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You do not see them suffer,
but they do
You do not hear them scream,
but they do


PETA has put up $1 million dollars to whomever can “grow” delicious, anus-free meat.
(This video is 5 minutes long.)
Who’s behind petri dish-grown meat?
Ingrid Newkirk, no less.
Source: The Colbert Report
World of Nahlej – Shmeat


Has anyone noticed, does anyone care, that "Thanksgiving Day" (or Tday for the terminally hip) has been turned into Turkey Day?
We all know that the days before "Thanksgiving" are "National Supermarket Day" and that's bad enough. "Happy Turkey Day" diminishes humans even more.

Turkey Dinner
Turkey Dinner

Adopt A

Every year, Farm Sanctuary rescues turkeys from slaughter and provides them lifelong, loving care at our shelters for farm animals in New York and California.
Since our unique holiday project began in 1986, hundreds of turkeys in need have been rescued, and thousands of people have decided to feed a turkey, rather than eat a turkey, by adopting one. Every year, more people are choosing to save a turkey for Thanksgiving, and you can, too!

Stuffed Turkey
Stuffed Turkey

A turkey will survive Christmas after apparently escaping from a farm and finding its way to a bird sanctuary. Terence the Turkey was found outside the New Forest Owl Sanctuary near Ringwood, Hampshire. It's thought the bird walked for up to three miles, crossing fields, streams and busy roads. It was found by the sanctuary's owner, Bruce Berry, says the Daily Telegraph. Mr Berry said: "There are half a dozen farms in a two or three-mile radius and they all have a couple of thousand birds at Christmas. They couldn't tell if they were missing the odd bird and could not confirm if Terence was theirs. "I don't really eat turkey for Christmas and he has a lot of character about him so I decided to keep hold of him. I cannot imagine why he homed in on the sanctuary. He must have got lost and followed the friendly sounds from all the other birds. "When I found him by the gate he looked a bit dishevelled. I checked him over and he seemed OK. I took him inside and gave him some sweetcorn and maize and he soon perked up. "At first I put him in the same enclosure as the domestic chickens but he took a fancy to our spectacle owl called Bins so I put him near her."
SOURCE: Ananova
Story filed: 08:25 Monday 10th December 2001

"Turkeys are debeaked and detoed to offset the disadvantages of over-crowding leading to downgraded carcasses. Toes are amputated without anesthetic. Beaks are amputated with a hot machine blade. Research has shown that the hot blade cuts through the sensitive beak tissue causing lifelong pain and suffering in the mutilated, disfigured bird resembling human phantom limb and stump pain. "
Read the full article

Before buying the traditional "Thanksgiving turkey," please consider having a cruelty-free holiday that does not include animal suffering and death.

Instead of eating a turkey for Thanksgiving,

Everything But The Bird


Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

A Vegetarian's Guide To Thanksgiving

Hosting A Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Giving Thanks

Please have a cruelty-free holiday!

Farm Sanctuary Virtual Experience
Farm Sanctuary Experience Banner
Click the banner to visit the Farm Sanctuary Virtual Experience,
a new digital environment that enables anyone to investigate and explore a richly-detailed simulation of two very different worlds:
the factory farm and the sanctuary.


CDC/Centers for Disease Control
Says 1 in 200 Kids Is Vegetarian
By MIKE STOBBE, AP 1/11/09
Other surveys suggest the rate could be four to six times that among older teens who have more control over what they eat than young children do. Vegetarian diets exclude meat, but the name is sometimes loosely worn. Some self-described vegetarians eat fish or poultry on occasion, while others -- called vegans -- cut out animal products of any kind, including eggs and dairy products. Anecdotally, adolescent vegetarianism seems to be rising, thanks in part to YouTube animal slaughter videos that shock the developing sensibilities of many U.S. children. But there isn't enough long-term data to prove that, according to government researchers.


Watch "fresh" turkeys die.
"It's FUN!" says Sarah Palin
Happy Thanksgiving!
When this video begins, listen, doesn't she sound like a turkey?

Farm Sanctuary Releases Statement on Governor Sarah Palin’s Controversial Turkey Pardon


Kevin Nealon's Vegetarian Testimonial
"I can't wait for meal time when I can chow down on the decomposing corpse of a tortured animal," he says. "I like knowing that eating meat makes me four times more likely to have a heart attack or stroke."


Turkey Dinner

Turkey Dinner

Please Join
Farm Sanctuary
for the
Adopt-A-Turkey Project
Celebration FOR the Turkeys


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Are you familiar with "Hell's Kitchen" Chef Gordon Ramsay?
Ever wondered what Gordon Ramsay's biggest nightmare is? Well, you don't have to anymore--
In a recent interview, Ramsay revealed: 'My biggest nightmare would be if the kids ever came up to me and said
"Dad, I'm a vegetarian." Then I would sit them on the fence and electrocute them.'
Isn't he a charmer?


