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Updated April 7, 2010
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"Miss Jody,
I would like to send my very best wishes and to express not only my sincerest thank you but also on behalf of
“Friends of the Asian Elephant” to you.
JodysJungle.com website has been very helpful to FAE. Without the information provided on your website,
it is difficult for FAE to reach out to more people. Please accept our appreciation.
The elephants send their (jumbo) hugs"
Soraida Salwala
Friends of the Asian Elephant/FAE

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Friends of the Asian Elephant
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FAE Mobile Vet
Motala Landmine Victim 1999 to 2010
Baby Mosha's Photo Album

FAE Update 4.7.10
Baby Zeno: blood test result for haemoxxxx is negative,
still await the result from serum test for herpes. Soraida Salwala


FAE Update 4/6/10
Ladies in Waiting






FAE Update in Pictures 4/1/10


FAE Update 3/30/10
Baby Dante & Mama Kamnoi


We are waiting for other two blood results from two different labs, fear it was Herpes Virus.
The Livestock Department sent their vets here today to discuss the case.

Baby Zeno died at FAE today

"At almost four this morning, Baby Zeno collapsed and died.
I am devastated. His short life had meant so much.
He was such a robust and lively baby since his birth.
He would call me by the funny sound he made if I were near his pen to get my attention.
If I did not walk to greet him, he would make louder cries until I walked up to touch his cheek.
Once a lively baby returned to us as an unlively soul. Less than 14 hours he left us all for good.
I will always remember him, my Baby Zeno. His last joyous greetings to me will be echoing in my mind for the rest of my life.
Goodbye my child! til we meet again."

FAE Update 3/15/2010
Tawan was discharged from the hospital and is going home.

FAE Update 3/13/2010
"A male baby arrived two hours ago.
Baby Tawan, 2 years old, has suffered from diarrhea for the past two days"

"Dr. Kay injects antibiotic and vitamin.
Note: The hook is used only to control the baby not to move,
or else the needle could be broken."

Baby Tawan.."I am thirsty"

Thongkoon, 35 years old, has given birth to twins, both males, at 3 this morning in BaanLad, Chaiyaphum province.
After seeing the photo, the babies are not small, each weigh approx 70 kg.
The Elephant Twins are named Thongtaeng and Thongkam.


FAE Update
Wed, Mar 3, 2010
Pung Noi or MaeNoi has shown signs of delivery since yesterday. She is not in labour yet but we are all alert.

Noppakorn, our staff member who is in charge of Tanthong slipped on a rock.
Charan drove him to the hospital, ankle not broken but swollen.
We have two expecting mothers and two staff short.
Our hands are full at the moment. Shall forward photos of MaeNoi as soon as I receive them.


Jokia, 24, in her 17th month of pregnancy, has arrived yesterday.
Jokia is the mother of BB who was born in 2003.

Jokia FAE 2010   Jokia FAE 2010

FAE Repost from 23 August 2003
Source: FAE Updates Page2
Good News!
JOKIA gave birth to a healthy female baby at 11.00 this morning. Jokia had shown sign yesterday, so our two vets stood by with all the team the whole night.
They reported to me every half hour. Until a few minutes before eleven, I was told JOKIA was still eating.
[Usually the pregnant elephant that is expecting would stop eating a few hours before delivery].
At eleven ten, good news came. Jokia delivered her baby with no complication but we had to snatch the baby right away as planned.
Within less than an hour the baby fed herself from her mother without rejection from JOKIA.
Happy day to all of us!
Soraida Salwala
Jokia's baby has been named "BB" in honor of Brigitte Bardot's generous donation to FAE.

Jokia's Baby BB   Jokia's Baby BB


FAE Update Fri, Feb 26, 2010

Thongbai who did not eat for two days still does not eat but has drunk 120 litres of water.
IV is on, last night 15 litres, since 2 p.m. til now (6.30 p.m.) 19th bottle.

Baby Dante drinks a lot of goat milk, his mother is feeding him too.

Motala and Mosha are the same. Mosha is not happy since she could not wear the prosthetic leg last week.
We are looking forward to the new ones being made on The National Elephant Day (13 March, 2010).

Auan and Ekhe enjoy their days at the Rehab Units. Tanthong is doing fine, eats and drinks well.

Somsri will be returning to her owner shortly while Kammoon has daily massage with the herbs.

MaeNoi has not shown signs of labour yet.

We learned from Kamnoi's owner that Jokia, mother of BB who was born here 5-6 years ago, is pregnant and will come to FAE soon.


Kamnoi does not have enough milk for her baby.
We fed the baby with soy milk and cow milk but they caused diarrhea.
So, we changed to goat milk and the baby drinks it well.
However, we are worried if he had diarrhea. Until now, Dr. Preecha says it works well. Kamnoi's baby has been named Dante.

Dr. Kay says Kammoon is already on the truck and on her way (from Chiangmai)
She was hurt by the bull last night.
I'll have more info when she reaches our hospital.

Soraida Salwala
Founder & Secretary General
Friends of the Asian Elephant

Kamnoi and her newborn baby Dante

Kamnoi watches Dr. Preecha feed Dante   Dr. Preecha feeds Dante goats milk

(More updates and pictures are on the way.) jj


PANOM, Cousin to the Clouds
A Story of Elephants and Humans
"In PANOM, Galen Garwood prods and suggests in his powerfully gentle way
that a change in human attitude is the first step to restoring the dignity and future of these ancient
and highly intelligent creatures."- Peter Gore-Symes
PANOM, Cousin to the Clouds
a documentary DVD Supporting Friends of The Asian Elephant Hospital
Galen's new blog entry: A Day at the Elephant Hospital, February 3, 2010
For every DVD sold, $5.00 goes to the FAE Elephant Hospital near Lampang Thailand


FAE Update 1/26/10
In pictures

Mosha eating horse pellets Mosha 1/26/10 FAE Mosha's new shelter Mosha's new shelter Somsri eating horse pellets Yui drinking water

FAE Update 1/22/2010
Mobile Vet
Dr. Kay treated 21 elephants in 8 camps
Boonthong, baby & Mohay
Dr.Kay has just left for mobile in Chiangmai/a new mother elephant shivers, fear she lacks calcium from nursing 7 days old baby.
Dr. Kay did visit both places today, mother and the baby at one camp and Mohay at another.
Boonthong, the mother elephant shivers in the morning and evening, it is from the cold river where she is chained nearby.
We have instructed them to light bonfires to keep Boonthong and her baby warm, and shield them from cold breeze.
Mohay's wound is better than the last time we visted her, somehow I'm worried, if they do not have clean floor, I'd rather have her with us.

Dr. Kay treated 21 elephants in 8 camps

Boonthong, her baby and Dr. Kay   Boonthong, her baby and Dr. Kay

Dr. Kay Treating Mohay


FAE Update 1/21/10
Pung Yui

Yui being treated at FAE   Yui's Poor Tail

Yui arrived at three o'clock today, she was bitten by Kamprai (mother of Songkran, Auro and Zeno).
They were walking and Kamprai was following Yui on the tourist track.

Kamprai and Zeno 9/07

(I have included Baby Zeno's picture from FAE Page 2) jj


FAE Update 1/10/2010
Mohay injured by mine back in 2001, spent 411 days at FAE, cured and went home,
had a baby but now the old wound is infected.
Dr. Kay was on the mobile vet today, she treated 16 elephants. Quite a surprise to meet Mohay there.
The owner had sold her away.

Mohay's foot, 2008

Mohay's foot 2008


Mosha Jan. 4, 2010


FAE Update Jan. 2, 2010
New Year's Present for Mosha from the Prostheses Foundation

Mosha Jan. 1, 2010

FAE Update Jan. 2, 2010

New Year Present for Motala from the Prostheses Foundation


Motala   Motala


FAE Update Jan. 1, 2010
Sorry to send sad news on New Year's Day!
Plai Kammoon, rest in peace. who was under our care during Sept-Nov 2009 died early this afternoon in the camp where he worked in Chiangmai.
We were informed at noon that he did not eat and asked to rush him here. However, it was not in time, he died suddenly. The livestock vet will find out what was the cause.

Kammoon left on Monday, 11/13/09

Fae Update 12/30/09
Nothing has changed much at our hospital.
Mosha's new infirmary should have been finished by end of November.
The contractor has been slow and did not built according to plans.
So, we could not move Mosha down on the new year day to receive the new prosthetic leg that will be fitted on the 2nd January.
That will have to wait until I can be there myself.
MaeNoi has not changed much, Somsri is also the same while Jok is good. After new year, his owner will come to take him back.
May you have a very happy and pleasant 2010
All the best wishes
Soraida , all at FAE and the elephants


FAE Elephant Treatment Report 1993-2009
Document Form


FAE Update 12.25.09
Mosha wants some sugar

Mosha 12/25/09

FAE Update 12.22.09
MaeNoi slept over four hours last night, good sign!

FAE Update 12.22.09
Baby Mosha’s New Leg

FAE Update 12/19/2009
Moved MaeNoi to the Labour Unit 'though no lactation yet.


FAE Update 12.18.09
I am sorry to share with you this sad news. Baby Namfon could not make it, she died early this morning at 2.50 a.m.
We shall bury her next to Baby Dumbo, Tiny and Toansai.
We are all very sad but there are many more lives to be saved.
MaeNoi who is expecting the baby needs our care,
Somsri, Jok and other elephants are waiting to be tended to.
Even though our hearts are heavy we shall move on with our strong determination to help the elephants in need.
Thanks to you all for the support.
Soraida and all at FAE

FAE Update 12.18.09
At 8.55 p.m. Baby Namfon fell on the sand and we helped her up,
trying to walk her to the mattresses but she resisted.
Now she is standing but shaking, urinated what we think has blood in it but will check for certain.
The owner has been contacted for final decision.
He puts it in our hands. We shall do all we can to take good care of the Baby until the final moment comes.
Bless her,

FAE Update 12.16.09
Baby Namfon is not gaining weight.

Baby Namfon is not gaining weight

FAE Update 12.15.09
Baby Namfon has drunk only 100 cc of milk today, I am most worried!

FAE Update 12.15.09
Baby Namfon drank only one litre of milk yesterday.
I am in Bangkok now. Prostheses Foundation will be at FAE to adjust prosthetic legs of Motala and Mosha today.
Motala and Mosha will have new prosthetic legs as New Years presents.
Mosha is a few centimeters taller-she grows fast!

FAE Update 12/14/2009
We wish to thank Fondation Brigitte Bardot-France,
FBB has kindly donated 10,000 Euros to finance the expenses of FAE permanent residents and other sick elephants.
Thanks also to Intrepid Foundation-Australia for their donation of AUS $3,524.
Thanks a great deal. Soraida

Pray for Namfon..
Baby Namfon has fever, we are trying to do our best.
I do not know what else to say but she is standing, having slight difficulty in breathing.
Dr. Preecha and Dr. Kay are treating her.

FAE Update 12.13.09
MaeNoi slept longer last night, 2 hrs, observe if IV is needed.

Baby Namfon drank 7.5 litres of milk last night and 3 this morning, crying, wanting to come out when she sees Motala start walking.

FAE Update 12th December, 2009
New patient who arrived yesterday, MaeNoi, an eleven year old pregnant elephant, has been relieved from bloat.
MaeNoi is already 15 months pregnant which means she was pregnant when she was only less than 10 years old.
Last night MaeNoi cried for her friends.
They work at the hotel in Chiangrai but she managed to sleep for over an hour.

MaeNoi arrives   MaeNoi

Dr. Kay, MaeNoi, MaeNoi's owner
MaeNoi's owner with his face nuzzled into hers. Look at both of their expressions.

Mosha is very interested in MaeNoi since they are both young,
she climbed her fenced enclosure to have a look.

Curious Mosha


FAE Update 12.08.09
Baby Namfon is unwell, she stopped eating last night.
We have started her on an I.V.

