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Thank you to everyone for your continued support.
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Elephant Parade London Raises Over 4 Million Pounds for Asian Elephant
The Elephant Parade was founded in 2007 by father and son Marc and Mike Spits.
Marc Spits, enjoying his retirement, was on holiday in Thailand when he visited an elephant hospital near Chiang Mai,
Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital/FAE, founded by Soraida Salwala.
Here, Marc met a baby elephant named Mosha, that had lost her leg after stepping on a landmine.
On June 9th 2008, baby elephant Mosha was the first baby elephant ever to receive a prosthetic leg, which was co-financed by the Elephant Parade.


Bonny Doon woman lends a healing hand to Asian elephants
Excellent article with updates and information of Boonmee, Bobo, Dante, Mosha, Motala.


FAE Update 10.16.10
Life Goes On

Veto 10/16/10

Chompoo 10/16/10

Dante plays with Banana Flowers

Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital/FAE Thailand
Soraida Salwala, Founder
Update 10/14/2010 6.35 a.m.
'Granny' Tanthong collapsed and died today.
Tanthong is gone but she will remain in our hearts forever. RIP :'(
We'll bury Tanthong behind her infirmary, it was her last home and she'll be there forever.
Mosha was told that Granny has gone into deep sleep and that she would be up there in the sky watching over her.
Mosha made a loud cry as the last tribute to her dear Granny.
Thanks to all the support for FAE throughout these years,
the help we received had given us chances to take good care of Tanthong
until the last moment of her life!
We all love you, Tanthong!

Flowers from Mother
"Rest in Peace My Child"


For More Updates on Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital see:


FAE Update 10/5/10
Fondation Brigitte Bardot(FBB) France donates another 10,000 Euros today
for food & medicare for the elephants at FAE, Merci Beaucoup!


Bualoy, a 40 year old female elephant arrived at FAE July 17, 2010
from a tourist camp in Chiangmai.



Bualoy is scared of injections just like many human beings.
She receives 3 in the morning and another 3 in the evening.
Sorry to be brief, no electricity here and we are having a difficult time.
We are waiting for blood report. Bualoy has the same symptoms as Somsri, leaning her head on the post.
Her hind legs cannot hold her body well.
The injections are antibiotics, hepatonic, antiseptic and oral activate charcoal and injection of neurobian,
Dr.Kay has just given me a Thai report on her.


Still receiving fluid + nutrients


Bualoy is losing strength in her hind legs


Bualoy, 40yr old elephant struggled until last minute of her life against crostidium.

Bualoy died today.


Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital
treats elephant landmine survivor.
Mae Ka Pae


FAE Report 7.24.10
Dear FAE Supporters:
Motala usually wears her prosthetic leg twice a day, from 7.30 a.m. to almost noon and from mid afternoon till 5.00 p.m.
but at 10 a.m. this morning she did not put her weight on the prosthetic leg but lifted it up while she walked.
We have called the Prostheses Foundation and they will come here tomorrow. There is no wound no scratch, presumably the p. leg is loose.
Permanant Residents
The five permanant residents, Motala, Mosha, Ekhe, Auan and Tanthong are in fairly good condition.
Other Patients
1. and 2. Kamnoi and Baby Dante
Dante, five months and a week old, still drinks goat milk (5 litres/day) and from his mother.
3. Jokia
is 21 months pregnant and doing just fine
4. Kamton
has gained weight but her pregnancy is still being checked.
5. and 6. MaeNoi and Baby Veto are doing well, Baby Veto is taller
7. Willy
2 years old who arrived on the 17th July with diarrhea is closely watched.
He does not eat properly and digestion is poor 8. Bualoy
40 years old is suspected of having crostidium p. type A
9. MueNoi
18 years old arrived last night with bloat
There are 14 patients in the hospital now and 2 are in critical condition, Willy and Bualoy.
I am sorry I cannot send updates regularly, please see photos and updates on http://twitter.com/soraida_fae
Even though I write mostly in Thai, the photos could tell the stories. Please accept my apologies for the inconveniences.

FAE Update 7/3/10
The Prostheses Foundation has made a new prosthetic leg for Mosha.
Photos showing the process of the making of the leg are on

Mosha and Motala together. Little Mosha is fascinated with Motala's trunk. Trunk touching.

FAE Update 6/29/10
To: Soraida Salwala
Subject: Best Documentary, The Last Elephants in Thailand
We won the Best Short Documentary at the San Antonio Film Festival.
I thought you would want to know.
Don Tayloe

FAE Update...6/29/10
The Prosthetic team is in the process of moulding another one of Mosha's Prosthetic legs.
Mosha grows so fast, she keeps the team busy!