Thank you for contacting us about the use of eggs in our Morningstar Farms® and Worthington® products. We appreciate the opportunity to explain our position regarding the source of egg ingredients used in our products. Our goal is to ensure that consumers have a choice when considering our brands. We currently offer several Morningstar Farms® and Worthington® products that do not contain eggs and are considered vegan. Some of these products are recent additions formulated to reduce our dependence on traditionally sourced eggs. Our Morningstar Farms® vegan products include:
Meal Starters™ Chik'n Strips
Meal Starters™ Steak Strips
Grillers® Original Vegan Burger
Meal Starters™ Grillers® Recipe Crumbles™
Meal Starters™ Sausage-Style Recipe Crumbles™
Vegan Burger made with Organic Soy
In addition, we offer 11 Worthington® products that are made without eggs. We are currently exploring the use of cage-free eggs in our products and we are also looking at making more of our Morningstar Farms products egg free. We recognize that this is a sensitive issue and we are committed to actively exploring how we can use fewer or no caged eggs. We appreciate the information you provided to us. Thank you, again, for your interest in our products.
Olga Rodriguez
Consumer Affairs Department
Kellogg North America
Battle Creek, MI 49016-1986

Ask Morningstar Farms to Cut Out Cruelty
~Use of eggs from battery hens in vegetarian foods sparks national campaign~
Too often, the dark side of vegetarian foods is that some contain ingredients like dairy or eggs that cause animals to suffer. Advocacy groups are calling on consumers nationwide to urge vegetarian food maker Morningstar Farms® to remove battery cage raised hen eggs from its foods, bringing ethical integrity to products often seen as a cruelty-free substitutes to meat.
As industry trends move in a cruelty-free direction, Morningstar Farms has unwisely lapsed behind its competitors. Last year, Gardenburger®, one its largest business rivals, eliminated eggs from all but one of its products. By continuing the use of eggs from hens raised in cruel conditions, Morningstar tarnishes its image as provider of conscious alternatives, and shuts out a large portion of its target market. Costumers who follow a vegan diet are a fast-growing demographic, comprising approximately 1% of the population. With its use of eggs, Morningstar effectively eliminates 3 million potential and likely customers. For a food additive that no one would miss were it gone, Morningstar has cut into its potential customer base, compromised its ethical standing, and sparked a national campaign by animal advocates.
Birds raised on egg farms are probably the most abused of all farmed animals. Nearly 300 million hens live confined inside wire battery cages so small that they can barely move. Battery caged hens are typically provided with a meager 67 square inches of space in which to live -- that's less than the size of one sheet of notebook paper. These birds are so intensively confined for their entire lives that they are denied their natural inclinations to spread their wings, perch, or even walk.
Many consumers purchase vegetarian foods as a compassionate alternative to meat, believing these items are cruelty-free substitutes for flesh. Kept from the public eye are the images of thousands of birds in darks sheds, living in cages so small they are unable to lift a wing. Morningstar is making a positive change through their production of meat alternatives. Eliminating eggs is the last step needed to create a truly humane product.
What We Can Do:
Please contact Morningstar Farms and politely remind them their use of eggs, especially from battery hens, is injurious to both their business and their credibility. Ask them to maintain their credibility and competitive edge by dropping eggs from their product line.
Morningstar Farms
c/o Kellogg Consumer Affairs
Battle Creek, MI 49016
Tel: (800) 962-1413
Submit Your Comments to Morningstar Farms
Compassion Over Killing and Vegan Outreach
are teaming up with compassionate people everywhere to
Ask Morningstar Farms® to stop using eggs in its product line.

Vegan Grocery
4179 SE Division Portland, OR
"Hi there. Thanks for checking out our stupid little web store. We're trying our best at this online sales thing, so give us a break. We add new stuff all the time, so check back every now and then, ok? Just so you know, EVERYTHING on this site is vegan. Including no bone-char refined sugar, no honey, none of that crap. We don't have ingredients listed for everything yet, but we will."


Which is more horrible? Bologna or Clowns?
Hey! Here's an idea!
Let's combine them and sing along!
  My baloney had a first name but now it has a face  


offers a wide assortment of products that promote animal rights (all vegan), human rights (no sweatshops and fair trade), and the environment (organic wherever possible). The name “Downbound” represents an ideological shift down the corporate ladder, down the food chain and down to earth. There are over 200 organic hemp clothing, footwear and accessories, vegan cat and dog food, animal rights videos and much more. The founder of, Adam Wilson has been a vegan for nine years, and is also a founder of the Toronto Animal Rights Society.


Feb. 21, 2006
Red Doesn't Always Equal Fresh Meat
The FDA is being asked to stop the use of carbon monoxide in meat.
Click Red Meat to watch video..
First you must suffer through a Tylenol commercial

FDA Is Urged to Ban Carbon-Monoxide-Treated Meat
By Rick Weiss
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, February 20, 2006
Washington Post


animated deer

When you really love animals, eventually killing and eating them becomes an issue. The thought
of killing one of the raccoons in my yard is the same as killing one of my cats or the neighbors dog,
let alone skinning, slicing, dicing, gutting and deep frying them.
Several years ago I visited some friends who were raising a calf, the calf even had a name and they patted him as we walked by. In the kitchen, as they removed pork chops from the freezer, they told stories of the wonderful pig they had raised the year before.
How fat he was and what a funny guy and how the kids rode around on him. Then one day it was time to put the old boy in the back of the truck and take him to the butcher down the road. A road that the calf was soon to travel.
The butcher asked them how many of what kinds of cuts they wanted and drew loin, shoulder, chops etc. on the funny, fat pig with a marker. Apparently this is when you go do other things and come back at another time to pick up what has now become "meat".