Namfon's very own Mobile Vet


Tahnee's Grave

Tahnee's Grave
Rest in Peace Beautiful Tahnee. jj

Tahnee collapsed at 1.49 a.m. and left in peace at 2.09 a.m.
No words could express how we all are feeling.
She was a daughter, a sister, a friend and whereever she might be now,
she remains in our hearts.
She will awake no more, Oh never more.......Soraida


Tahnee 12.07.09

Tahnee walks in   Tahnee can barely carry her own weight

Tahnee 12.06.09


Tahnee at Noon
Tahnee does not like the concrete floor . We moved her down and brought Tanthong to be with her.
Tanthong is well eating sticky rice, bananas and chopped grass.
Tahnee's hind legs are shaking and she does not want to lie down. We are afraid she might hurt herself if she collapsed.
So, dried grass have been scattered around since last night.
Staff is putting up support railing at the Nursery which has soft sand.
We will continue the drips since she has not eaten nor drink.
It's 12:00 noon. Her chance of survival is slim.
With tears, Soraida

Soraida wipes Tahnee's eyes   Soraida comforts her dear old friend, Tahnee

Granny Tanthong has been moved to be with Tanthong   Tahnee

FAE Update 12.06.09
Tahnee in the morning

Tahnee in the morning   Tahnee with Dr. Preecha and Dr. Kay

Namfon wants out. Namfon wants out Now! Dr. Kay takes Namfon for a walk, thank you Dr. Kay!

Namfon wants out   Namfon wants out NOW!   Dr. Kay takes Namfon for a walk..Thank you Dr. Kay!

Motala, Namfon, Dr. Kay and Nikorn

FAE Update 12.04.09

Tahnee, a permanent resident of Friends of the Asian Elephant/FAE has saliva dripping from her mouth, does not eat grass just bananas.
Has not drank water this morning. She eats and chews very slowly.
Sign of old age, Dr. Preecha says.
Light a candle for Tahnee


FAE Update 1st December, 2009

Auan..(looks like she enjoyed her little prank..jj)

At four p.m. while Sa-nguan was leading Auan to the spot where she usually stayed at night, Auan ran into the woods.
Somchai and Sa-nguan followed and we called Charan and other two men to join them. It took one and a half hours but she is safe.

FAE Update 11.29.09
Plai Kammee
Plai Kammee is going back, the truck will be here at 8.
But first, a few banana's before departing.

Plai Kammee enjoying bananas   Plai Kammee, homeward bound

FAE Update
Elephant Pictures



FAE Update 11.25.09
We light bonfires to keep all the elephants warm.


FAE Update 11.23.09

Since early morning today Ekhe has suffered from bloat so our vets, Dr. Preecha and Dr. Kay have full hands over many patients with the same symptoms.
The weather at 10.30 a.m. was 15 degree celcius and it is much colder at night which is too cold for the elephants.
FAE has had a few more patients and lost one yesterday.
Thank you.
Soraida Salwala

FAE Update 11.23.09
Sidor Jok

A new patient arrived at almost midnight last night, Sidor Jok, with the bloat symptoms but he can eat. He is under close observation.

FAE Update 11/23/2009
We buried Baby Dumbo next to Baby Toansai

FAE Update 11/22/2009
Baby Dumbo

Baby Dumbo who arrived yesterday evening collapsed this morning and died at 7.40.
Dumbo suffered from pain, opening his mouth all the time. Dr. Preecha and Dr. Kay worked to save him all night but at slightly after 4 a.m. he was restless.
More painkillers, NSAID, antibiotics were administered but three hours later all the pains are gone and so is he.
The postmortem will be performed soon.



FAE Update 11/19/2009
Plai Kammee
Kammee has been relieved of bloat and constipation. Good news!
Soraida Salwala

FAE Update 11/18/09
Plai Kammee
Kammee has not drunk water but can eat bananas

Plai Kammee


FAE Update 11/13/09
Tanthong is the same. Mosha has not yet been moved down near Motala.
I'd rather wait until the construction of the house for Somchai and Palahdee is finished, it's between Motala's and Mosha's Infirmaries.
Then, I'll see too where Tanthong should be. It depends on Mosha's reaction to the move. We might walk Tanthong to exercise and visit Mosha daily.
I am thinking of another Rehab Unit for Tanthong but that remains solely on our financial status.
The donation received is smaller but the expense is higher. I shall see to that the two will not suffer psychologically.
Soraida Salwala

The Trio
Ekhe, Tahnee and Auan

Ekhe, Tahnee, and Auan at FAE

Kammoon left on Monday

Kammoon left on Monday


FAE Update 11/6/2009
Kammoon and Somsri
Kammoon's wound has healed and he will return to his owner on Sunday 8th November 2009

Clostridium Perfringens bacteria found in Somsri's specimens. It has taken months for the Lab results. Dr. Preecha is planning the treatment.
If you recall Pung Noi who had convulsion and died, she came from the same camp. This bacteria is in dirty soil, we have called the camp. They should clean the area.
This bacteria is close to tetatus. Pray Somsri will be allright soon.
Soraida Salwala

To Light a Candle for Soraida, FAE or any of the elephants, please click HERE


Book by Miss Antoinette/Thai elephants being raped for babies
From: Soraida Salwala
Date: November 4, 2009
Thai elephants are raped by bulls for babies is a big issue here in Thailand caused by the interviews given by the Thai lady in Chiangmai.
The book written by a Dutch lady named Antoinette......with photos.

The news appeared in Thai medias on Monday the 2nd November, 2009. I was about to enter the courtroom when the reporter called to ask.
I did not know about the book nor about the stories. We, Thais, are very much offended by the untrue story and choose to believe that the writer was misinformed.
After two days of trying to obtain facts, I have received confirmation just now that the photo was taken in Baan Taklang, Surin Province five years ago, presumably when the writer went there with the Thai lady. The tusker has bad legs but beautiful tusks and the owner wanted to have his offspring, so the female's hind legs were tied with short ropes so both would not be hurt. Many elephant breeders are offended and angry with this story. I admit to the media that there were a few people in the past who did that and even a few now,
not to torment the elephants but to breed them. Everyone is against cruelty and I would like to know what the owners of the elephants would gain by traumatizing the female elephants. They worth million of Baht. By saying that the femals have gone insane because of the repeated rapes are quite unimaginable.

Those who work with elephants will know only too well that a bull rapes the cow over 50-60 times is impossible. If the female does not yield then it would be considered as abusing and tormenting. What is behind this I cannot say, anyway it hurts Thailand and all of us who work to protect Thai elephants and try to educate (with facts) the public and all concerned.
We feel very sad over many twisted stories but hope the people involved will stop doing what they have been doing.
Breeding horses, cattle, dogs are similar, look at pandas. The problem, if we might look at it fairly, breeding elephants differs because they weigh 2.5-3 tons (cows) 3-4 tons (bulls). And why do they have to breed the elephants, well, the answer is there....why do they breed cows, dogs, chickens, pandas, and other animals. Do we need to breed them?.....let them become extinct !!!!!!!

I am not on the side of breeding involuntary females but the breeders know what they are doing, they are with specialists and most are under veterinary supervision. We do not have any elephants mating at FAE since it is the hospital and they are sick elephants.
I wish to express FAE's concern to the facts that by causing public uproar of untrue stories (or twisted or even in doubt)and go public, is not nice at all because most people are thinking that this is another way of damaging Thailand's image including FAE and me. Our Board members and Dr. Preecha help with the interviews since I cannot talk to all channels. However, I have been live on TV and radio about this, particularly TV 3 and TV 7 which has a large audience. Moreover, let us not lose hope and courage. I do wish that more understanding will be for the good cause of protecting Thailand's national symbol.

For the elephants,
On behalf of Friends of the Asian Elephant/FAE
Registered Charity
Soraida Salwala
Founder & Secretary General


FAE Update 10/29/09
Baby Namfon and Motala
Namfon is imitating Motala pulling grass although she can not eat it.


FAE Update 10/28/09
Leklai who arrived yesterday
Thongkeaw was discharged the day Leklai came.



FAE Update 10/28/09
Baby Namfon walks outside to excercise while Motala looks on.




Getting Tough on Elephant Abuse
Oct. 29, 2009
Deputy Bangkok Governor Theerachon Manomaipiboon Wednesday handed out a Bt2,000 reward for information
leading to the arrest of men apprehended with an elephant in Lat Phrao and said that from November 6 the city would be
getting tough on such animal abuse.
Three Buri Ram men apprehended on Tuesday night allegedly begging with a six-year-old elephant at Soi Lat Phrao-Wang Hin 5
will face charges, while their two elephants will be transported to Kanchanaburi's Elephant Shelter.
Theerachon said anyone ringing the 1555 hotline with information leading to the arrest of beggars with elephants would be rewarded with Bt2,000.
Source: The Nation


The Eyes of Thailand Updates
and Friends of the Asian Elephants

Elephant Nursing Home
"Where do elephants go to retire?
No, that is not the start of a bad joke, it’s a legitimate question for an endangered species who was captured from the wild,
domesticated (usually through brutal methods) and spent its life begging on the street, logging, performing at tourist camps
or carrying back-fulls of tourists at trekking camps.
Starting on 21 November 2009, Thailand will send its “retired” elephants to The Pang-La Nursery Home for Aged Elephant,
according to the Bangkok Post article published 10 Oct 2009.
I asked Soraida Salwala, founder of Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) and the World’s First Elephant Hospital,
about her thoughts about a government-run Nursing Home for aging and “retired” elephants."
She wrote...


Thongkeaw 10.23.09
Thongkeaw's conditions are better, but no grass for her diets, just bananas.

Thongkeaw 10.22.09


FAE Update 10/22/2009
Pung Thongkeaw arrived two minutes ago,
intravenous will be given as she has not eaten nor drink and has been trying to lie down.
Not a good sign at all!
Soraida Salwala

Pung Thongkeaw is on her way to our hospital.
You may recall she has swollen temporal glands and went back not long ago.
The owner informs us today that she has bloated since yesterday.
During rainy and cool season, owners and keepers have to be extra careful to their elephants' diets,
indigestion and bloat are common but fatal during these months.
We keep bonfires on for them all.
Soraida Salwala

Please Light a Candle
for Thongkeaw wishing her strength and love..jj


FAE Update10/17/2009
Sidor Kammee
who suffered from a large abscess on his neck is recovered and will be discharged from our hospital tomorrow
while Baby Namfon is more lively and has less diarrhea after the administering of protein supplement.


FAE Housekeeper And Sister Stole Money From Donation Box!
16th October, 2009

Pavinee Meesong age 25 Tanitha Chaewsoongnearn age 28

Pavinee Meesong, 25 years old, worked as housekeeper at FAE Elephant Hospital since end of June until yesterday.
She was caught on camera using the stick applied with glue and put in the donation box so the bank notes would come up.
We had suspected that something was wrong because the donations in the box reduced, so we set up a camera during her leave.
The police came to arrest her but she refused, however, when the VDO was shown she could not refuse any more but confessed that she did it with her sister.
Her sister, Tanitha Chaewsoongnearn, 28, was hired only once during the making of Motala's Prosthetic Leg in August and we decided not to continue to hire her.
Pavinee told the police that her sister taught her how to do it and would come to our hospital to get the money so the stolen money would not be with Pavinee.
Our staff put the bank note in the donation box after making a photo copy of it and the police found that note on Pavinee.
She claimed that was the money her sister gave her but we have the photo copy of that bank note.
She even confessed she and her sister did this since she first came to work which makes us all feel very bad.
Working with the charity with the intention to steal from day one or any day in their employment here or anywhere are unacceptable.
I am most sad and disappointed, the former staff, Napassaya Panyopor, who embezzled the money from the t-shirts and souvenirs
has been convicted earlier this month and is ordered to return the money she stole.
I could not help thinking why these people did what they did and why FAE always has all the troubles and mishaps.
Thank you for your support. I am on sick leave and this case has weakened me and let me down even more.
The News in Thai


Good News! 10/15/09
FBB/Fondation Brigitte Bardot
transferred another 10,000 Euros to
FAE/Friends of the Asian Elephants.
Thanks to them,
Soraida Salwala


FAE Update 10/9/09
Marayart Fasion House raises 61,000 Baht for Namfon

(from left) Mrs. Chutinan, Soraida from FAE and Miss Marayart

8 Oct 2009 at MCC Hall, the Mall Department Store, Bangkapi, Bangkok.
Marayart Boutique, renowned designer of girls' clothing
will hold the M (Marayart) Kid Model Contest.
Three girls, one who will win the title and the two runners up
will be the models for Miss Marayart's brand.
Contestants to pay a 500 Baht Registration fee.
All proceeds will be for Baby Namfon.
Soraida Salwala
Founder & Secretary General
Friends of the Asian Elephant



Official Presentation of Mosha's third Prosthetic Leg
Dr. Preecha, Mr. Montri (FAE Vice President), Soraida, Assoc. Prof. Therdchai and the team

Mosha says "Thank you"

Mosha has a walk outside her enclosure


FAE Update 10/05/09
Mosha's Prosthetic Legs
See how she has grown?

