok, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, the Galapagos, London and Washington D.C.


Wild Care
Terwilliger Nature Education and Wildlife Rehabilitation
San Rafael,California
"WildCare is a unique organization located in Marin County, California. Not only do we care for ill, orphaned or injured wild animals, we help children—and adults—learn how to make room for our forest and shoreline friends within our environment. Orphaned raccoons, injured barn owls and ailing squirrels—no matter what species, our furry and feathered patients receive the best medical care possible. Once healthy and vigorous again, we return them to their woodland and seashore homes."


Wildlife Photo Album
Wildlife Photographs from can be used free of charge for all non-commercial uses (school publications, research work, etc.) If you would like to use them for a commercial application contact Born Free.

There are hundreds of substandard wildlife attractions throughout the U.S., ranging from backyard menageries to so-called "sanctuaries" to drive-through parks. Masquerading as conservation, education, or rescue facilities, roadside and traveling zoos are among the worst abusers of captive wildlife and fuel the multibillion–dollar–a–year trade in exotic, rare, and endangered species.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Directory
"The source on the web for information on wildlife rehabilitation. Here you will find information on what to do with injured wildlife and who to contact. Information is provided for the public and for the professional wildlife rehabilitator. Many links are provided to sites of interest relating to the field. Information is also present about wildlife in general that will appeal to everyone."
A unique conservation fundraising initiative has the potential to provide big payouts for wildlife - and for the people who support them. WildlifeWins, a new international company that links environmental awareness and Las Vegas style games, is helping to raise money for mountain gorillas, elephants, golden lion tamarins and Sumatran tigers by appealing to the public's gambling spirit.

Willows Animal Sanctuary
Sanctuary Needs Help
(Charity No: SC029625) provides a lifelong home for nearly 400 neglected and ill-treated domestic, farm and wild animals. We aim to take animals that are unsuitable for re-homing elsewhere and consequently we represent their last hope. We are the only sanctuary in this area of the north-east of Scotland and we are totally dependent on donations from caring people. We desperately need people to fundraise for us, so please, please contact us if you can help in any way. We have enormous vet and feed bills and we also need to develop new projects, such as, further stabling and a hospital unit. Without the appropriate funding it is impossible to help more than a fraction of the animals in need. We could do so much more with your support.

Northern California
In 1996, using a small private plane and with the help of volunteer pilots and co-pilots, Maggie McCurry began flying retired racing Greyhounds between Greyhound rescue organizations working at the Arizona race tracks and the outlying Greyhound adoption centers in the Los Angeles, Northern and Central California area. Greyhound rescue and adoption organizations that Wings for Greyhounds, Inc. has been privileged to assist include the Greyhound Adoption League, Inc., Arizona Adopt-A-Greyhound, Inc., Retired Racers Greyhound Rescue And Adoption, Inc., Greyhounds Friends for Life, The Retired Greyhound Adoption Service, Inc., Northern California Greyhound Adoption Program, and Greyhound Connection.

World Animal Net
World Animal Net is the world's largest network of animal protection societies with over 1,700 affiliates in more than 90 countries campaigning to improve the status and welfare of animals.

World Wildlife Fund
Known by it's Panda logo, WWF directs its conservation efforts toward three global goals: protecting endangered spaces, saving endangered species and addressing global threats. From working to save the giant panda, tiger, and rhino to helping establish and manage parks and reserves worldwide, WWF has been a conservation leader for 40 years.

World Society for the Protection of Animals
(pronounced wis-pa)
WSPA is the world's largest network of animal protection societies with a membership of over 350 organisations in more than 80 countries.

"Welcome to the zebra information page. As time progresses, more and more information about zebras is being added to this site. Currently, it has a little information about zebras, several links to related zebra sites, and a lot of pictures."

Zoo News

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Free Animal Screensavers from Wildlife Conservation Society

Screensavers and Animal Photos from Born Free

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Dog Screensavers Panda Bear Cards

Free Kritter Cards

Send E greetings & contribute to two worthy causes
at the same time...Free!
E Cards

See Over 5000 Free Greeting Cards At

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Help support
The Elephant Sanctuary
in Hohenwald, Tennessee
by shopping online at over 252 well-known (,, Gap, J.Crew, OldNavy, Lands' End, Eddie Bauer, JCPenney, Office Depot, Dell, Spiegel, REI, Hallmark, Handspring) online stores.

Click the link to learn how you can donate to the elephants
or your own cause every time you shop online.

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If you should buy anything at
from this link

all proceeds will go to
The Elephant Sanctuary
in Hohenwald, Tennessee

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According to Shamanism, Skunk's Wisdom Includes:
Understanding how to "walk your talk"
Understanding energy flows

Shamanism: Working With Animal Spirits
Wonderful Site!
"Shamanism, the world's oldest healing tradition, is found in all cultures on Earth."
"Shamans work with their allies--the animal spirits.
Learn the wisdom of over two hundred of these spiritual teachers."
O.K., let's just say you are not interested in Shamanism.
You should go here anyway just to look at the beautiful pictures.

If after visiting this site, you should become interested in such things,
I recommend you go to or any book store and order
"Medicine Cards..The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals"
by Jamie Sams and David Carson.
Bear and Company
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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"There is no fundamental difference between man
and the higher animals in their mental faculties...
The lower animals, like man,
manifestly feel pleasure and pain,
happiness and misery."
Charles Darwin

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Society for Species Management and Survival  Many thanks to The Animal Spirit

1997  Against Cruelty to Animals    2010

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Friends of the Asian Elephant/FAE

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