Now here we were, standing in their kitchen with the pork chops defrosting on the sink, blood running down the drain and these people telling me this story.
I asked them how they could stand to raise them and eat them. Sounding very insulted, they said they could not afford to keep them as pets! That was not exactly what I had meant but decided to drop the subject.
Looking back, I realize that at least they weren't subjected to cruelty, were certainly well fed, loved and had the run of the place.
It is said that people who eat meat that they themselves don't kill are hypocrites and unrealistic. Well Heaven forbid that I should be an unrealistic hypocrite!
I understand that humans will never stop eating animals, what I seriously object to is the cruelty involved. I cannot understand why some people don't care that animals suffer, some even seem to think they deserve it, big, dumb animals that they are.
People who don't care are people who are unaware. I like to believe that most people, having witnessed even a little of the cruelty, would be offended, and that some would be upset about eating an animal that had been terrified before it went through it's sometimes slow & painful death. The living conditions of all animals great and small is appalling and it will only get worse, larger populations and more meat combinations contribute. I doubt that most people have time in their busy, important lives to stop, look around and see how hard they have been stomping on this planet and it's inhabitants.
I love animals and believe we should share the planet with them, but then, we can't even share it nicely with other humans... I don't think of myself as a vegetarian, just someone who won't eat flesh, or contribute to the terrible suffering.

  • Lacto Vegetarians: eat dairy, but no eggs or animal flesh.
  • Lacto-ovo Vegetarians: eat dairy products and eggs, but no animal flesh.
  • Ovo Vegetarians: eat eggs, but no animal flesh or dairy products.
  • Pesco Vegetarians: eat dairy, eggs and fish, but no poultry or red meat.
  • Semi-Vegetarians: eat dairy, eggs, chicken and fish, but no red meat.
  • Vegans: eat no animal products at all.

    Help Someone Kick the Meat Habit with FARM's Meatout Monday Newsletter

    If you know someone who says they'd like to cut meat out of their diet but thinks it's too hard, then tell them about Meatout Mondays, a free weekly e-newsletter designed to help those who don't want to quit "cold turkey" kick the meat habit one day at a time - starting with Mondays! Easy and fun to read, Meatout Mondays encourages individuals to make changes at a pace that is comfortable for them, and is an excellent tool for introducing vegetarianism to anyone.
    Every week, Meatout Mondays includes tasty vegan recipes, new product and book reviews, important health information, and inspirational stories of people who have changed their lives for the better by cutting animal products from their diets. This week's Meatout Mondays discusses a study linking vegan diets with weight loss and maintenance in women. Click Here to read the latest issue which includes Terrific Tempeh Fajitas and The Saucy Vegetarian.
    Please visit to review past issues and/or subscribe your friends and family members. Meatout Mondays is a free e-newsletter, and individuals can easily unsubscribe at any time.


    Processed Meat Consumption Results in 6700% Increase in Pancreatic Cancer Risk
    Source: News Target Network Covering Natural Health, Medicine and Technology


    Meatrix wins a Webby
    Date: 5/4/2005
    From: To:
    A little over a year ago, The Meatrix hit the web. You were probably one of the first people to see it. Now, more than 7 million viewers later, The Meatrix has won the Internet world's highest honor,
    The Webby Award, aka "the online Oscars."
    Free Range is proud to share the honor with folks like you -- people who like our Flash Action movies and pass them along. The Meatrix never would have grown into such a huge success without you. Thank you!
    We have another movie coming out in a few days that we think you'll enjoy.
    "Store Wars," the tale of Cuke Skywalker, Obi Wan Cannoli, Princess Lettuce and Chewbroccoli battling against Darth Tater and the Dark Side of the Farm.
    Check out the poster:
    (Yes, those are vegetable puppets.)
    Thanks again for helping The Meatrix win a Webby!
    Tate, Heidi, Susan, Louis, Jonah, McArthur, Andrew, Eric,
    Keith, Ji Sun, Ben, Chris and Amber,
    aka the Free Range crew


    PLANDA Soap Co.,
    a company as devoted to the environment and animal rights as they are to creating and selling toxin free, vegan goods launches their offerings to conscious consumers. They will be donating 10% of sales to non-profit environmental and animal welfare organizations.
    "All of our soap is 100% plant based, free of chemicals, dyes or animal products. we allow our soap to cure for three months making for a hard, long lasting, mild bar. we use copious amounts of nourishing organic hemp seed oil, cherished for centuries for it's natural cleansing and hydrating properties. more than soap, our bars are super enriched to pamper and smooth your skin, no need for extra lotion, it's in the bar!"
    Featuring: piggy's chocolate milk bar, rabbit food for skin bar, happy skin aroma bar, surviving nursing school bar.

    Food for Life Global
    Representing the World's Largest Vegan/Vegetarian Food Relief
    Food for Life in Sri Lanka and Chennai are providing more than 10,000 freshly cooked vegetarian meals for the tsunami victims every day.

    ~Heidi's Vegan Recipes~

    "My history with seaweed began as a little girl. I grew up in a large East Coast city and loved spending time at the beach with the feel of the fresh salty air on my skin. I would always take a big handful of green or red seaweed, pick it up and pop it in my mouth. Not seconds after and while I was enjoying the salty taste, a well meaning adult would take their big sandy finger and scoop the seaweed out of my mouth, screaming at me "Don't eat that, you'll get sick!!!" I could not imagine even at 2 or 3 years old that something so crispy, chewy, salty and yummy tasting, something that made your mouth taste and feel like the ocean, could possibly be bad for you!"

    ~Heidi's Seaweed Recipes~
    Toasted Sesame Nori
    Korean Style California Rolls
    Sushi Rice
    Kelp Chowder
    Deep Fried Kelp Chips
    Mango Pudding

    Heidi's Tempting Tempeh
    Indonesian Style Curry Tempeh
    Tempeh Fajita
    Tempeh Reuben!