Mosha's Prosthetic Legs

Motala's New (2nd) Prosthetic Leg
"The Prostheses Foundation Team"
will be here to try the prosthetic legs on Mosha and Motala today at ten.
Shall send photos."

Motala and the banana trees
Beautiful Motala walked to banana trees
Click HERE to see more new photo's of Motala.


Fae Update 10.02.09
Mosha's Prosthetic Leg


While The Prostheses Foundation Team works on Mosha's Prosthetic Leg,
she chews on her old friend Palahdee's elbow...
Thank you Palahdee!

Mosha chews on Palahdee's elbow


Oct. 1, 2009
Mosha, Daughter of the Star
NHK Japan has kindly published a story of Mosha, written and illustrated by FAE Vet, Dr. Kay/Dr. Kruethong Kayan
who has painstakingly taken care of Baby Mosha all these years.
As of this date it is available in bookstores in Japan in Japanese language.
Anyone interested please contact NHK-Tokyo:
Soraida Salwala

Book about Mosha by Dr. Kruethong Kayan


FAE Update 9/30/09

Namfon 9/30/09

Namfon walked down Mosha's path 9/29/09

Namfon walks down Mosha's path   Namfon being fed


FAE Update 9/30/09
Motala sits in her shelter in the afternoon
The workers are trying to speed the construction since the storm is likely to hit the north of Thailand.
My fear of Tanthong's ailing conditions rises so we need to get Baby Mosha down to be near Motala to get acquainted to as fast as we can.
However, we could not walk Mosha down as yet, the ground is too slippery.
Motala knows Mosha will be at the new shelter because everyone keeps telling her that but where is Mosha, Motala must be wondering.
"She'll be here next to you soon, dear!"
I believe she is impatient so she walks to inspect how SOON it is going to be!

Motala sits and waits

Motala inspects the Infirmary Unit 7 being built for Baby Mosha and refuses to leave but wants to go inside,
supposedly for a thorough inspection!

Motala inspects Mosha's Infirmiry Unit


FAE Update 9.28.09
Kammee's wound is very much better, from 11.5 cm it is now 8.2 cm.
Baby Namfon drank 17.9 litres of milk yesterday.


FAE Update 9.27.09
After Thongkeaw left, Somsri left us at almost five p.m. on 27 September, 2009.
While Sidor Kammee's wound on his feet is getting better.
The Prostheses Foundation Team is in Laos now so Motala has to wait but I am sure it will not be long.
Soraida Salwala


FAE Update 9.26.09
Thongkeaw left yesterday morning at ten on Friday 25th September, 2009. We wish her all the best.
(Scroll down to see Thangkeaw's arrival)
Namfon is still excited to play with the sand but does not go into the bathtub anymore
since the weather is getting cold which is unusual this time of year.
However, we have the bonfires on to warm her and other elephants.


Mosha's New Shelter being built next to Motala's (on the left)

Mosha's New Shelter


Sept. 14, 2009
Plai Kammoon, 38 year old bull, arrived at three this morning.
His fifth nail on the front left foot was overgrown so the owner cut it off ten days ago.
Somehow half of it might be broken inside, he is in pain. We will do our best.
Soraida Salwala



Sept. 14, 2009
Tanthong is suffering from edema on her neck and up to the chin.
We are worried because she is already 77 years old.
Our new staff, Noppakorn has injured his finger with the knife he was sharpening to cut grasses into small pieces for Tanthong
since Tanthong has poor digestion.
The doctor stitched his finger, 11 stitches.
Soraida Salwala


Sept. 11, 2009
An update on Baby Namfon at Friends of the Asian Elephant
New pictures of Namfon and her keeper Chai,
playing football and bathing in her own bathtub as Motala looks on.

"Motala is quite interested in Baby Namfon.
When Namfon walked down, the baby was only looking for what was new to her.
Now, Motala is always watching the Baby and Namfon is fond of playing in the bath tub.
She is getting to know Aunty Motala, standing there, talking together and climbs into the bath once again. What a sight!"

   Namfon with her keeper, Chai  




Little Girl you've had a busy day...

Too pooped to pop, she didn't even get her back feet up on the pad


Namfon 9/8/02
Yesterday we planned to move Baby Namfon from Infirmary Unit 2 to Baby Infirmary next to Motala
but it has rained heavily so we have to wait until the rain stops.
Shall send photos.
Soraida Salwala
Namfon photos as promised 9/08/09
Namfon being escorted down to the Baby Nursery next to Motala

Baby Namfon being escorted down to the Baby Nursery next to Motala

Namfon in the Baby Infirmary Unit or Nursery next to Motala

Baby Namfon in the Baby Infirmary Unit or Nursery next to Motala  

Namfon climbing out of the bath tub recently built in the Nursery


Please take a moment to Light a Candle for Namfon and wish her strength and love, thank you, jj


Twitter Community in Bangkok raised over 40,000 Baht for FAE
at their get together on Saturday 5th September, 2009
Thank You!


FAE Update 8/31/2009

After two long days;
Motala, The Prostheses Foundation Team and Friends of the Asian Elephant
with our donors on the 16th August, 2009

Soraida is worried about baby Mosha's deformed leg
and has discussion with Dr. Preecha and Dr. Kay


Donation from the Cherilon, New City Company

News Article from May 2, 2009
Cherilon has helped the Protheses Foundation in producing big size stockings for Mosha.
The jumbo size stockings were used in the process of making the prosthetic leg, the moulding which needs special fabrics.
The human prosthetic legs colour and Mosha's look so natural because of these stockings, natural, grey, black, etc.
Motala's is to be the next elephant whom Cherilon will contribute to.


FAE Update
Aug. 29, 2009
Mosha's Prosthetic Leg Adjusted






Namfon and her keeper, Chaiher
Namfon drinks 18 - 19 liters of milk daily.
FAE 8/28/09

Namfon and Chaiher


Motala's Prosthetic leg has been repaired
FAE August 22, 2009

Motala's Prosthetic Has Been Repaired..Aug. 22, 2009

Link to Motala's Page
Link To Motala's Page


Motala, Thai elephant damages newly fitted artificial limb
Thursday, August 20, 2009
BANGKOK, Thailand (AP)
An elephant fitted with an artificial limb 10 years after stepping on a land mine has had a minor setback, damaging the device attached to her left front leg.
Soraida Salwala of the private group Friends of the Asian Elephant said Thursday that 48-year-old Motola bent the prothesis when she lay down on it.
Motola, who weighs three tons, was fitted with the custom-made device Sunday at the Elephant Hospital in Lampang, northern Thailand.
Soraida said the device was removed for repair by its makers, the Prostheses Foundation, which also produces artificial limbs for human amputees. It will be reattached on Saturday.
In 1999, Motola underwent amputation surgery after her left front foot was shredded by a land mine blast near a logging camp along the Myanmar-Thai border.
Source: SFGate.com


Motala enjoying her day out.

Motala enjoying a day out, Aug. 18, 2009

Motala walking for the second time today.

Motala walks for the second time

Motala walks on her new prosthetic leg..8/16/09


LAMPANG, Thailand
Thai Elephant Hurt by Mine Gets Artificial Leg
By APICHART WEERAWONG, Associated Press Writer – Aug. 15, 2009
Motola, a female elephant who stepped on a land mine 10 years ago and endured painful operations, was fitted Saturday in Thailand for a permanent artificial leg.
The 48-year-old pachyderm became a symbol of the plight of today's elephants, and her injury sparked international sympathy and donations.
Experts were making a cast of her injured left front leg for a plastic prosthetic limb which will be attached later Saturday.
"I do hope she will accept the new leg. It would be wonderful to see Motola and Baby Mosha walking together side-by-side," said Soraida Salwala,
secretary general of the Friends of the Asian Elephant, a non-governmental group.
Mosha, also a land mine victim, became the world's first elephant with an artificial leg, attached in 2007.
Soraida said Mosha, now a 3-year-old, is faring well and has outgrown three of her prosthetic devices.

Mosha Update 8/15/09

Mosha FAE Aug. 15, 2009

The Eyes of Thailand Updates
and Friends of the Asian Elephant

Motala and Mosha
Motala will receive first prosthetic leg 10 years after stepping on a landmine
Tomorrow (August 13, 2009)
I head to FAE in Lampang to begin filming the preparations for the prosthesis fittings this weekend.
August 15th, 2009
Today was one of those days I am reminded why I am a documentary filmmaker.
I arrived at FAE a little before 9am and Mosha’s 3rd prosthetic fitting was already underway
P.S. I will be filming in Thailand until August 24, 2009.
If you’d like to make a tax-deductible contribution to help fund the production,
please click here to donate through the film’s fiscal sponsor, The San Francisco Film Society.
Thank you!
Please stay tuned for more updates!
Windy Borman
Producer, Writer, Director, The Eyes of Thailand

August 1, 2009
Everyone is excited, we have to prepare the place for this big event.
Tents, equipments, tables for machine, electric fans, electricity should not go out during the process,
more soil to pave the ground so the container truck could be parked next to the Resting Unit to unload the heavy machines.
The baby infirmary next to Motala will be used for the doctors and technicians.
I had the constructor in yesterday to extend the roof at the infirmary. I shall send photos while the work is in progress.
Everything should be ready by next Sunday. It is breaking news here in Thailand.
I do not know if Motala will accept it but I am hopeful and pray a lot for the succcess.
I want to see her walk on four legs.
When I saw her trying to walk to Kamchan the other day, I thought "Oh dear, if only you had your lost leg!"

Date: 7/31/2009
Motala, the female elephant who stepped on a landmine across Thai border on 15th August, 1999 and has been treated, operated at FAE’s Elephant Hospital from the 18th August, 1999 and the operation on her right shattered leg on the 28th August, ten days after her arrival was successful. The artificial leg we had planned for her before the operation could not be made due to the problems of her wounds that healed rather slowly.
It has been ten years now but all these long years Motala enjoys a happy life and walks out of her shelter for a sun bath. We are very happy that the day Motala will be fitted with the prosthetic leg is two weeks away. Thanks to all concerned, individuals, well wishers and donors, contributors across the country and around the world who keep sending their concern for her. Thanks especially for the team of Asso. Prof. Therdchai Jivacate from the Prostheses Foundation who dedicate their time and efforts to make it possible for BABY MOSHA, AND NOW MOTALA.

You are cordially invited to come and witness the process and please let everyone you know learn of this good news!
Thank you.
Miss Soraida Salwala
Founder & Secretary General
Friends of the Asian Elephant
Direct Mobile : 081-936-3500, 081-838-1356
For more Info please call:
Dr. Preecha Phuangkam : 081-936-3681
Director of FAE’s Elephant Hospital
295 Moo 6, Lampang-Chiangmai Road (k.m.28-29)
Viengtan, Hangchatr, Lampang 52190


Here it comes again, good & bad news about elephants.
Subject: Elephant news from Bangkok Post
City Hall buys partially blind elephant
Published: 11/08/2009 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: News
Bangkok Post

Soraida Salwala with Pung Baukam, blind elephant.   Baukam Saved

Public donations have allowed City Hall to buy a partially blind 30-year-old elephant found begging for food on Bangkok's streets.
Pung Bua Kham will be sent to the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang as part of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's "Smiling Elephants" project. The project is aimed at rescuing all elephants roaming the streets of Bangkok within one year.
Donations are being collected from the public to buy the beasts from their owners and transport them to the state-run elephant shelter. The campaign was launched on Aug 3. Pung Bua Kham's owner agreed to sell the female elephant to City Hall for 300,000 baht. Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra said 800,000 baht was raised in just over a week. Many more elephant owners have now come forward to ask about selling their beasts, said Deputy Governor Thirachon Manomaiphiboon.
He said the BMA would continue to buy the animals and was asking for donations to be made through Krungthai Bank account No.088-0-03418-1.
Meanwhile, a five-year-old female elephant died from electrocution yesterday in Chon Buri's Muang district. Mahout Kittinan Sala-ngam said he was walking along a local road under repair with Nong Nat when the elephant stepped on a metal pipe housing electrical wires. The animal fell to the ground, went into convulsions and died about 10 minutes later.