FAE Update 6/24/10
Fondation Brigitte Bardot
has donated 10,000 Euros for the food and medicare of FAE five permanent residents.
A big thank you!


100 Hero's Project
Posted June 21, 2010 by Tithiya
Soraida’s Story (Video)


MaiNoi and Baby Veto asleep


FAE Update 6/14/2010
New Patient arrived last night: Bo or Somboonsub.
Bo, 35 years old arrived at one o'clock. She is suffering from bloat. I.V started, several injections given, enema performed.
By 5.30 she was relieved. Bo is 14-15 months pregnant and blind on the right.

Soraida Salwala


FAE Update June 8, 2010
MaeNoi who came to be treated for bloat on the 11th December, 2009 has delivered a beautiful baby last night.
MaeNoi or Noi was in labour since almost two a.m. on the 8th June and delivered a strong baby boy at 11.25 p.m.
Both are strong and MaeNoi is so protective of her baby since the first minute.
We are all very happy.
The baby weighs approx. 80 kg.
height 86 cm, chest 116 cm, body length 110 cm, trunk 31 cm, tail 45 cm.
Thank you to everyone for your continued support.
Kindly visit elephant-soraida.com for FAE updates
and photos can be seen now on twitter.com/soraida_fae


FAE Update 5/31/2010
The owner of Nongluck called from Chiangmai today. Nongluck had been restless, opening her mouth, sitting down and getting up.
They managed to transport her here on the truck.
Her conditions are not good and she has not drunk nor eaten.
20 litres of I.V. administered, given five enemas but nothing has come out. Injections have been given too.

Good news!
Nongluck is now relieved from the bloat. She could sleep for an hour last night and now drinks and eats.
Dr. Kay has just given another injections, antibiotics, vitamin and others.

Nongluck has good appetite today
(Nongluck is such a beautiful elephant, is it just me or are they all? jj)


FAE Update
Baby Dante May 22, 2010





A short video of Motala and Mosha.
(Opens with Quicktime)
Mosha and Motala FAE May 16, 2010
Mosha and Motala are kept from each other until Mosha is a little older and calmer.
If she were let out, she would run and play and she might hurt herself and/or Motala.
Meanwhile her shelter has enough space for her to walk and sand to play in.
Please don't forget that both of these lovely ladies are getting used to their prosthetic legs and are not always stable.


FAE Update 4.29.10.
Baby Dante is 73 days old

Dante 73 days old  Dante 4.29.10

Dante and mama Kamnoi   Dante and Kamnoi 4.29.10


FAE Update: 4.25.10.
Mosha's prosthetic leg has been fixed, footpad was damaged.
Now Mosha proudly walks on her new leg!

Mosha   mosha42510bsm.jpg


FAE Update 4/23/10
"New" who suffered from unknown allergies and vomited, has fully recovered. She left early this afternoon.
The three pregnant elephants are not in labour yet but Noi shows sign of discomfort and restlessness.
Mosha's prosthetic leg has been sent to be fixed, footpad is damaged.
The other elephants are doing fine.

Elephant New Leaving FAE


"New", a 5 year old female from a camp in Chiangmai, admitted to FAE with vomiting.

Elephant named New

Dante is one cm taller and nine cm fuller in the chest.
Body length is 7 cm longer compared to last month measurement.

Baby Dante

To light a candle for New, Dante or any elephant at FAE
click here


FAE Update 5/16/10 Baby Dante's new measurements : height 72, length 100, chest 96


FAE Update 4.13.10
Jokia, one of FAE's three pregnant elephants has developed edema.


FAE Update 4.12.10
Baby Dante being fed goat's milk   Baby Dante and Mama Kamnoi

FAE Update 4/6/10
Ladies in Waiting
FAE has three pregnant ladies waiting to give birth....
"We have fenced Infirmary Units #2, #7 and fixed #5 to be ready for the babies of MaeNoi (Noi), Kamton and Jokia."








faeroof3   faeroof2


TEL: 66-(08)-1914-6113, 66-(0)-5424-7869/70

"Dear Miss Jody,
I would like to send my very best wishes and to express not only my sincerest thank you but also on behalf of
“Friends of the Asian Elephant” to you.
JodysJungle.com website has been very helpful to FAE.
Without the information provided on your website, it is difficult for FAE to reach out to more people.
Please accept our appreciation.
The elephants send their (jumbo) hugs"
Soraida Salwala
Friends of the Asian Elephant, Thailand


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