    Heidi's Sizzling Spices

    Heidi's Vegan Marshmallows

    ~Heidi's Easter/Passover Recipes
    ~ Non Vegan Passover or Easter Macaroons ~
    ~ Passover/Easter Fruit Salad ~
    ~ Eggplant Parmesan ~
    ~ Veggie Matzo Ball Soup ~

    The Emotional World of Farm Animals
    On Sunday, October 31, 2004, KQED-TV, a San Francisco-based PBS affiliate, will broadcast
    "The Emotional World of Farm Animals."
    This companion film to Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson's recent book "The Pig Who Sang to the Moon" offers an in-depth look at the emotional lives of the pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, goats, ducks and other sentient beings who exist primarily to become someone's meal.
    In writing his book and making this documentary, Masson visited with animals living on farm sanctuaries like Animal Place and Farm Sanctuary and examined the changes that come over animals who makes it from a factory farm to the safety of these animal havens.

    Here's how the meat industry turns a friendly little bird into a fatty chicken "nugget."

    Chickens and turkeys deserve humane treatment, too.
    Since the 1950s, federal law has required that animals be rendered "insensible to pain" before slaughter. Seems like such a modest requirement reflecting our society's belief that animals should not suffer unnecessarily, right? Yet this most basic requirement does not extend to more than 95 percent of the animals slaughtered for food in this country - 9 Billion a Year - simply because it excludes poultry.
    We need your help to change this shocking situation. Poultry deserve the same basic protections that cows, pigs, lambs, and other livestock have. Join thousands of Americans in urging Congress to amend the law by signing our online Petition for Poultry. And then, please, tell a friend. With your support, we can help provide this protection to these 9 billion animals each year..
    The ASPCA has joined forces with the Humane Society of the United States and other animal protection organizations to reach this objective by Thanksgiving.
    The petition will be presented to Congress urging passage of a law to amend the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act to include poultry..
    Please take a moment to sign the Online Petition provided by the HSUS.


    New To Me
    Nate's Meatless Meatballs
    Vegetarian, Delicious!
    Elena's Foods, Inc.

    More Products
    Store Locator

    Love the Product!

    Love the Packaging!

    The Meat Free Zone (MFZ)

    The Meat Free Zone (MFZ) campaign is intended to make the MeatFreeZone logo as recognizable a symbol as the "Smoke Free Zone." The idea was originally conceived when The WARM Store in Woodstock, NY, was in operation throughout the '90's (Woodstock Animal Rights Movement). The store was truly a meat free zone as it was the first cruelty-free, Vegan, socially conscious animal rights store in the United States. Now that the Vegan and Vegetarian movements have been growing so rapidly, more and more people are showing concern about the food in their diet and their overall health and nutrition. Many people are giving up eating fish, chicken, beef, pork (pigs ), dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream) and eggs. Headlines of Mad Cow disease, E-coli and salmonella are in the news with greater frequency. Vegan and vegetarian recipe cookbooks are standard now in all bookstores and many restaurants have added Vegan and Vegetarian options to their menus. We hope you will help us with the Meat Free Zone campaign by putting the signs up in your homes and workplaces and by spreading them to all the vegetarian and vegan restaurants that you know and frequent. And someday we will have true "meat free zones" in establishments that serve meat.

    Vegans on Campus Sign Petition
    "The pasta's out because it's made from egg. The salad is covered in parmesan cheese.
    The stock used in the vegetable soup is an unknown commodity.
    Even the wild pilaf rice contains bits of pasta that may be made from egg.
    Vegans on campus are signing a petition to ask Dining Services to better cater to their diet."
    Source & Story: The Oracle
    © 2003 University of South Florida

    Vegan Spam
    "Our purpose as animal activists is to help people open their hearts and minds. If we are going to make progress in lessening and eventually ending cruelty to animals, it is going to be because more and more people are able to give up their preconceptions and consider new ideas.
    The best way to achieve this is to be an example of an open mind, rather than being judgmental. As much as we would prefer it to be otherwise, the world isn’t black-and-white, with clear and easy answers to everything. When we act as if we knew everything and our audience are wrong about everything, we do very little to open their minds to new ideas."
    Source & Story:

    Urge Chipotle to Make Pinto Beans Vegetarian
    April 23, 2003
    With more than 200 Chipotle locations in the United States, the fast-food Mexican chain is becoming major player in the national restaurant scene. Specializing in burritos, Chipotle’s black beans are vegetarian. Unfortunately, the pinto beans are cooked with bacon. Adding bacon to the pinto beans not only adds saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories, it also unnecessarily supports cruelty to animals. Few customers—if any at all—would stop buying Chipotle’s burritos if the pinto beans were vegetarian, yet taking out the lone animal ingredient in the beans would make the chain more attractive to millions of Americans who avoid pork for ethical, health, and religious reasons. Please politely let Chipotle know that vegetarians and others who avoid pork would love to have more options when they visit the hundreds of Chipotle locations across the country. Call or email Chipotle and ask them to take the bacon out of the beans!
    Contact Chipotle today!
    Phone: 303-595-4000
    Source: Compassion Over Killing
    A nonprofit animal advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. Working to end animal abuse, COK primarily focuses on cruelty to animals in agriculture and promotes vegetarian eating as a way to build a kinder world for all of us, both human and nonhuman.