FAE Updates from Soraida
Posted Aug. 2009

Kamchan who has been treated for cataract is going back. Her eye is clear now. We are all very happy!

Kamchan July 30. 2009

She is not growing and that makes me so worried.

Baby Namfon is not growing

Somsri who went back last month has come back. She arrived at six p.m. with the same symptoms.


Her condition remains the same.
(swollen temporal glands)

Thongkaew's condition remains the same

Site of Mosha's New Infirmary is next to Motala

Site of Mosha's new Infirmary, next to Motala.


The Last Elephants in Thailand
"Soraida, I wanted to bring you up to date with our activities.
Here is our new web site and Facebook page.


Namfon's growth since her birth on 26th April, 2009 is quite disappointing and most worrying. Her height at birth was 92 cm. now only 94 cm. Body length 98 cm., now 114 cm. Chest 116 cm, now only 122 cm. Trunk 38, now 42. Tail 62, now the same. Front feet 49, now 50. Back feet 45, now 46.   Although she drinks approx. 20-21 liters of milk each day, she does not grow fast as any other baby elephant. Her digestion is still poor but she walks around, plays, makes a lot of noise when she is hungry. This is the only thing we are happy about.


Somsri will be going back to her owner.


Another year has passed by, sick elephants have been treated and new babies have been born. Some died.
Every year we hold rites for them, remembering all of them in our prayers, blessings for the ones being treated and to all FAE staff.
We have gone through a tough year. Blessings are for our supporters too.
All the very best to all of you out there.


FAE Update
Date: 6/19/2009
Mosha's prosthetic leg had been taken to the workshop for a day to change the aluminum center piece to stainless.


Tom and Nueng from The Prosthesis Foundation have come to return the leg to Mosha.
Mosha is happy to receive her leg back and thanks her good friends.

Mosha with Tom and Nueng from The Prosthesis Foundation.

Thank you to Tom and Nueng and the whole team. Mosha has grown a lot and everyone is happy to see her.

As for Namfon, we decided not to have the wet nurse back because she cares for her baby but not Namfon.
My former plan was to have only the mother whose baby had just weaned off.
However, since Namfon now has more hope and with Mosha nearby, we shall do all our best.

Kamchan, 47 years old female has arrived. She has had a swollen left leg and a cloudy left eye for the past three days.


The other patients are the same.
Soraida Salwala
Friends of the Asian Elephant
FAE Updates Page 3


Namfon's body is filling out. She starts to climb the fence and is more lively. Our vets have more hope.
They work in shifts because Namfon has to be fed hourly. Thanks to them.
Hang in there, Namfon! Many people are praying for you!
Soraida Salwala

Baby Namfon

Please take a minute to Light A Candle for


The Prostheses Foundation has come to readjust the height of the prosthetic leg for Mosha today.
Soraida 6/10/2009



The team from The Prosthesis Foundation came to re-adjust Mosha's prosthetic leg and foot pad.
Soraida 10 June 2009


New Patient: Somsri
A new patient, Somsri, 35 years old female, who suffered from bloat and came to be treated at our hospital last year, has arrived. She has the same symptoms as Kamnoi (who had convulsion) and we are very much worried. Information given to us is quite worrisome because Somsri was chained in the same area Kamnoi was. However, Somsri is going to be given antibiotics and anti-toxin, blood sample to be sent for any toxic or chemicals. She walks fast and head pushing forward just like Kamnoi. The keeper says she has been in this condition for the past 15 days!!!!!! Fifteen days! They should have not waited this long.

Somsri   Somsri
Dr. Preecha is back from Surin and with Dr. Kay, they are trying to save three lives at one time.
Please light the candles for Namfon, Thongkeaw and Somsri, thank you.
Soraida, When you get elephants that are bloated...what is the cause? jj 9/27/2008
The four patients who came with the symptom of stomach bloat have all gone back to their owners, same tourist camp. The causes vary: some eat grasses that are too dry or too young, the elephant keepers give them food in bulk and not in portions because they do not want to get up to feed the elephants at night so the elephants eat all the food piled in front of them at the same time and not every one or two hours, some of the grass the eat has been contaminated by pesticides (either intentionally or unintentionally). The problems with the neighbours who are angry because the elephants forage in their farm land and so on. When the weather changes from warm to cold, it also affects the elephants’ digestion.



New Patient: Thongkeaw
A female elephant named Thongkeaw, age: 30 years old has arrived before sun set today (6 June 2009).
Both of her temporal glands have been swollen for the past three months, sizes : 16 x 16 c.m. and 18 x 19 c.m.
No sign of musth shown but the skin on the gland is thinning. At least she has come into our care and we shall do our best, as always.
Soraida Salwala



Mosha's Resting Rail
I have the railing for Mosha to place her right leg on so her other legs can rest and the weight will not harm her hind legs.


Mosha's Adjusted Leg
Mosha has grown taller and her prosthetic leg has been adjusted to make her front two legs the same height.



Chai, Namfon's keeper is taking care of her as he would his own baby. See how Namfon sleeps on his lap.
We still have Wonderful people in this world.
Soraida Salwala

Namfon and Chai

June 5, 2009
Re: Namfon
Today around mid morning I walked to see how Namfon was but she was
sound asleep on the mattress. I walked down smiling because what I saw
was such a warm sight. The keeper, Chai was there sleeping too on
another mattress but his head was close to Namfon's head touching
it as if he was trying to make Namfon feel secured that he is there
looking after her. Big thanks to Chai.
I am so sorry my phone camera is out of order or I would have sent pictures.
  Re: Mosha
She has grown taller and her prosthetic leg is being made to make her
front two legs on the same level. I have the railing for Mosha to
place her right leg on so other legs can rest and the weight will not
harm her two hind legs.
Soraida Salwala
Friends of the Asian Elephant


Elephant Conservation and FAE Work
I stand on the left with the walking stick, the other photos show me seated while talking on the subject of Elephant Conservation and FAE work.
Ideas Talks was filmed on the 19th May, 2009 to be aired on www.ideas.in.th but I do not know when.
The Prime Minister stands in the middle.


Rainy Season brings fresh air but bugs, insects and uninvited guests too.
We have just found a python next to Mosha's Infirmary. Put it in a sack and shall release it in the forest tomorrow.
Although not poisonous but the size as big as a man's leg is too dangerous to be near.
It is 9.40 p.m. now and the electricity has gone off again. Wind and rain. Hope there will be no more damage.


The Rehabilitation Units/Tahnee, Ekhe and Auan
FAE 5/25/2009

Tahnee, Ekhe, Auan 5/25/2009 FAE



Mosha May 25, 2009 FAE



Namfon in poor condition

Namfon urged to drink FAE
Namfon being urged to drink, May 24, 2009

Wet nurse and baby
Wet nurse and baby, May 24, 2009

Wet Nurse Boonthong and her baby, Peamai (means new year because he was born on the new year day) have arrived safely at almost 7.00 p.m.
We shall introduce them to Namfon tomorrow.
I am praying hard that both the mother and her baby would accept Namfon. I am worried about the male baby whether he would be possessive of his mother.
We are doing our best for Namfon as well as all the other elephants.
Soraida Salwala

Boonthong the WET NURSE for Namfon will be arriving this evening with her own baby
who has not been parted but already weaned off to give Namfon company while her mother will be the wet nurse.
Thanks to Mr. Teerapat the owner of Patara Farm, the elephant tourist camp, who has allowed Boonthong and her baby to come.
We are hopeful and pray that Boonthong will adopt Namfon and feed her and that her own baby would not object to it.
Thank you for your kind support,

Date: 5/17/2009
The Wet Nurse's name is Boonthong, she is 28 yrs old.

Please light a candle for Boonthong

A Wet-Nurse for Baby Namfon has been found!
Date: 5/16/2009
Since birth, three weeks ago, Baby Namfon has not gained weight and upon my request to the owner and camp owner,
a mother elephant (whose baby has just weaned)
has been found in another camp.
She will be Namfon's wet nurse. The owner of Namfon will transport the Wet-Nurse to us as soon as possible.
Pray she would adopt Namfon as her own and nurses the baby with her natural milk.
Soraida Salwala

Please light a candle for Baby Namfon

Namfon Update 4th May, 2009
Namfon being fed.
She has not gained weight and the hip bones are showing although she is fed with a lot of milk daily.

Namfon Being Fed Fae 2009


2nd May, 2009
Soraida presented with the painting of Mosha in the forest.
The presenter is the Managing Director of New City Co., Ltd. the producer of Cherilon.

Painting..Mosha in the Forest

Cherilon has helped the Protheses Foundation in producing big size stockings for Mosha. The jumbo size stockings were used in the process of making the prosthetic leg, the moulding which needs special fabrics. The human prosthetic legs colour and Mosha's look so natural because of these stockings, natural, grey, black, etc. Motala's is to be the next elephant whom Cherilon will contribute to.


Update 5/3/2009
Plai Noi has just left an hour ago, going back to his owner where he works in the tourist camp.
Jokia left a month ago.


Walk with Cherilon
Yesterday, an event called "Walk with Cherilon"
held a fashion show of their stockings with an exhibition of Mosha and a VDO of how she walks and been fitted with the prosthetic leg.
She is loved by all and FAE appreciates it.

Cherilon Leaflet

Cherilon Stockings contributes big stockings for the use in making Baby Mosha's Prosthetic Leg to the Prostheses Foundation on 2nd May, 2009.
Photo shows Soraida standing next to Baby Mosha Replica (flowers made from stockings).
Paintings of Mosha were in contest and the winner's will be screened on t-shirts. Proceeds are to help Mosha.

Soraida Salwala


After the storm
Rains have the trees at their best.
Do you see Motala?

do you see Motala?


Namfon 4/30/09

Namfon being fed  FAE

Namfon sound asleep

Boonpan will go back soon since she has completely abandoned her baby Namfon. Poor Baby!

Boonpan delivers Namfron
'Namfon' meaning rain water because she was born after the storm.
26th April, 2009

Boonpan Delivers Namfon

Soraida & Motala watch as Namfon is taken to Infirmary Unit One, away from her mother.   Welcome Baby Namfon Namfon fed by syringe ball
Namfon fed with the her mother's milk by syringe ball because Boonpan, her mother rejected her
Namfon being measured

We have faced a real problem, Boonpan refuses to nurse her baby trying to hurt (or kill) at every chance.
Dr. Preecha gave her injections to calm down so we could sqeeze the collestrum from her to feed 'Namfon' (meaning rain water because she was born after the storm)
until now we have to feed her with milk from milk powder. We tried to persuade Boonpan to recognize her own baby but her behaviour this morning was the intention to kill. They have to stay in different Infirmaries away from each other. It might take days or weeks and if Boonpan completely rejects her we have to feed Namfon with powdered milk for the next two years.
Boonpan killed her first offspring and this is her second. We would not risk the baby's life and shall do our best to make the two happy.

Boonpan gave birth to a healthy female baby at 2.30 p.m. on Sunday 26th April, 2009

We moved Boonpan into the Nursery because the sun light was too strong.

Boonpan in Nursery

Boonpan April 25, 2009
Boonpan has been in labour since 3:00 a.m. today,

Boonpan in Labour


Storm 4/25/2009
Our National TV warned us at three p.m. about the storm and I alerted Dr. Kay to tell everyone but within seconds the storm hit us.
I was closing windows and it helped me close all of them, such strength.
Boonpan was standing in the middle of it but we managed to walk her into the nursery. No electricity and with the baby due, we are all in chaos.
The exhibition and souvenirs, vet house damaged, trees and the electrical post outside was dangling.