    Cattlemen Running Scared
    The group that made real men want to eat beef now wants to convince young girls that it's cool for them, too. With about one million kids nationwide forsaking meat and actually eating their vegetables, America's cattlemen are trying to round up the strays and bring them back to the meat-eating herd. "We're just trying to bring home the point that all foods fit into a healthy diet and, yes, that includes beef," said Mary Young, nutrition director for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association.
    Teenagers are the fastest-growing group of vegetarians, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). And young girls are more than twice as likely to stop eating meat as boys are, market researchers say. Their reasons vary, but many cite concern for animals, weight loss, and health for giving up meat, nutritionists say. Two percent of 13- to 17-year-olds ate no meat, poultry or fish in 2000, up from 1.4 percent from 1995, reported Vegetarian Resource Group, a Baltimore-based nonprofit organization. Five percent ate no beef or pork in 2000. PETA says the trend is bigger on college campuses, where from 15 to 20 percent of students say they're vegetarians.
    For the cattlemen, it makes sense to try to brand these youngsters with product loyalty: In not too many years, they will be parents, and feeding their own little calves. Part of the group's pitch is to warn youngsters, and their parents, of the dangers of a meatless diet. The cattlemen cite university research suggesting that youths who don't eat beef are more prone to poor health, low self-esteem, eating disorders, and even suicidal thoughts. "Hogwash," said Michele Shuker, a nutritionist at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Though she's a beef-eater, she said, "One does not need beef to live a healthy life." With record numbers of children suffering from obesity, "kids need to get a grip on portion size and get more physical activity," not load up on beef, she said. To teens devoted to the cause, meat is a four-letter word.
    Such attitudes have the beef industry "running scared," said Bruce Friedrich, a PETA spokesman, "because kids are learning that if they're eating meat, they're promoting cruelty to animals and harming their own health." With so many children forgoing meat, fish and fowl, 60 percent of the nation's schools offered vegetarian alternatives in 2001, up from 40 percent in 1999, according to the American School Food Service Association. Students are asking for "fruits, vegetables and vegetarian items," said Erik Peterson, the group's director of media relations. "Teenage girls request salads." The Lower Merion School District in Montgomery County offers a daily salad bar. And Kimberton Waldorf School in Chester County serves only vegetarian meals, for cost and food-safety reasons. "I don't believe that meat is the be-all and end-all of nutrition," said Jennifer Keogh, codirector of Kimberton's lunch program. "There are kids eating hamburgers every night, but they're not having vegetables and fruit."
    While experts say health concerns usually are only a minor factor in a teen's decision to stop eating meat, the result can be a more nutritious diet than the standard teen fare of burgers, fries and pizza.
    A University of Minnesota study of 4,500 teenagers found that young vegetarians consumed more fruits and vegetables and less fast food, cholesterol and regular soda, and more folate, vitamin A, fiber and iron than their meat-eating peers did. However, they also consumed more diet soda and caffeine, and less Vitamin B-12 than nonvegetarians. "The vegetarian teens were doing significantly better on things like fat intake and vegetable intake, which are just two predictors of long-term health," said Cheryl Perry, a coauthor of the study.
    With many youngsters not eating meat for ethical reasons, such as concern for animals, telling them they have to eat meat to stay healthy "is appalling," said Reed Mangels, a nutritionist with the Vegetarian Resource Group. The sides agree that the majority of teens, regardless of their vegetarian beliefs, have horrible diets. Young, the cattlemen's association nutrition director, says children who become vegetarians are worse off since they don't know what they're doing. "To have a healthy vegetarian diet, you need to be pretty committed to getting the right nutrients. Most kids this age, meat eaters or vegetarians, are not that committed," she said. Beef contains iron, zinc and B-12, which are necessary for growth and good health, she said. But those are available in plant-based foods and supplements, too, other nutritionists point out. Parents who are worried about their child's diet should consult a registered dietitian, Mangels advised.
    One 23-year-old became a vegetarian when she was 12 because of her love of animals. "My parents hated it," she said, and tried to force her to eat meat by telling her she would not grow and making her sit at the table until she cleaned her plate. "Mom's been a vegetarian for three years now, and my dad's been a vegan for five years. It's very satisfying."
    SOURCE: The Philadelphia Inquirer
    By Kathy Boccella   2/7/03

    "To be a vegetarian is to disagree --
    to disagree with the course of things today.
    Starvation, world hunger, cruelty, waste, wars --
    we must make a statement about these things.
    Vegetarianism is my statement.
    And I think it is a good one."
    ~Isaac Bashevis Singer

    US Colleges Move to Meet Demand for Meatless Meals
    NEW YORK - While young children continue to crave Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets, many U.S. university students are demanding meatless meals, animals rights and vegetarian groups said yesterday. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which estimates that more than 20 percent of college students consider themselves vegetarians, said results from an online survey of such students show that colleges are increasingly adding meatless and non-dairy meal options. Jay Kelly, PETA education manager, said some 3,000 students provided information about vegetarian and vegan offerings at their schools. The results showed almost all colleges have at least one vegetarian offering at each meal and that many have begun offering everything from seitan, a wheat-based meat substitute, to soy yogurt.
    "With college students particularly concerned about the treatment of animals, we can only expect the demand for vegetarian options at college cafeterias to keep growing," Kelly said. Schools cited in the survey as having the most progressive cafeterias include the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, New York University and Syracuse University.
    Charles Stahler, co-director of the Vegetarian Resource Group, also said vegetarianism was rising at colleges, which are serving foods they never would have considered years ago. He said one major example of the trend can be seen at Johns Hopkins University that recently added a separate vegetarian station to its main undergraduate dining hall. The executive chef there, Cathy DeCarlo, said that at least half the diners were choosing items from the station. "We feel we're on the leading edge ... It's something we're pretty excited about," she said. She said that in addition to providing vegetarian meals, they had also taken steps to educate students about the health benefits of meatless eating. The goal was to show students that "This (vegetarianism) is not a weird thing, it's a healthy option," she said. DeCarlo said that eating meatless meals had become so popular at the school that "it's even a bit prestigious." Stahler said the demand for vegetarian meals at colleges had grown so much that schools found that distributors had not added selections fast enough. "We've heard of cases where college food service staff had to go to the local health food stores to buy soy milk or other items," he said. "This is a roadblock to institutions adding more vegetarian dishes." However, he said that Sysco (SYY.N), the nation's largest food-service supplier, was planning on introducing a new brand with numerous products from natural foods companies, making it easier for more vegetarian items to be offered by colleges.
    SOURCE: Reuters News Service     2/18/2003