30 Apr 2009
Tademae has reached Chiangmai

Tademae 23rd April, 2009

Ta-de-Mae, male Mahkna

"The owner of TADEMAE arrived late afternoon today and I had a long talk with him. I asked him if Tademae refused again to go on the truck what he would do.
"Walk him back", he replied. “And where can he drink and eat, it would take at least three days”, I asked. He was silent and said he had not thought about it.
So, I set plan A, the truck and if he refused to go on it, we had to stop and they should stay at FAE until plan B tomorrow.
Of course, TADEMAE outsmarted everyone, tranquilizer did not let him change his mind not to go on the truck ever again.
The owner wanted my Plan B today instead of tomorrow, all right, so I ordered food for TADEMAE to be put on the owner’s pick-up truck,
a tank with clean water for him to drink, food for the six persons (sticky rice, fried pork, omelette in individual plastic bags,
so they could have their dinner easily) before they would pass the big mountain.
The route was planned earlier, villages to villages, the villagers will be more than glad to help to let them sleep near the village en route but they have to avoid traffic and hot highway.
I talked to Tademae, promising him I would visit him as soon as I could. He blinked his eyelids as if to say “Thank You”, I saw a tear drop when he passed and walked away along the small road of our hospital, out of sight……..but never out of my mind.
So long, TADEMAE! Bon Voyage!
With tears,
23rd April, 2009

(pictures are mouse-over-able)

Tademae Protests Leaving FAE   Tademae lies down in protest

Tademae's food for 3 day journey supplied by FAE   But Tademae must leave FAE

Tademae's journey begins   Tademae's long road home


"I was astounded to hear that the owner of Ta-de-Mae,
not the camp owner, will walk him back home today.
I am opposed because in this 42c it is impossible.
Both man and elephant would suffer from heat stroke.
He then decides to walk during the night, that is also dangerous.
The elephant might be hit by trucks or cars en route.
I am so upset, please look at Ta-de-Mae, he is happy."

Ta-de-Mae Update
"I am glad he will be here with us. He has enough food to eat and water to drink.
When I learned he fainted, I knew he must have not enough to eat and shade from the hot sun.
Lampang is the hottest spot now, esp. here 42C."
"The truck arrived an hour ago to transport Ta-de-Mae back but he refused to go on the truck.
He did a big protest and lied down on the ground so we decided to let him stay on and probably will have to walk him back
because he is scared of getting on a truck.
Dr. Preecha does not wish to give him tranquilizer because the weather is very hot and it might cause an unpleasant outcome.
So, Ta-de-Mae will stay with us until he is ready to go."
Ta-de-Mae, a Mahkna (tuskless elephant) who fainted three times from exhaustion.

Ta de Mae, Mahkna


Tahnee 25th April, 2009
Tahnee refuses to eat or drink, again.


After the whole day work to revive Tahnee, we have succeeded even though I am still worried because she has difficulty walking but she finally eats and drinks.
From nine to five, we gave her 30 litres of D10S and vitamin and injections.
She kept opening her mouth as a sigh of pain and we clearly saw her stomach area moving as if the intestines are twisting.

Tahnee 4/21/09
Beautiful Tahnee is a permanent resident of
FAE/Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital

Tahnee in pain

"Tahnee arrived fourteen years ago from pregnancy and the illegal logger wanted to sell her.
FAE, with the help from the public donation bought her from him for fear he might sell the baby once Tahnee delivered.
But time had proved it was a false pregnancy and we have saved her from the abusive and tough work.
Although the ID card says she was only 21 years when we bought her back in 1995, we think she is older than that.
Tahnee has chronic anemia and since yesterday (21 April 2009) she has shown sign of abdominal pains, opening her mouth.
Today we will continue to give her injections and fluids. Her diets have changed to chopped grass to lessen the indigestion.
She is aging a lot more, her kidneys (not liver) are not functioning well.
We are doing our best to lessen her pain."
Soraida Salwala

"Tahnee showed sign of abdominal pain so we walked her to unit 3
but she could not walk longer so I led her to the resting unit.
Intravenous, injections are being given.
Twenty third bottle of D10S and B being given at 3.00 p.m.
All will be thirty litres, now the 23rd is being given to Tahnee.
Very sweet of Motala to look on to Tahnee for eight hours to cheer her up
and only lay down twice for a short while during those long hours.
Tahnee wants to walk up to greet Motala too".
Soraida Salwala


  Tahnee walks to Motala

Tahnee 2008

Tahnee 2008   Tahnee and Soraida, 2008



The Elephant Conservation Center blocks road to FAE, Again

The Elephant Conservation Center blocks road to FAE, Again


Sad News: New Baby Patient on her way to FAE
We were informed at four p.m. that a five year old elephant had severe diarrhea and they would transport her to us.
The Baby was on the truck only forty kilometers away from FAE's Elephant Hospital when she died just now at 8.50 p.m.
We are deeply sorry for this great loss. Another candle will be lit. May she join the others in heaven above and be happy among her friends.
Soraida Salwala
Friends of the Asian Elephant

4 April 2009
"When Mosha walks I have noticed something is wrong on Mosha's right hind leg. She has no pain, no swelling but it is as if her weight makes it difficult for her knee to hold. I shall try to send the VDO clip later. The X-ray is scheduled this afternoon. I am preparing myself, the vets and the staff for the worst (if Mosha's legs could no longer bear her weight), she would not be able to stand. For the past few days Mosha has some difficulties standing up. Poor Baby! How she loves to walk, to run, to climb the fenced area to show the strength she has but she does not know what is happening. She sees other elephants come and go but Granny Tanthong is always there, Palahdee is there , Mother is always there for her, comforting her.
She loves to see people visiting her, talking to her. She is a happy baby, loved by all. We shall do our best, please join us to pray for Mosha that she will grow and survive. She fought for her life when she was seven months old. She is now almost four and may we pray she will enjoy more years of happy life with us, Friends of the Asian Elephant.
Please forward to as many people as you can.
FAE needs support so we could help, not only Mosha but other unfortunate elephants too.
Thank you very much.
Soraida Salwala

Mosha's x-rays April 4, 2009   Mosha's x-rays were unclear


Two Sick Elephants Arrive
13th April, 2009
The unrest and chaotic situation in Thailand has caused difficulties in transporting sick elephants to FAE's Elephant Hospital in Lampang. The protesters have blocked the highways on Lampang-Chiangmai Road. One elephant was coming from Chiangmai and the other one from south of Lampang, two different directions. There are blockades on both highways. The good policemen had kindly advised the other routes and the truck transporting one elephant had flat tyre from the rough track they took to avoid the protesters on the highway. However, both elephants arrived at 2 this morning, six hours behind schedule but both the elephants and the truck drivers and elephant keepers are safe. Thanks to the police for their kind hearts. I was ready to go to the protesters' blockade points on the highway if the protesters did not allow the trucks transporting them to pass. We had called them to warn them of the blockades and lucky the police helped to instruct the other routes, though rough ones.
Hope the situation would resume peaceful and Land of Smiles back to Thailand soon.

Two Sick Elephants
Plai Noi injured by attacks from another tusker.
Ta-de-Mae, a Mahkna (tuskless elephant) who fainted three times from exhaustion

Plainoi FAE 2009   Ta de Mae Mahkna



FAE Update Plai Thongdee 4/1/2009
The truck and Thongdee's owners came to transport him back. The truck left at 9.20 p.m. Thongdee did not see that Jokia looked on and Baby Mosha whimpered as if she was protesting another uncle going away again and rushed to her playground near Tanthong. Granny Tanthong rumbled and Mosha responded. May be she was comforting Mosha "We are your family, and we will never leave you". Thank you Tanthong for being here for Mosha.

FAE New Patient Plai Thongdee, 45 years old 3/3/2009
New Patient arrived yesterday the 3rd of March, 2009. Dr. Preecha had gone to see him in the forest on emergency call on the 2nd, the owner found him unconcious. Dr. Preecha and Charan quickly left, it was over 140 kilometers away but deep in the forest for another long way. Dr. Preecha gave him intravenous, 23 litres in all and instructed the owner to take the elephant to our hospital. It was told that the elephant was left in the forest to forage for food during dry season and was attacked by another bull apparently in musth. No wounds but he is suffering from severe pains, so all the medicines, injections have been given and pray that he does not have any broken bones. More details will follow... Dry season in Thailand is getting worse, no water in some areas while it rains heavily in others. In April, the temperature at our hospital will rise to 44-45 celcius. At the moment smokes are harming everyone from so-called forest fires. Most of these fires are caused by humans. If they cared for the others as well as themselves, this world would be a better place to live.


Jokia Update
31st March, 2009
"This morning at five a.m. Jokia cried so I went up to see and found she was hungry. After being fed with chopped grasses, Jokia cries no more. If you could recall, Jokia is blind on one eye. She showed sign of abdominal pain, opened her mouth and restless so the owner decided to send her to our hospital. I was told months ago that she was pregnant but we need to confirm that later after the tests and signs of maternity".
Soraida Salwala

Jokia Update
"Jokia who gave birth to a very lovely baby elephant which we named BB many years ago,
has fallen ill. We expect Jokia to arrive here around 10 p.m. tonight."

From: Soraida Salwala [FAE]
Date: 3/14/2004
Baby elephant at FAE's Elephant Hospital
BB & her mom, Jokia

BB and Jokia, 3.14.04 FAE


FAE Update 3/26/09
King Cobra 3.5 meters weighed 6 kg. found after FAE reported to the police
After FAE reported to the police on Wednesday 24th of March, 2009 that our sign which says 'We are not part of the Elephant Centre', was damaged, a new sign was delivered to FAE's Elephant Hospital by the staff of the Centre within 24 hours after the complaint. Today at 7.15 p.m. our staff found the snake and one rushed to get the gun and I got the pistol. The snake was shot dead. Five elephants are in that area including the four permanant residents, Motala, Tahnee, Auan, Ekhe and an expecting mother elephant, Boonton. We do hope that these foul plays would cease. Please help, the whole world should know this. If they want me dead, they should come out confronting me and not hurting the elephants and the staff. It is horrible indeed.


Baby Elephant Mosha
injured by landmine when she was only seven months in 2006
Friends of The Asian Elephant/FAE/Thailand
(Obviously Mosha was Cleopatra in a former life)

Photo By Laathi

Photo Source

Friday, March 20, 2009
Landmine Victim Mosha
is back on the jungle trail again thanks to her jumbo-sized prosthetic leg.
Close to death, Mosha was rescued and brought to the Friends of the Asian Elephant hospital in Lampang, Thailand, where she became the first elephant in the world to be fitted with a prosthetic leg in 2007. Now aged three, Mosha is growing at such a rate she has now been fitted with a second prosthetic leg. Her home in the tropical jungle of northern Thailand, near the Cambodian border, is an orphanage for elephants. The gentle giants are the new symbol of the fight against the banned weapons. Mosha is a resident of the Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital in Lampang, Thailand. Watch video of Mosha trying out her new leg

Mosha and Palahdee
Feb. 2009

Mosha and a, friends
Mosha and Palahdee, good friends.

Mosha and Palahdee, shower time
Mosha and Palahdee, Mosha's shower time

Mosha and Palahdee, nap time
Mosha and Palahdee, Mosha's nap time


Boontan 3/14/09
Boontan who is 22 months pregnant arrived yesterday. This is her second baby. The first one died because she stepped on the baby at birth. There is a 24 hour watch on her as the delivery might be any time soon. However, she has not lactated yet but she did cry out loud the day before she came. The owner then decided to bring her to FAE.
Soraida Salwala


FAE New Patient 3/3/2009
Plai Thongdee, 45 years old
New Patient arrived yesterday the 3rd of March, 2009. Dr. Preecha had gone to see him in the forest on emergency call on the 2nd, the owner found him unconcious. Dr. Preecha and Charan quickly left, it was over 140 kilometers away but deep in the forest for another long way. Dr. Preecha gave him intravenous, 23 litres in all and instructed the owner to take the elephant to our hospital. It was told that the elephant was left in the forest to forage for food during dry season and was attacked by another bull apparently in musth. No wounds but he is suffering from severe pains, so all the medicines, injections have been given and pray that he does not have any broken bones. More details will follow...
Dry season in Thailand is getting worse, no water in some areas while it rains heavily in others. In April, the temperature at our hospital will rise to 44-45 celcius. At the moment smokes are harming everyone from so-called forest fires. Most of these fires are caused by humans. If they cared for the others as well as themselves, this world would be a better place to live.