    Green Earth Travel
    "Green Earth Travel, LLC and VeganEssentials have teamed up to create the first of it's kind, a totally one stop shop Cruelty Free Travel Store. Not only can you now purchase airline tickets but at the same time buy your non-leather luggage! Or while you decide to take that trip to the Caribbean purchase that cruelty free suntan lotion. We even have nonleather boots for that hike in the Alps you have always wanted to go on. Or just need a guide of where to eat? We have over a dozen vegetarian travel guides to take with you."

    What should I do if my doctor tells me to eat meat because I have iron deficiency anemia?
    First, read this article
    second, print a copy for your doctor!

    VIVA'S Newest Guide
    The Complete Guide for New and Aspiring Vegans
    This 48 page booklet explains the who's (animals) and why's (planet & health) a person goes vegan. It describes what veganism is and provides a detailed product guide. Vegan Basics has ads from many well-known vegan companies along with those from rising stars. Delicious recipes fill the side panels. Information on cruelty-free products and non-leather items makes going vegan a cinch! Complete with Boo Hiss (animal products) and a Hurray (vegan items) glossary.
    The pdf can be downloaded here: Vegan Basics

    A Christmas Story
    Three wise Swedish people have lit a candle against the largest evil in the world - the slaughterhouse. Killing centers, abattoirs, slaughterhouses, knackeries or whatever you want to call them, are more entrenched in our midst than Hitler's holocaust could ever dream of. The trauma and sheer extent of never-ending slaughter is overwhelming. Now three young people filled with total faith and resolve have stood tall at the front line and said NO.
    Source: Bye Bye Meat Industry

    What's Wrong With Dairy Products?

    Caterers' Pages
    "With the explosion of interest in healthy eating, organic produce and a general shift towards lighter, fresher dishes, vegetarian food is enjoyed by millions of vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. The purpose of these pages is to provide you with some basic guidelines and to feed you with ideas on how to develop your catering for vegetarians."

    A Photographic Exhibition on Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyle

    by Progetto Vivere Vegan, Marina Berati and Marco Lorenzi
    Translated in English by Jennifer Hicks and Nandini Daly
    (Graphic slaughterhouse pictures)

    I've seen many pictures of sows nursing piglets while confined in metal cages with not enough room to turn over or stand up. This time I happened to notice one little piglet in particular.
    Sow and piglet
    One who wanted to know mom. I find this heartbreaking...

    The cover story of the July, 2002 issue of TIME magazine
    was about Vegetarianism.

    To read the articles, Click Here
    July 15, 2002 Issue of Time Magazine, Posted July 7, 2002
    Copyright © 2002 Time Inc.

    It's important that TIME receives a lot of pro-vegetarian letters as a result of this cover story. Please take a moment to submit an email to TIME, thanking them for printing articles about this important issue and letting readers know how easy and rewarding it is to become vegetarian.
    (Please include your name, address, and phone number so your letter may be verified if selected for printing. It's best to keep it under 150 words.)
    For a free Vegan Starter Guide
    please visit:
    Source: Compassion Over Killing (

    Can you tell the difference between a free piglet and a caged sow?

    Piglet, Free  Sow, Not Free

    DENNY'S New Ad
    Ms. Piggy is about to become a cannibal who could care less about other pigs. Soon she will consume pounds of bacon, sausage and ham. Kermit the frog, will not be eating frogs legs, is that because they don't serve them at Denny's? Or because they are called FROG's LEGS? This commercial is aimed specifically at children, why don't we say pieces of piglet? or strips of pig flesh? or ground pig guts, or tortured piglet parts. Yummy, dig in kids! Terror and Blood tastes good!

    Ground Pig pieces! My Favorite! Dig in dear, pig parts are good for you! After All, Ms Piggy & Kermit
eat them!

    Contact Denny's

    The Cloth Bag Company
    Recycle? Reuse? Need cloth shopping bags to carry grocery items and be environmentally and eco-sensible? The Cloth Bag Company manufactures reusable cloth tote bags from Ecospun® (100% post-consumer, recycled plastic soda bottles) or unbleached, 100% cotton canvas. All bags are made in the USA and can be printed with your logo, or not.

    Vegan Mercantile
    "We are a partnership of vegan (some vegetarian) owned businesses providing a one-stop shopping site for all your vegan, cruelty-free needs. Browse through our many products by selecting a category from the menu. Select a merchant from the list to find out about the individuals you are supporting with your consumer dollars. Read our company philosophy for more information about why supporting vegan owned companies is important. Vegan Mercantile is not an online "mall" or links list. All products will go into one shopping cart, one low shipping charge, if any, will be assessed, and everything can be paid for in one step. It is not necessary to place separate orders for each merchant. If you are visiting our site for the first time, you may want to read our Company Policies for ordering, shipping and payment info!"