Urban Elephants Ply Bangkok Streets in Search of Tourist Dollars
Elephants plod the streets of Bangkok where their handlers use them to beg for money.
It's a hard life, and campaigners say they are often vulnerable to injury.

Urban Elephants Ply Bangkok Streets in Search of Tourist Dollars
By Claire Truscott, AFP 24-2-09
BANGKOK - A drunken tourist staggers about as he repeatedly drops his bags of elephant feed on Bangkok's Soi Cowboy boulevard. Beneath the neon lights advertising Thailand's bars and bargirls, the man teases the two-year-old elephant as the beast tries to coax a few sugarcane snacks from his shaking hands. Finally the distressed elephant lets out a cry and her handlers pull her down the street to the next group of paying tourists.
"They get beaten because they're tired, they don't want to walk, it's one o'clock in the morning," said Soraida Salwala who runs a charity to rescue elephants such as this one.
Elephants first arrived in Thailand's cities about 40 years ago when the Tourism Authority of Thailand brought a number of them to Bangkok for an exhibition to attract visitors to the kingdom. Once the elephant owners realised their money-making potential, they started coming to the cities more often.
In 1993 there were fewer than ten elephants on Bangkok's streets. Now, says Soraida, about 100 regularly come to Bangkok, and more than 1,000 are used for profit in cities nationwide. The demand is so great that elephants are also smuggled in from abroad. A report released by wildlife charity TRAFFIC last month revealed that more than 250 live animals had been smuggled from neighbouring Myanmar in the past decade, in contravention of national and international laws.
"Females and juvenile elephants are particularly targeted to supply the demand from the tourism industry in Thailand," said Chris Shepherd, senior programme officer with TRAFFIC.
Soraida, who set up Thailand's Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) in 1993, said there are now only 4,600 wild and captive elephants left in Thailand, compared to some 40,000 50 years ago.
Car fumes and narrow streets often leave the elephants with eye callouses and tuberculosis and make them vulnerable to leg injuries, said Soraida, who treats some of the animals at an elephant hospital she founded in northern Lampang province.
The owners, mainly from Thailand's impoverished northeast, defend their actions as necessary for their survival.
Muang Salangam, 59, from northeast Surin province, says his 29-year- old elephant "Nam-whan" earns him up to 1,000 baht (29 US dollars) walking 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) a day. That compares favourably to the average monthly salary in factories of 7,329 baht per month (200 dollars) in the last quarter of 2007, according to the National Statistical Office. "I have to bring my elephant to Bangkok because I have no money at home," Muang told AFP at his campsite behind a car park off a main Bangkok highway.
"Some people condemn me for bringing my elephant to Bangkok but I tell them if we stay there, we and the elephants will starve. I tell them there's no food over there, it's difficult."
Soraida bemoans a lack of government support in dealing with the problem. TRAFFIC said that despite its findings on the Myanmar border, no cross-border trade of live elephants had been reported to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (cites.org) by either Myanmar or Thailand.
More than a dozen laws exist in Thailand for prosecuting elephant handlers, know as mahouts, in legislative areas as varied as transportation and public health, said Soraida.
But though a police task force set up in 2006 periodically sweeps the streets for elephants, they continue to ply the tourist trade. Two government projects that aimed to take elephants back to the countryside have also failed, with one in 2002 that encouraged elephants to work as scouts in national parks canned due to a lack of funding.
Another project in 2006 failed to encourage mahouts to return to Surin province with the offer of a monthly wage of 12,000 baht because, Soraida said, the handlers rent the elephants and so would not receive the money themselves.
She is not hopeful change will come but vowed to continue her fight to rid the urban streets of elephants. "The government doesn't really care," she said. "But we cannot have them as beggars on the road."


ABC News
Thai Doctor Outfits Baby Elephant With Prosthetic Leg
MOSHA Lost Leg to a Landmine in 2006
Has Since Gained a Leg and Confidence
Feb. 15, 2009
MOSHA was only 7 months old when she stepped on a landmine on the Thai-Burmese border.
The explosion severely injured her right front leg, which was later amputated. For two years afterward, she limited her physical and social development by stumbling around on three legs.
Thousands of Thais have been injured due to landmines leftover from boarder conflicts, especially from those with Cambodia. A recent survey estimated there are about 100 new mine casualties each year.
Animals are threatened, too. Mosha is a resident of the World's First Elephant Hospital in Lampang, Thailand. She is currently one of many patients treated there, with fellow elephants suffering sicknesses from infection to broken bones to knife wounds.
Doctors feared the worst for Mosha until she had a chance meeting with Dr. Therdchai Jivacate, who runs a foundation for human amputees. Jivacate knew that Mosha could not survive as she grew heavier with age.
"When she cannot walk, she is going to die," he said.
PHOTOS: Baby Elephant Gets New Leg
VIDEO: Baby Elephant Gets New Limb (after the commercial)
Links added by JodysJungle.com


FAE Updates Feb. 17, 2009:
Pung Kammee who had wounds on her lower leg is recovered and will be returning to her owner today.
Pung Noi has passed out the bits and piece of placenta and cord as of today, 33.8 kg.


Shy Motala meets FAE Board

Shy Motala meets FAE Board
From left, Mr. Montri, Motala, Assoc. Prof. Sayam, Senator Varin.

Then, Motala recognizes her old friends and poses happily with them.

Motala and old friends


The Eyes of Thailand
“U.S. documentary features the Friends of the Asian Elephant”
In 1993, Thailand boasted 40,000 Thai Asian Elephants. Fourteen years later, there were less than 2,600 left in captivity. In response to this staggering decline, a North American theatre company, known as “The Chiang Mai Project”, traveled to northern Thailand to raise international awareness about the rapid extinction of one of Thailand’s national icons. Once there, they learned that not only are the Thai Asian Elephants endangered, but the remaining elephants are overworked, abused, or disfigured from landmine injuries. Soraida Salwala, the passionate founder of the Friends of the Asian Elephant, continues to risk her life every day to treat and protect the elephants from further abuse at the first ever Elephant Hospital. Witnessing her tireless commitment, love and determination, the actors began to look at the world, their lives, and their craft from a new perspective.
Produced, Written and Directed by Windy Borman, with music provided by Singer/Songwriter Amie Penwell, D.V.A. Productions presents a documentary that asks you to question your ideas, believe art can change lives, and look at the world through “The Eyes of Thailand.”
View the film’s trailer at:


Pung Noi Update
Pung Noi cried out so loud and everyone rushed down. A big piece of placenta and the umbilical cord passed out from her. It weighs 22 kilogrammes plus what had passed out it bits and pieces (6.5 kg.) before they weigh 28.5 kg. Thirty eight days after the birth of her dead baby, Pung Noi, we wish you rapid recovery!


The postmortem took over three hours. The intestines were blocked with 30 kg. dung of vines and rice grains. All dried. Simply meant Thongmee was left in the forest with no water and food. The owner claimed he checked on him every morning and fed him with rice grains. And I presume not enough water!
Before Thongmee died, just five minutes before he collapsed, Somchai was on the scaffolding giving the fluids, Thongmee became restless and the trainee on probation hit him with a hook on the trunk. I yelled at him "I'll deal with you later".The police came to see him pack his things and accompanied him to leave.
When Thongmee was on the floor, I asked Dr. Kay to check his pulse knowing so well he was dying before my eyes. 'Dr. Kay, please check his eyes', anti-shock and everything else being given while I was talking to him, 'Thong! Thong! We are helping you. Do not cry' his tears rolled down. He was looking at me and then he was gone.
Soraida Salwala


Friends of the Asian Elephant/FAE
January 30, 2009

UncleTa Visits Tanthong

Uncle Ta visited Tanthong today after he helped with the last rites for Thongmee. The old man used to be FAE staff and was in charge of Tanthong for many years. He lost one eye in an accident and had to leave his post for he could not see clearly. He lives nearby and raises cattle for his living and is always ready to come and perform this special rite for the elephants who were less fortunate.
Thank you Uncle Ta!


New Patient Thongmee arrived on 29 Jan 2009

Thongmee was bloated. He was over sixty years old and quite aggressive, the owner had warned us. So, when Dr. Kay gave him the injections, Somchai was on guard making sure the hind leg would not reach Dr. Kay if he kicked. I watched and moved around to ensure everyone took safety first.

Thongmee, sixty year old male is bloated.
Photo shows Dr. Kay trying to take temperature.

Dr. Kay is trying to find the vein for the intravenous.

Sad News 1/30/2009
Thongmee (not Thongdee, I was given the wrong name) our new patient who arrived last night from bloated stomach died at 2.44 p.m. today 30 Jan, 2009. Thongmee had been fed with rice grains which should not be given to an elephant this age. Their digestion is poor.

When he collapsed, Dr. Kay quickly gave anti-shock, adrenaline but nothing worked.
His last breath was at 2:44 p.m. 30 Jan 2009.

We all feel very sad. Everyone was up the whole night giving him intravenous.
Poor Thongmee. The owner is taking him back and Dr. Kay will perform the postmortem.

While the old man performed the traditional last rites for Thongdee for his free spirit to be at peace, Kammee and Kammuen standing at the back further stood there as their lives must go on. Hardship might be awaiting them in the future but not now, not here when they are with us. We are doing our utmost to lessen their pains.
Sorry, Thongmee! I wish we could have saved you too!
Rest well! Tell Baanyen, Kamnoi, baby Toansai and the others you will be meeting that all of us miss them.
Goodbye! You will always be in my memories.
Soraida and all at FAE


Pung Noi Update 1/28/09
Pung Noi has passed the placenta and the cord, altogether approx 4.5 kilograms. She is eating, sleeping well and her temperament is good. She walks outside and spends the night in the open fenced area behind Motala.


Dear Miss Jody:
I have heard good news from Elephant Parade
The donation from the proceeds from the Elephant Parade held in Belgium for FAE is 63,496.83 Euros. Thank you so much, thank you and thank you to Mr. Marc and Mr. Mike Spits, all at the Elephant Parade, the Mayor of Antwerp and everyone who auctioned the art pieces.
Soraida Salwala


Pung Noi Update
FAE 1/25/2009

Pung Noi FAE January 25, 2009

"For the past three weeks, parts of the placenta and maybe the umbilical cord
have come out in bits and in fluid forms. All have weighed only approx. two kg."
Pung Noi 12/29/2008
Pung Noi had the delivery at 4.10 a.m. but with a dead male baby. That was why it took so long and Noi is standing there mourning her baby beside her. She needs time to mourn before we perform the necessary procedure. I was afraid the baby died after she jumped off the truck, let's wait and see. I shall write as soon as I know. I am feeling devastated. She started to show signs and cried out loud on Christmas Eve and until 30th December as the year 2008 is slipping away, her baby slipped away before the new year began. Sorrow is among us, no one uttered a word just looked at the motionless body. You can put this news on the site. We are so sorry, sooooooo......sorry!
Before burying Pung Noi's baby boy, Soraida named him 'Toansai' which means "Banyon Tree"


Date: 1/25/2009
Kammee's wound: 15 x 15 cm

FAE Kammee 1/25/08

Pung Kammee
New Patient

Pung Kammee 2009 FAE
Pung Kammee walked off the truck.
Pung Kammee (age unknown) arrived at 4.30 p.m. today.
She has a swollen wound on her front right ankle.


Added January 23, 2009
Press Release from 2005 Regarding Wildlife Trade
Of Interest and Still Relevant
The press release below is given by Masayuki Sakamoto, who serves as both the chairman of the Asian Conservation Alliance (ACA) and the Secretary General of JWCS. ACA and JWCS have their headquarters in the same building and work together as member organizations.
Immediate Press Release
Why do Governments fail to understand the threat to the Royal Thai elephant?
Australian and Japanese governments permit the import of live elephants.
Tokyo 22nd July 2005
In one of the most shocking incidents, the Government of Australia has allowed the import of 8 elephants from Thailand on Wednesday, 20th July 2005, and on Thursday' 21st July 2005 the Royal Government of Thailand has allowed the export of 2 of its Elephants to Japan, rejecting the concerns of policy makers and environmentalists.
Asian Conservation Alliance, a network of 43 NGO’s in Asia and distributed in 14 countries, regards this as one of the major threat to biodiversity of the South East Asian region and believes that this would trigger more illegal trafficking of elephants from nearby regions like Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.
The chairman of Asian Conservation Alliance, Mr. Masayuki Sakamoto, reiterated the need for continuous efforts on abiding to international environmental policies related to wildlife trade and stressed the importance of species conservation and maintenance in its own habitat. He further said that, Scientific studies have proved that, trying to breed elephants in Australian or Japanese Zoos will not help to save the endangered Asian elephant as it will do nothing to address loss of key habitats, human-animal conflict and illegal poaching.
The United Nations ‘Millennium ecosystem assessment report’ which was released on the 23rd March 2005 from Tokyo reveals that, over the past few hundred years, humans have increased the species extinction rate by as much as 1000 times and, it further explains that, between 10% and 30% of mammal, bird and amphibian species are threatened with extinction. As scientific community has raised the importance of conservation, it is surprising to see governments making irrational decisions and thus undermining the efforts of any conservation movement.
SORAIDA SALWALA, steering committee member of ACA and founder of FRIENDS OF THE ASIAN ELEPHANT/FAE said the move by developed nations to exploit the wildlife of Asia and particularly, South East Asia is catastrophic and has no scientific justification. Ms Salwala says she is surprised on why developed nations like Japan and Australia fail to understand the importance of conservation of wildlife, especially when illegal poaching in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos are getting more rampant. The trade demand to rich western nations and Japan has instigated poachers and illegal mafia to enter into this lucrative trade.
Asian Conservation Alliance in its earlier report, ‘Thai Elephant Trade
A threat to the CITES implementation process’, released during the CITES CoP 13 meeting in Bangkok last October, had revealed the consequence of live elephant trade. Since then, ACA has been actively campaigning for banning trade of live elephants from Thailand to the developed world.


At FAE's Elephant Hospital on Wednesday 21st January, 2009,
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Therdchai presented the second Prosthetic Leg for Mosha.

Dr. Preecha, Soraida Salwala with Mosha's second prosthetic leg, Dr. Therdchai, Dr. Kay

Photo shows the 2nd Prosthetic on the left and the first one in the glass case on the right.

Mosha and her new leg.

Mosha and her new leg

Mosha walking backwards


On the 9th of June in 2006, we received a phone call from the owner of Mobra (the elephant who stepped on a landmine and was treated at FAE’s Elephant Hospital years before) that a baby elephant had stepped on a landmine in Myanmar just across the border of Tak Province. We asked him to quickly transport the baby and the Mother elephant as well even though she was not injured. I was so worried that I sent our vet and staff over and they met on the way to accompany the baby and her mother to our hospital. They arrived at 02.15 a.m. on 11 June.

We were shocked to see how young the baby was. She was only seven months old. Poor Baby was so little and her right front leg was totally shattered, severe beyond explanation.

The injuries were like those of Motala’s but Motala’s was on the left front leg. There was no foot pad left, finger bones were dangling. Since the baby had no name and she arrived with the stars up in the dark sky, I named her “Mosha” which means “The Star” in Karen language. From that moment on, Mosha has proved to be the star in all our hearts.

We tended her wounds, giving all the necessary medicines by grinding them in jam and feeding to her. This was the way to avoid stress on Mosha (if we gave her injections) who was already in great pain. She still needed her mother’s milk that was why the Mother’s presence was important but also difficult for us to be near the baby.

We expanded the fence to give more space for Mosha to exercise after the wounds were completely healed. Mogreygay finally felt secure and got some sleep. This is a beautiful photo. Mogreygay was the mother of the year!

Somehow we managed to befriend the Mother, Mogreygay but still she was not feeling secure. She never lay down to sleep but stood there with her baby under her belly or Mosha slept next to one of her feet, a guarding mother indeed.  
June passed into July, Mosha had difficulty getting up and was less active. She was not responding to the treatment. Her chance of survival was then very slim, we then issued the statement telling the public through the media. We would continue to do our best to save her.  
On the 8th July, 2006, Mr. Yusubkan Pearnrak contacted me and wished to come and visit Mosha. I welcomed him and we had a long talk. Mr. Yusubkhan proposed to contribute the herbal medicines, fresh ones to treat Baby Mosha’s wounds.
Dr. Preecha was reluctant but I told him we had to give Mosha the chance. If the medicinal herbs did not help, then we would know deep down we had done our very best. That day Mosha was already between life and death.

We started applying these herbs on the wounds, within a few hours Mosha stood up and showed sign of less pain. However, we still continued with the antibiotics and painkiller in the jam until the 17 July, 2006.

With all the process mentioned, the wound dressings in the basin was a daily task and Mosha knew it. She would walk and stood inside the basin waiting for Dr. Kay to come and soothe her pains. After the use of medicinal herbs for fifty-one days (27 August, 2006), the pus was less, new tissues came, new skin was growing and the wounds completely healed.  
Mogreygay began to push Baby Mosha away many times and we knew they were signs showing that it was the weaning period. I quickly talked to the contractor, planned Mosha's Infirmary and added the playground to have all built and finished before the mother went back. I wanted Mosha to walk there with her mother, familiarizing the new small world and sense it with her mother around. It was indeed a sad episode for me planning all the parting sequences. Dr.Preecha, Dr. Kay and I were engaged in serious talks daily."

Then came the day she was weaned and her mother, Mogreygay, had to return to her owners. 12th December, 2007 was a sad day for both. Mosha seemed to sense something was going to happen and stood next to her mother for fear she might be walking away somewhere. Dr. Preecha had to use medicines on both of them. Mosha had a sound sleep while her mother was ready to step on the truck, one last look from Mogreygay and she departed to an unknown destination.  
Mosha was donated to FAE and we wish we could keep the mother too but Mosha needed to be tended to closely. We could not do that with the mother around on guard. Our staff stayed with Mosha 24 hours and I found Mosha a nanny which is Granny Tanthong, a 76 years old elephant who has taken Mosha as a great grandmother would.  
We prepared Mosha for the prostheses by fitting her with the preprostheses leg so she would be familiar with having something on that leg after she could put her whole weight on that injured leg on the mattresses we had made especially for her. On the 23rd February, 2008 on Mosha was getting to walking on the walking aid and on the 9th June 2008, the first elephant prosthetic leg was made for Mosha by the Prostheses Foundation. She loved that leg so much, she walked proudly on it and tears filled my eyes. The prosthetic leg had to be enlarged 4-5 times from June to October and on the 10th January, 2009, the second one is made and now in the process of making it to fit Mosha.  
“BABY MOSHA, you are now standing high, my dear baby. Be strong!” I whisper to her. Other elephants may not have the chance Mosha has but we are always prepared. No matter what the future will bring, Mosha is one of the stars in our hearts who never ceases to bring us JOY and SURPRISES!

Thank you so much for everyone for their involvement in making the impossible possible for MOSHA and other elephants under FAE’s care. Thank you immensely.
Soraida Salwala
Friends of the Asian Elephant
A Thai Registered Charity which has built the World’s first elephant hospital in Lampang, Thailand
18th January, 2009


Jintara Update
January 22, 2009

Jintara is eating well now but rather slow.
She is over fifty years old, judging from the form of her head, ears and skin.

Jintara arrives @ FAE
January 17, 2009
Jintara, an elderly female elephant (age unknown) arrived around five thirty on 17th January, 2009.
She has not eaten well for three days.

Jintara arrives at FAE

Jintara, FAE. 1.17.09


Kammuen Update
Dear Soraida,
can you tell me how Dr. Preecha feels about Kammuen's swollen leg and loosened tusk, is there infection?
Regarding Kammuen, Dr. Preecha, Dr. Kay and I had a meeting today over several cases, Pung Noi, Kammuen and Jintara. Dr. Preecha says the infection on Kammuen has been controlled and the full dosages of anti-infection and anti-inflammation have been given but the inflammation is still worrying. We use warm compression daily to reduce it. Dr. Preecha explains that the tusks are the first front teeth of the elephants so it is the same as human having a toothache. However, tests will be performed to make sure the infection does not come back. Kammuen sleeps well and eats well and enjoys the warm sun since it is chillingly cold here.

January 17, 2009

Kammuen. FAE. January, 2009   Kammuen. FAE. January 2009
On Friday the 26th December, Kammuen arrived at FAE at five p.m.
He slipped and fell down on his left side. The leg is swollen and his tusk has loosened.
Dr. Preecha is worried that it might have severe infection and inflammation.


Dr. Preecha Phuangkum DVM:
Co-Founder of FAE/Director of Medical Service to FAE's Elephant Hospital
(the world's first)

Dr. Preecha
We always see Dr. Preecha with cameras as well as needles. He has the expertise of one who knows all about elephants in Thailand. He is named 'Elephant Specialist' by IUCN and well known the world over for his experience with elephants. Dr. Preecha does not speak much but he is a good story teller especially around a bonfire on the cold night. Once he starts, you would not want to hear it ends. Stories about elephants are so much and do remember, an elephant never forgets. So, beware! They recognize him well. Every time Dr. Preecha approaches any elephant with his hands behind his back, the syringe is there ready to give a shot. Off, some of them just run away or hide behind a tree, thinking the doctor cannot see her now but no, her body is bigger than that small tree. I almost laughed aloud.
Another big applaude, without Dr. Preecha's help, FAE could not have saved the elephants.

Mr. Janadol Panthong:
FAE IT Adviser

Mr. Janadol
Mr. Janadol or Khun Boy has been a great teacher to me, teaching how to use all the modern devices I have been using to speed the work, PALM, Mobile phones, Notebook. Teach and helps install the programme on our computers. Moreover, he helps teach the staff about wi-fi, walkie-talkie, torches, emergency lights, etc. He is our Mr. MacGyver, big thanks to him.

Two new legs for Mosha to try
On 16th January, 2009, the Prostheses Foundation
visited us to try the new prosthetic legs on Mosha.

Walk Mosha, Walk
Walk Mosha, Walk

Mosha leans on Palahdee
Baby Mosha does not know her weight could hurt us.
While trying on the prosthetic leg, Mosha leaned on Palahdee’s shoulder.
I will talk to the contractor if he could make a steel shoulder for Palahdee.
My baby Mosha is an incredible elephant indeed! Soraida


Read More About The Charity Premier of The Elephant King @ lifestyleasia.com
By Vachini Krairiksh

Miss Soraida, Miss Vachini, and Miss Oscar
Soraida Salwala, Miss Vachini, and Miss Oscar.

"The fundraising from the auction of the seven paintings was 31,000 Baht."
Soraida Salwala
Friends of the Asian Elephant

The Charity Premiere of the Motion Picture
"The Elephant King"
The auction and Premiere was held at the Esplanade, Bangkok
on 14 January, 2009
Proceeds from the auction of paintings done by celebrities,
famous singers and bands will go to "Friends of the Asian Elephant"
The Elephant King begins showing in Thailand
on Wednesday 15th January, 2009 in many cinemas.

Elephant King Poster

Charity Premiere

Painting by Miss Florence Faivre, the heroine in The Elephant King
Painting by Miss Florence Faivre,
the heroine in 'The Elephant King'

Painting by TATA Young
Painting by TATA Young

Painting by The Thaitanium Band
Painting by "The Thaitanium Band"

Miss Vachini Krairiksh and her painting
Miss Vachini Krairiksh and her painting


Friends of the Asian Elephant/FAE
"Mosha's second prosthetic leg is in process today
from 8.30 a.m. 10th January, 2009"

Mosha's second prosthetic leg is in process today from 8.30 a.m. 10th  
January, 2009
Mosha's second prosthetic leg

Soft Socket
Soft socket

Comparing Mosha's first Prosthetic Leg (right) to the new one being made.
Comparing Mosha's first Prosthetic Leg (right)
to the new one being made.

second prosthetic
Second Prosthetic

Poly wrapped around the mold
Poly wrapped around the mold.