    The VegDining Card
    "What better way to dine out than with a VegDining Card! Easy to order, very affordable and useful for the entire year. Only $14.95 US ($10.95 US for members of listed vegetarian groups). The VegDining Card offers discounts at vegetarian restaurants around the world, including restaurants in England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Canada and the U.S. with more joining every week. From time-to-time restaurants and other vegetarian-friendly businesses offer limited-time specials for VegDining Card holders."

    Teen Vegetarian
    "Teen Vegetarian is a web page on all aspects of the vegetarian movement, written entirely by and for vegetarian teens. You can find everything from information on vegetarian bands to all the reasons that vegetarians detest McDonald's. We are always looking for submissions, which can be e-mailed to"

    The Planets First and Only Commercial Vegan Radio Show
    Go Vegan with Bob Linden is a voice for compassion and against animal exploitation and is supported only by advertising for products and services that are vegan and cruelty-free (NO ANIMAL INGREDIENTS AND NO ANIMAL TESTING), donations, and grants. For more information, contact: Bob Linden at 818-623-6477 or EMail:
    Wednesday - 9PM ~ Los Angeles- KRLA/870AM
    Sunday - 9PM San Francisco Bay Area ~ KYCY/1550AM

    A Wonderful Thing To Read
    Pledging Compassion: An Ethical Basis for Vegetarianism
    Anna C. Briggs
    President, National Humane Education Society

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    Introducing QUORN
    Store Locator

    Amy's Kitchen

    Hain Celestial Group
    Hain's Gravy Mix

    Morningstar Farms

    Turtle Island Foods, Inc.

    Veggie Patch

    Source: Unknown
    I arrived at the house on a late October afternoon. The fall leaves were in full blazing glory, and I noticed that the cows were even closer to the house than I had expected. I could actually hear them before I got out of my car. When I turned off the engine, I knew immediately that something was terribly wrong. I witnessed a scene of chaos. Cows bellowed and stomped, staggering around the fields. They banged into each other and pushed against the fence, located approximately 20 feet from my car. Dozens of them stood wild-eyed, snuffing the air, shrieking horribly. Unfortunately, I knew all too well what their confusion and turmoil was about.
    I have lived near a farm for the past four years. I was told by my veterinarian what those harsh October cries meant the first time I'd heard them. I had been alarmed by the cows' unusual moans and their evident distress one fall morning, so I called my vet to ask if there was something I should do, perhaps call the farmer or even a humane society. She told me to do nothing, that such action was normal for the time of the year. I was therefore able to recognize what all the blustering on this day was about, although I had never had it smack me so wickedly in the face. I had never been so close before.
    "They've taken your babies," I said sadly, looking directly into one cow's mournful eyes.
    They rolled back in her head as she bellowed anew. Feeling sick to the pit of my stomach, I entered the house and spoke to the curator, who also lives there. Her name is Mary. "Those cows are frantic," I said. The wailing penetrated even inside. I had never heard anything like it. "How long will this go on?" I asked. "Until tomorrow," she replied. "Then more slaughter trucks will come for them, and it will all be over." I thought my heart would hit the floor. I recalled the intense moment when I had stared at the woeful mother cow, practically eyeball to eyeball.
    I went to my room and quietly unpacked my bags. The grotesque rhythm of the cries outside never ceased. I left the house for a while and went into town to have dinner. It was dark when I returned, but the moaning and bellowing persisted. I got out of my car and shuddered, feeling the warm bodies of so many agitated mothers, pressing close to the fence. At one point, I heard wood splintering and feared they might break free. I half-hoped they would.
    I stopped eating meat after I returned from West Virginia. If ever the opportunity presents itself again, I want to look at those creatures in peace because I am no longer eating their flesh. I had been working toward that end for many years, but there was nothing like witnessing such full-blown horror to convince me that the time was at least upon me. I simply had no choice.
    Source: Unknown

    What Do Cows Eat?
    The March 25, 2002 issue of Hoard's Dairyman (the dairy farmers' magazine) reveals a mixed menu of gourmet foods in a dairy cow's diet, including chicken feathers, blood, pork, fish, and soybeans. The page 232 Hoard's article reveals: Nearly seventy-nine percent of cows are fed sodium bicarbonate. Greater than half of the cows in America receive selenium, yeast, and magnesium oxide. More than one third of America's dairy cows take supplements including zinc methionine, niacin, anionic salts, and tallow (rendered fat) from their deceased brothers and sisters. Thirty-nine percent receive dried blood from their own brutally murdered children, mothers, sisters, and aunts. Fifteen percent receive ground-up fish. Four percent of cows eat feathers. Two percent of cows are fed pork. How much water does a cow drink? Over two hundred pounds per day! Since the average cow in America yields just 50 pounds of milk each day, where does that other 150 pounds go? Multiply the 9,115,000 dairy cows in America by 150 pounds of urine each day, by 365 days in a year, and you'll end up with enough pee to fill the Potomac. You'll end up with enough pee to fill every one of 50 million bathtubs in America for two months so that each day they overflow. (One-half trillion pounds!) Not to worry, though. The pee is actually filtered into our groundwater, and you can hardly taste it when brushing your teeth. (Perhaps you now understand why water is chlorinated, fluoridated, and disinfected before you turn on your tap.)


    "In all the round world of utopia there is no meat. There used to be. But now we cannot stand the thought of slaughterhouses. And in a population that is all educated and at about the same level of physical refinement, it is practically impossible to find anyone who will hew a dead ox or pig. We never settled the hygienic aspect of meat-eating at all. This other aspect decided us. I can still remember as a boy the rejoicings over the closing of the last slaughterhouse."
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    Wild animals never kill for sport.
    Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures
    is amusing in itself.
    -- Froude

    Of Interest
    Although beef cattle don't generally experience the same extent of suffering as factory-farmed pigs and birds, this article does give a good insight into modern agriculture.
    Excerpts from a New York Times feature article, where the author, Michael Pollan, bought a calf and followed him through the system...
    The entire article can be read at
    (registration required)

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    Meet Your Meat..Videos
    For those who still "don't get it"
    All videos require RealPlayer to view

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    Subj:  Slaughterhouse
    A friend e-mailed me about your site (, and I congratulate you on what you are doing. Those of us who feel strongly about issues that involve cruelty to humans OR animals need to stand up and be counted. Without educating the public the public will continue to be indifferent. It's a huge benefit to remain indifferent when you like steaks, hamburgers, chicken and porkchops. When one finds out the horrible conditions farm animals have endured under factory farming, the often thousands of miles of transport through the sub zero temperatures of winter or the extreme heat of summer to sites of slaughter, and then the inconceivable torture they go through before becoming attractively packaged products for our consumption, one is tempted to bypass the meat section at the local grocery store. Then when one finds out what truly is in the meat we consume and how it has bypassed inspection, one is unwilling to purchase that appealing package that used to tempt so much.
    I just finished a great book on the US meat industry called Slaughterhouse, written by Gail A. Eisnitz. This is MUST reading for ANYONE interested in the humane slaughter of food animals AND their individual or family's health. Gail is currently chief investigator for the Humane Farming Association; a 110,000 member organization fighting for the rights of farm animals. For information on the book call or write to:
    Humane Farming Association
    1550 California St.
    San Francisco, Ca. 94109
    Thank you!
    Shirley Giesking
    Covina, CA
    Author's name used with permission


    "Free Range" Is Still Factory Farming
    Animal Protection Institute
    Provides homes for animals rescued from slaughter, educates the public about factory farms.
    3448 Laguna Creek Trail, Vacaville, CA 95688 [707- 449 - 4814]

    Farm Animal Reform Movement
    "Each year, 45 billion cows, pigs, and other sentient, innocent animals are caged, crowded, deprived, drugged, mutilated, and manhandled in the world's 'factory farms.' In the slaughterhouses, they may be dis- membered, skinned, scalded, and drowned while fully conscious. Our silence in the face of these atrocities sends a clear message to the meat industry."

    Farm Sanctuary
    Since incorporating in 1986, Farm Sanctuary has established America's premier farm animal shelters and waged effective campaigns to stop farm animal cruelty. In addition to its No Downers, No Veal and Farm Animal Defense campaigns, Farm Sanctuary promotes a vegan lifestyle.
    Farm Sanctuary - East
    P.O. Box 150 Watkins Glen, NY 14891
    ph: 607-583-2225 fx: 607-583-2041
    Farm Sanctuary - West
    P.O. Box 1065 Orland, CA 95963
    ph: 530-865-4617 fx: 530-865-4622
    Veggie dogs in major league ball parks.
    P.O. Box 42152 Los Angeles, CA 90042
    Media and Concession contact number [323 - 363 - 7226]

    The Vegetarian Soul Food Cookbook:
    Vegetarian, Vegan & Raw Recipes Inspired by the Southern Tradition
    A tremendous Web site, providing valuable information and support on the Internet.

    Vegan Cats
    Vegan Pet Food

    Veggie Places Voice of the Voiceless

    Veggie Place Veggie Page
    Factory Farming and Animal Rights

    Vegan Family House, Scotland
    Veganism and related subjects from a vegan family living in the North East of Scotland. Among the many, many topics are: Vegan Societies * Veg Sites * Guides * Links for Kids and Teens * Online Shops and more...

    Vegetarian Pages, including World Guide

    Vegetarian Starter Kit
    Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
    At a time when 10 billion animals suffer in U.S. factory farms every year, when heart disease is the leading cause of death among Americans, and when animal agriculture is the single largest source of soil and water pollution, there may be no more effective route to decreasing suffering in the world F than by promoting veganism.

    Dedicated to vegetarian/vegan recipe listings, updated restaurant listings and reviews to improve your veg dining experience. Over 2000+ veg*an restaurant guides and 4500+ low-fat veg*an recipes to help find your next veg meal quickly.

    Vegetarian Resource Group

    Vegetarian Shoes
    Amazing array of: Leather (free) jackets, jeans, shoes, belts, gloves. Interesting site, shoes that look like Birkenstocks, Doc Martens, etc.

    a stuffed turkey

    "Nothing will benefit human health
    and increase chances for survival of life on earth
    as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet"
    -Albert Einstein

    Alas, what wickedness to swallow flesh into our own flesh,
    to fatten our greedy bodies by cramming in other bodies,
    to have one living creature fed by the flesh of another.
    - Pythagoras

    Vegetarians have wicked, shifty eyes, and laugh in a cold and calculating manner.
    They pinch little children, steal stamps, drink water, favour beards,
    wheeze, squeak, drawl and maunder.
    - J. B. Morton

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    If you do not open your eyes, you will not see, and animals will forever suffer.

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