Mosha trying second prosthetic leg
Fitting Mosha.

The Prostheses Foundation will be at Friends of the Asian Elephant 
(FAE) Hospital to make a new prosthetic leg for Baby Mosha on Sat 10th 
January, 2009.
Soraida Salwala


Guardians of the Elephants
Friends of the Asian Elephant
F.A.E. January 7, 2009


From left, Charan, Dr. Kay, Somchai and Palahdee

A big applaude to these four persons who have dedicated their lives to 
help the elephants under FAE's care. Never complain, no matter how 
tired they are. Other people may come and go or just disappear but 
Charan, Dr. Kay, Somchai and Palahdee never leave.

Their responsibilities are high, they help in every work you could not 


Charan cooks, drives the car, running errands, controls elephants, 
sweep and scrub the floor, goes to market and others.

Dr. Kay

Dr. Kay, not only treats sick elephants, she helps dig the ground, 
plants trees, feed our watchdogs, cleaning dusting, making boards, etc'.


Somchai takes care of Motala but with his skills on carpenter work, he 
helps with that too. And of course assists taking care of sick 


Palahdee now has to be with Mosha twenty four hours a day. He is good 
with her and Tanthong. His work on trees is great.
Now that Palahdee cannot leave Mosha side, so the trees and plants are 
not tended, so Charan and others help to water the plants.

Thanks to them all, no word could describe other work they are doing, 
everything indeed.


On the third of January 2009, I asked Palahdee to take Granny Tanthong for a walk because Tanthong has not walked to the Rehab to meet her friends, Tahnee, Ekhe and Auan for a long time already. So, Charan was with Mosha but Mosha did not like Tanthong to go so she wailed and I walked up to her while Tanthong was walking back. Then Mosha climbed the railing and wailed even more, Tanthong ran around Mosha’s shelter with Palahdee on her neck. He almost fell out. Everyone rushed to help control the two but it was impossible. Tanthong calmed down and grumbled while Mosha was making a lot of whimpering sounds. All of us tried to comfort her telling her that Granny was just taking an exercise or she would be sick and that she was not going anywhere, Mosha turned her back on us and made a lot of noise and stayed nearest to Tanthong as if she was afraid Granny would leave her forever.

Baby Mosha, Palahdee and Granny Tanthong

Yesterday morning I went up to Mosha and talked to her as usual. She was in a sleeping position in her playground fenced near Tanthong Shelter. She sat up and I told her to lie down and she did. A few minutes later I was talking to the contractor about the water tank just five to six meters away from Mosha but stood close to the fenced playground, suddenly I felt something caught my left ankle and I lost balance. The contractor caught me in time before I fell and we all saw that Mosha was in a crawling position. She crawled on the sand to pull my leg, how mischievous of her. She meant no harm and wanted to play but I might have broken my leg. I was caught in the hide and seek by a baby elephant named MOSHA!


The First Good News of 2009!
A male baby was born in one of the tourist camps last night. The owner just called me.
When Dr. Preecha comes in, I shall send Dr. Kay to check how the mother and baby are doing.


Eleven year old Kammuen is recovering well.


Kammuen arrived at five p.m. on Friday the 26th December. He slipped and fell down on his left side. The leg is swollen and his tusk has loosened. Dr. Preecha is worried that it might have severe infection and inflammation.
From FAE Page 2


From Friends of the Asian Elephant/FAE
"These photos and the information provided are intended to explain to the public the truth and nothing but the truth that these unpleasant things are happening to Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE). All these years, we have been asked questions why and what is behind all the difficulties we have been experiencing. We hope that the truth and evidence we show here clarify some of the problems we have faced."

The elephant statues are TECC's (Thai Elephant Conservation Center), the posts are what they have just put up. Yes, that is the entrance to us too, the inner road to their place is on the left, the road leading to FAE is on the right. sigh! People will be more confused with these posts as if we are in their compound. They even put in writing when they do the PR that their elephant hospital has been there since they opened the TECC in 1993 and officially opened their hospital in 2000?????? FAE was founded in 1993 and the first unit of FAE's Elephant Hospital was finished in October 1994. I cannot believe these things are still happening but knowing them I am not surprised.

Pictures show posts set up by the TECC at the entrance from the highway to the smaller roads to FAE, please use the same route as instructed on our previous annnouncement. FAE is still where we were even though these posts have been put up by TECC.

From Friends of the Asian Elephant/FAE
15th November, 2008

There are people standing in front of the truck that is supposed to transport the sick elephants to Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital (FAE’s Elephant Hospital) in Lampang province, north of Thailand. The drivers are told to send the elephants somewhere else or send the sick elephants to the place further which belongs to the government sector names Thai Elephant Conservation Center under Forest Industry Organization which is under the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. Some of the drivers are threatened that they will be arrested if they send the elephants to FAE.
There has been a lot of confusion and unpleasant intentions from people who work there and FAE has reported to the police many times. FAE suffers continuously from spiteful acts and has had and is still having great problems.
People coming to visit Motala, the elephant who stepped on a landmine in 1999 and has been with FAE since then, will be told, if they should go to the wrong place, that MOTALA IS ALREADY DEAD. When the visitors say they do not think so because they have just seen the news about her, the visitors will be told that the place where Motala was is closed and not opened for public visit.
It has been very tiring due to these great efforts of the people who wish to cause harm to FAE. Over a decade, these things have happened, putting trees right in front of FAE’s Elephant Hospital Signs, destroying our signs, spraying paint on our signs, putting their own signs blocking all FAE’s Elephant Hospital signs, putting a sign of an arrow showing “ONE WAY” and a sign of "No Turning RIGHT" which is where FAE’s Elephant Hospital is located.
And the most dreadful incident was setting a fire surrounding our hospital in a U shape in January 2007. It was only 30-40 meters from the blind and injured elephants including Motala, Ekhe, Tanthong, and others. If it had not been because of the help we received from the local fire brigade and the sub-district emergency unit, and if we could not move all those injured elephants in time, WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED TO THEM?
The Royal Forest Department’s Anti-Fire Unit refused to come saying that they would lose face because it was FIO’s act and not forest fires. The officials responsible for setting the fires claimed they were doing the Burning Prescription according to the order. FAE reported to the police, the Prime Minister and the Minister of the responsible Ministry but all in vain. In April 2007 a new fire was set (this time we saw no one) and the fire was burning all night until 11.00 a.m. the next day and again the local emergency units came to help.
Recently earlier this month, a veterinarian from France who has been in contact with FAE’s Founder that he would come to visit in November 2008, went to the wrong place and donated the needles that FAE needed to the other place with misunderstanding since he was told that that was the only elephant hospital.
On behalf of Friends of the Asian Elephant that built and operate the World’s First Elephant Hospital, I am seeking your kind response to our request to please look for Friends of the Asian Elephant’s sign if you wish to visit us. We are in the Mae Yao National Reserve which is next to the Center but we are not part of them and have no affiliation with them. The signs will show that we are located only 250 meters from the highway on Chiangmai-Lampang Road where the small road leads to the center is on the left and the road leads to FAE is on the right.
Thank you very much for the kind support from friends around the world.
For the elephants,
Soraida Salwala
Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE)
A Thai Registered Charity


November 15, 2008
All these photos have been sent to the police, the Prime Minister, the Minister but nothing was done. They claimed they were taking care of the traffic. Our lawyer came up to see and instructed us to report to the police every time we know of these behaviours but it is a minor case here. We filed complaints to the police and to the Lawyers Institute. It took seven months of investigation for the Ombudsman, attached to the Thai Parliament and now independent. They came and we sat at the district, we meaning FIO (Forest Industry Organization of Thailand) (twenty of them) and FAE (only two so I called our two staff who drove me there to come into the room so we were four). That vet made INCONSIDERATE REMARKS really. He said the one way sign road would lead to FAE anyway on the way out, yes, true but people have to pay to enter their place before reaching us when they can easily come by this lane 250 meters from the road.

Photos were taken from 1st January, 2006 and continued to 2007 on and off.
Sometimes the traffic sign with "No Entry" was put in the middle of the road.
And navigating traffic to go left, there were signs: One Way and No Right Turn Allowed.



Pictures Added 11/15/2008

Fires set intentionally on 12th January, 2007 around FAE's Elephant Hospital in a U shape

Sick elephants were quickly moved to the Resting Unit but Motala was still in danger in her shelter
and some people in the dark night were behind her shelter setting fires even though we shouted at them to stop.

Photos taken on the 13th January, 2007 to see how close the fires were to Granny Tanthong

The destruction of forest where our sick elephants spent their night

Destruction of the fires in the U shape came to FAE sign on the road

Ashes of the trees burnt

Trespassing Tractor

A tractor came into FAE's compound with FIO logo on it two days after the fires presumably because some of the trees that were burnt had marks of RFD.
All trees in the forests on the list of trees, under the law, are marked with an RFD number. The tractor with FIO came in two days after, for what purpose????
Evidence was there that they destroyed the trees on the land FAE rents from RFD,
I quickly reported to the police and the police came in.

The driver and his colleague dared to come near our elephants, I shouted to my staff to ask them to leave our compound but they still stood there.

They did not leave and FAE staff stood on guard


FAE Logo


The World's First Elephant Hospital
is NOT part of the Thai Elephant Conservation Center/TECC

FAE Websites
Thai: Friends of the Asian Elephant FAE
English: Friends of the Asian Elephant FAE
10/14/2008 FAE
"elephants-soraida.com is not ours.
Thank you"

Please note that the official website of FAE/
Friends of the Asian Elephant is:

Announcement.pdf in English and Thai
Friends of the Asian Elephant
Administrative Office at 687/2 Ram-Indra Road Soi 32
will be moved to FAE Lampang Branch Office at FAE's Elephant Hospital
in Mae Yao National Reserve at 295 Moo 6
Lampang-Chiangmai Road (K.M. 28-29)
Viengtan, Hangchatr District
Lampang 52190
Tel: 081-914-6113
Fax: 054-247-870
Admin: 081-881-2269
Accounting Staff: 081-883-9476

Updated April 19, 2009
For Overseas Transfer: Bank of Ayudhya Public Co., Ltd.
Suanplu Branch, Bangkok, Thailand
A/C Number: Savings No. 040-1-14242-7
Swift Number: AYUDTHBK
And please fax us your name, address, TEL&FAX number informing us of the transfer
so we can send you our receipts.
For residents in Thailand:
* Postal or Money Order payable to "FRIENDS OF THE ASIAN ELEPHANT"
P.O. Hangchatr District, Lampang, Thailand
and send to
Branch Office
295 Moo 6, Lampang-Chiangmai Road (K.M. 28-29),
Viengtan, Hangchatr District, Lampang 52190
Postal or Int'l Money Orders for overseas donors will help cut cost on Bank fees

Friends of the Asian Elephant
Founder : Miss Soraida Salwala
Co-Founders : Dr. Preecha Phongkum, DVM
Mr. Kamaye Dejduangta
FAE Board of Committees
Assoc. Prof. Sayam Aroonsrimorakot: President
Mr. Montri Wongkasem: Vice President
Mrs. Chutinan Klambua: Treasurer
Miss Soraida Salwala: Secretary General
Mr. Surapon Duangkae
Mr. Srisuwan Janya


Friends of the Asian Elephant FAE
Office of the National Culture Commission granted on the date
of October 19th, 1993
Registered Charity No. Kor-tor 273 (18th April, 1994)
Member of the NGOs for Environmental Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources No. 9/2535
(Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources)
Friends of the Asian Elephant is certified as a Public Benefit Organization,
Registration no. 0476 dated 18th November 2005
from National Social Welfare Promotion Commission, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security in accordance with the Social Welfare Promotion Act, 2003 section 34.
Member of Asian Conservation Alliance (ACA)

To those who care:
If you are not able to donate to FAE, please take a moment of your time to Light a Candle
for Soraida, the staff of FAE and all of the elephants now living at The Elephant Hospital,
all who have been treated at the hospital,
and all of those unfortunate elephants yet to come.
They work so hard, and the elephants deserve so much
It takes less than a minute and costs you nothing.
Thank you, Jody

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